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An OS-BMX Chat With Sidehack Evangelists, Truly & Grey

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Great Interview guys!!!! You skinny crackers!!!! haha!!!!


I gotta ask, Grey, what happened to the funked up cracked Tuf??? Wall art??? It brought tears to my eyes looking at that poor wheel!!! :teary:


Its great to see and hear that you are pushing this to the max!!!!



Good work!!!

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Cool Stuff guys ! I have to admit that I never saw a Hack anywhere other then in the old school mags untill I was at Rockford this year and what you guys are doing on them is just plain Sick !


Keep it up :)

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Outstanding interview as usual, Steve. I aways enjoy your writing style.


Grey & Odd...You guys just plain KICK ASS!!!



I snapped this at the OS Bellflower gathering last year but there were many others shooting that day.








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  • Admin

steve, thanks...you hooked it up! the layout is DOPE :blastin: the album cover artwork looks sick. it all looks really good.



you did a great job....props to you!!! :ThumbsUp:

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Great article Steve. very well done. It makes one proud to know those two crazy ass hack heads! Kind of gets 'ya right here 'ya know. :teary:

Heres a few of my personal faves form my files. Cool pics to peruse of the slama' jama' Hack o Rama! :OSThumbsUpPeace[1]:







The revolution will not be televised! but it will be available on youtube. :wink:

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patti...i just realized i dont even have a copy of the JP jump shot...im not sure who snapped those pics either...anyone??


i found this one tho...truly got the short end on this one :Liv2ride:

LOL! Man I still love that shot!! Nice Vans Pat!


Hey who's that smooth looking cat in the blue OS shirt in 2 of Sod's pics?? :naughty:

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