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HUTCH Frame / Fork Timeline

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This timeline was a collaborative effort between Ron Klein (area211) and myself. It is a broad overview of early generation Hutch framesets as we understand them and to the best of our knowledge. Also, thanks to Johan (JJRBMX) for the pictures. Some of which were obtained from his website.



KEEP IN MIND when using the following information that magazine issues are released well in advance of the publishing month and production artwork is created even earlier. That being said, images and statements in any magazine are likely to be from two months or more prior to the date on the magazine.






From inception through early-to-mid 1981 (1st generation frames and forks manufactured by Profile with 1st generation decals) Frames can be ID'd by the drilled-hole "HUTCH" in the brake bridge. Additionally, the dropouts have a 'birdmouth' opening at the entry point for the rear axle.




The very first Hutch decals were red lettering on white stickers. Oval head-tube decal.




Notice in the ad pictured below that one of the forks only has "HUTCH" and not "Racing"; however, all other pictures I've seen have the full "HUTCH Racing" sticker on the forks. There appears to be no seat-tube nor seat-stay decals on the frames.




Notice the forks in the following color racing pic have forward facing decals while all other pics have side-facing decals. Perhaps those could have been a 1980 placement (??).



Profile-made Hutch forks were known to exist with in-line axle slots directly under the ends of the fork tubes (see picture of Rich Farside's forks above) as well as with forward-facing axle slots with two holes in the dropouts shown further down in this post.


advertised framesets:

X-Long pro model

Standard model

Junior model

Mini model (later listed as "Lil' hole shot" in May 1981 BMXA ad)







Early/Mid 1981+ (1st generation frames and forks manufactured by Profile with 2nd generation decals) Drilled brake bridge frames - same as pictured above. There are two versions of the 2nd generation head-tube decals. One with "Hi-PERFORMANCE" the other "HIGH PERFORMANCE." Hutch officially used the tag line "Hi-performance." However, decals known to have come directly from Toby Henderson show both:




While not proven, die-cut portions of these appear to be what were used on the original Hutch cranks made by Profile... At least they are what appear to have been used on cranks in ads, test models sent to magazines, as well as those on Tim Judge's cranks.




A large black top tube decal read "for competition use only" Notice the seat-tube decal which is different from any of the later styles. It says simply "CHROMOLY". It's probably just the poor advertisement printing, but it appears there are no seat-stay decals except on the second frame from the front. Something else to consider is that perhaps the seat-stay decal is the same as later frames; however, it might have just been applied facing outwards rather than upwards... giving the appearance of a full-wrap around sticker when it actually might not have been.





Profile-made Hutch forks were known to exist with forward-facing axle slots with two holes in the dropouts as well as with in-line axle slots directly under the ends of the fork tubes (shown above - Rich Farside picture).






advertised framesets:

X-Long Pro Model

Standard Model

Special K Replica Junior Model

"Lil' Hole Shot"






Early/Mid 1982 through late 1983 (2nd generation frames and forks manufactured by Thruster, MCS, and finally Hutch with classic 3rd generation head tube decals) Western H stamped brake bridge frames included some oddities/QC issues like 1982's blank bridge frames (pictured) as well as double-stamped brake bridge frames:




Classic repeating HUTCH head tube decal. Smaller top tube decal reading "Genuine HUTCH WORLD CHAMPION PRODUCT."




The following ad seems to have the later seat-tube decal with hutch below the "Hi-Performance BMX semi-circle."




While the following seat tube decal is considered specific to 1982 frames:




Thruster-made forks were easily recognizable due to their unique dropouts:




MCS-made frames are identified by the 'kickstand slot' found in the brace behind the bottom bracket shell:




Also shown below is the more common (well known) Hutch Pro and Mini fork dropout:







advertised framesets:

XL24 Frame and Fork (Xtra light 24" frame ... Xtra light 24" forks)

Xtra Long Pro Racer Frame

Expert Racer Racer Frame and Fork (Standard size frame ... fits 11 to 14 year olds)

Junior Size Frame (fits 9 to 11 year olds)

Lil' Hole Shot (Mini size frame ... fits 6 to 8 year olds)

"Send $3 for brochure and sticker pack!"






Late 1983+ (Advertised as "New 1984 models now available! ... Hutch has now added, for your identification and protection against theft, an engraved serial number.")


advertised framesets:

XL24 Frame and Forks

Pro Racer Frame + Pro Forks

Expert Racer Frame + Pro Forks

Junior Racer Frame + Pro Forks

Lil' Hole Shot Mini-frame + Mini Forks



For additional consideration and assistance in identification, please see the Hutch fork timeline chart below.


Chart courtesy of Ron Klein (area211)



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cool info...thanks!

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Is there an OD and length difference between reg and mini forks ? I have what look like mini forks that may be reg size forks.


They have an OD of 5/8" , a 5 1/2 steer tube, measure 12" from bottom of Bologna cut to the top of the fork tube weld and have the rounder shoulder.


Do I have Hutch mini, pro or possibly profile made mini forks ?




Measurements from my mini forks.



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leg diameter for minis is 7/8" (not 5/8"). all others is 1".


i've seen both "bent" and "rounded" shoulders.


Thanks coaster, it was a typo.

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i kinda figured since 5/8" is the size of the stays :)



what about fork length ? I'm assuming Hutch mini forks are shorter?


BTW, this is my 7th Hutch holeshot. This is the first one with a rounded shoulder so I started to worry.


(4 have been sold and 2 are 200 miles away in storage so I'm unable to compare at the moment)

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This is great info.  
Anybody with good Hutch knowledge have anything else to add?   It'd be great to have this info about the parts, Trick Stars, and other freestyles stuff.

Post up if you can.

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