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ENDO !!! - - - - The all mighty Endo Thread!

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So, pretty much the first thing I do when i first get my hands on any Freestyle bike is... an Endo!

Usually one of the first tricks we try to learn,
and also gives you a great sense of the bikes overall geometry.

Plus they look freakin' RAD....
So let's use this thread to post up pics of all kinds of ENDOs.

Post up pics of you (preferably on your bike(s)....
....but also your friends... shots at contests.... and even favorite magazine shots.

Here goes....

Endo on the 83 Freestyler...

The 87 Kuwi...


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Chromey....can't be too hard with all that weight on the front end with those pork chops growing on yer cheeks LOL.


Nice pics, keep em coming.


Haha! Yeah.. maybe I'll grow a big ZZ-top beard so i can master G-turns. :)


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an oldie,but a goody. the first pic is of myself,and my friend Scott Cunningham[he`s on the Gen1 Haro,I`m on my Torker with the Tuffs] this pic is special to me. Scott was killed in 92. The middle pic is of me,and another friend Fran[on the Exhibitionist,I`m on a Quad with the white Tuffs]. The Schwinn shop we did a show for,had these pics in his basck room,he could`nt remember who we were :Frustration: .We went in there last summer,and he asked us if we knew who was in the pics.I`m like,"thats me". I think these are from 83-84


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Keith, Those pics are Awesome!!! :)

Look at that gleaming Quad!


(did someone write "Mule" on the last pic?)


yeah,the bottom pic is my friend Fran,he worked part time at the Schwinn shop,his nickname was "mule"

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Couple self portraits of a regular Endo, wish i could do variations. Maybe this summer..


At the loading docks last summer.



Sunset Endo at the ship yards.



At the ship yards again from different angle.


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jeff s preppy no footer!






mike g (akcuda) rockford bar endo


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Some of those Endo's are pretty intense. :]

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