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ENDO !!! - - - - The all mighty Endo Thread!

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Way Cool Pics!!! This is a great thread..


Here is a classic curb endo pic.. El Cid.. lame ass hand coloring by me when I was 16..



Photo by Oz

ALL those endos are so rraaaadd...but I gotta say that RL/Peace sign pic is my favorite! He's doing it without front brake or foot! When was that...around '82?


You can't beat The Endo for it's classic simplicity, afterall, it's THE fundamental FS trick that everyone learns first.

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Testing out the front brakes last summer...



Testing out the front brakes in 1985...



Testing out the police officers patience 1986...



Jay Miron with an "endo" in 1990 (ken paul pic).


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Right on, chromey.


Funky camera angle, funkier Shaun Cassidy hair-doo.



Fully leathered - just in case.



I LOVE the fully leathered "out in the driveway" shots that so many people have.

Hey - ya gotta practice what it's gonna feel like when you're in a contest and your head weights 10 more pounds, and your goggles fog up.... sometime :)


Plus - you never know when that Redline, GT , or Haro Sponsor Rep is gonna come strollin' down you're little street. ;)



Nice GT Pro too!




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