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ENDO !!! - - - - The all mighty Endo Thread!

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No pics of me, but this is a cool thread.


The first trick I did when I built up my first vintage 20 was a curb endo. Classic.


I remember doing one back in 1979 to impress a girl and she thought I was crashing. She was rolling on the ground laughing. I couldn't convince her I did it on purpose.


My friend Mark circa 1979. Kettering, OH.



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when we party at the 'shop' it gets crazy!


akcuda! bar endo....



wolkie!.... attempting to re-create his 84 x-up endo



cuda, going up!



cuda going over!


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hey guys.......can I play with you ????




Foot Endo.....26 style baby!!!












Rollin the 1979 - 26 Newport...down and dirty on the Streets!




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HAHAHA... KEV and 604!

GREAT shots.


I'm loving the old full-face helmet too.


The Endo Bail sequence is classic.




Charlie 13mm..... Awesome pics of the Mach One too!!!!!

I'm missing the beach these days... so it's nice to see.

Sweet double can-can Endo!

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I must admitt though...

this is "The money Shot" right here!!!!


It's all spelled out VERY loud and clear what's coming next on this one!



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And the photographer was thinking "Oh, this is gonna be good!" LOL



Hope you were alright after that one!

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