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ENDO !!! - - - - The all mighty Endo Thread!

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Ok, so I told chromey I would post a couple pics here as soon as I could get someone to take them.


Here's my newbie foot jam endos. I still need to get front brakes setup.






This is on my Redline 420 that I posted in my freestyle help topic. I swapped the tuffs for my P48's.


This bike feels even lighter than my new Verde which comes in at under 27 lbs.

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This is my pic. on Redline RL20II Prostyler (Yellow).


Thailand Place (Land of Smile). Countryside at Pratumthani Province. Background of top picture is rice field in rainy season .


Thanakorn / Thai Freestyler








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FUn with my old Dyno, a couple summers ago. My 7 y/o girl was taking the pics, so we must have did 15 or so until she even got me in the pic, I was hoping for a little more aggro, ass on the tire..... Since it was 118 degrees that day, I didn't mind tipping over into the pool!!


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Yesterday I was trying to do curb endos. It took me a while to get the feel. My curb is on a slight down hill, so I was usually too fast or too slow. And our camera isn't all that great for action shots. Too much lag time.


Nothing too fancy here. Only posting these pics because of the timing of the thread's reappearance. I wore the helmet in honor of Bob Haro and the BMXA crew. They always sported safety gear.


Our goal was some kind of cool pic of the new shirt. But most of the pics ended up with the shirt totally hidden. . .



. . .or the camera fired too early or too late. We have lots of pics of me rolling toward the curb, rolling backward or, like this one, with my wheel 6" off the ground. My wife was over it after 10 minutes, just as I was getting warmed up.



See, it took a while. I'm going to keep working on these. They're kinda fun. Like to do some fancy ones.


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