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ENDO !!! - - - - The all mighty Endo Thread!

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Lets get this kicking again!


- Go outside

- Pull the front brakes

- Get the back wheel off the ground

- Snap a pic!

- Post it here! :)





Here are two shots of Brett Downs (pwh4130) with some Endo action on my bike at the 2011 Philadelphia Ride. :)


Endo Hops




Framestand Endo to roll-back.


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Big bike, big endo!


Locked the back brake up and then this happened. emoticon_duh.gif Looking at the pic, now it almost looks posed, but I can assure you it was not. No harm to me or the bike, just to my pride and that was easily laughed off. Good thing the wife was there to capture it.


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you may have seen these before but what the H I will re-share.




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