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DG beach cruiser

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i'd love to see a pic of one of those. anyone have one? ive only seen them in the old catalogs, never in person. I bet Bob Hannah's still got one....

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Nice pics Jimmy. I had no idea they ever made a 3 bar frame.What year is the cat scan?
I think those are the green duck days, pre 79-8?
I would love to find one of those!
no shit, me too. never once seen one for sale, ever. I want Byron Friday's chrome DG, but not the rainbow DG jersey tho.lol
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My buddy in Ocean City, Maryland has one. It is a Green Duck era rider. It even had a a decal on a seat tube with a little Green Duck. He thought the decal was stupid decal a little kid pt on and was going to tremove it, I told him he was crazy and that it was the actual decal that came on the bike and told him the about the Geeen Duck era.


Byron's bike is different, if I remember right it's a 24" too. I remmber him telling the story about that picture and the ride. He use to get to play around with designs a bit and that is one of them. Cool piece of history if anyone finds it!



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From what I have been told all cruisers came from the Green Duck era.Kevin Harlow had said the BMX Division was sold off from DG in 79,the Catalog pic I believe is also from 79.I think these were only 1 year only's as well as the looptail's.The Vulcans came after the Looptail's.

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OC -Dvae is on the right path. From what I've been told over the years DG BMX division was sold and that is what is known as the Green Duck era. Some ina round about way it definitly has something to do with DG. I'm sure Byron who's a member here could clear it up more for us.


I have a biddy here in AZ that has a looptail 24" and 26" he's had since they were new. There's no way he's letting them go.

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