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broke L345

history of G BOY

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I kept emailing him to get Genes details which were never forthcoming, then he would just ignore me. He was trying to get a bike for himself, don't know if he ever had any luck.


the latset Classic BMX Mag has all the history of G boy in it and a plea for Gene to contact me.


we'll see.


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again thanks to Christian, Waza, G-Ryde, Hinkle and all the other good people who helped out

that bike is killer makes me miss My  G Boy.

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And OG stem clamps. that post clamp is the only G boy item that has eluded me, and I'm not happy about it!!!. beautiful set up, congratulations!!

it's an early 76 too, nice

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The blue one Brisben bought was mine. I so hated to sell that frame. I was moving across the country and just could not take all my stuff. I want it back now dammit. Oh,well 


I sold that G-Boy, a complete 1985 Mongoose Californian, a 1985 Californian frame,fork and bars. A mid 80's ish Dyno frame and fork. A complete GT I can't even remember the year of, and a mountain of parts. And a broken Redline frame I had always meant to repair and refinish.


The sad part is most of the scratches and wear on the bike happened after I was old enough to drive and the bike sat around at my parents house. I was super anal about my bikes. That bike was in my bedroom unless I was on it. My little brother and his friends, not so much. But, at 16 ,the bike seemed pretty unimportant.


It had a Tuffneck and Araya's on it when I left it. But the time I got it back, what you see is all that could be saved.


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It has been a few years since the last reply, and 10 since I posted. My son is now riding my G-boy around the neighborhood...as I wanted, but I am still very anxious every time. Glad to read the history, thank you all for posting over the years!

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