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broke L345

history of G BOY

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Quick question, what are these frame sets going for these days.


There was a time when these were posted far and few in between and now they are popping up left and right? (at least it seams like they are)


Have they come down a bit or are you guys still paying off-the-wall prices?

still off the wall pricing :Power.Grin: but worth every cent



OK, but whats off the wall?


Off the Wall VDC Gorila ($2500 f/f)




Off the Wall JMC cruiser ($1500 f/f))




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last year was trully the year of G boy, 3 20 inch and a pit in the BOTY's. However there really aren't that many around. volcano's bike has been shown in this topic as owned by four different people. I am pretty sure it will rest with him now for a very long time. Roc has the 8 hole and a 10 hole not sure if that was bought off a guy who found it in a rubbish tip shed if not then that would be two of those that I know exist.maybe three sets of gurder forks rock perry and I believe tim cook may have a set. there are five frames accounted for in Australia and three sets of the "normal" forks.perry just found the messed up one and roc has his nice blue one. Oh and of course I think jeff Haney still has tims original one and sold a ff set on ebay a year or so back and reilley 1 has the pit. I'm sure there are a few more but I'm also pretty sure that those ones aren't going anywhere soon and if they do I hope those people see me before anyone else.

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I'm sure that bike was here too Mick, I spoke to him, don't remember his name though. It has Tange forks. He didn't want to sell it at the time. The race picture I think is already on this topic, the G boy is obviously the faster bike :nah.I.mean:


keep posting them though mick anything you find should be in here. I didn't see the G boy sticker on the top bar of that red one before.

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Christian & myself are in the process of recreating the decal artwork for all the G-Boy frames. (note - we havent printed these...just at artwork stage). We want to make a decal reference archive for G-Boy.


If anyone has other G-boy decals or scans could u PM me. :)


Here's what has been designed so far:



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thanks Mick


I have been looking for that picture since Rick posted it the first time.


That gold one is the colour of my next one.


Thanks again for finding it.

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the hunt is on for me . just got a g boy fork today .rockout.gif now i gotta find a frame . hopefully one with a longer top tube . pretty stoked . and no the forks are not for sale .laugh.gif

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gimme me a sec . i just got em and am taking pics .nah.I.mean.gif

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