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Freestyle Tires... let's catalogue them

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pretty useful guide,guys,I think the green/blue label was around in late 1984,early 85,as I bought some white comp sts back then,and they already had that label.they rule,but to me the best old school tire at least for flat is the peregrine hp and the acs,rear and front respectively,they can still hold their own today,and I still use peregrines once in a while,the rl edges are too hard to get,so I run tru 100's,which are even better,and more suited to my weight nowadays,lol.I used t love the haro hp 2.0 tires,for vert and street!

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definitely a useful guide. :ThumbsUp:


i just wish it listed the years the tires were available....or at least the first year the tire came out.


freestyle mods...can you fill in the blanks?

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bump and a request to please host your photos here on the BMX Society server for threads like this. It's free and easy.

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GT Shinko Tires (1985-87)

Pink and White





GT Freestyle Tires (1987 - early 90's)





Haro Freestyle/Multi-Surface tires (1986-87)



Haro Freestyle Tires (1987-1989)



Hutch Freestyle Tires (1985-1987)


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Does anyone have any info on this tire, 2.125 yellow label Stadium (with Competition II written on side wall) but has the band like the later Ramp tire. Bit of a strange one??????


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