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Brian Hays

Revcore thread

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As many of you know, I hang out across the hall in the oldschool section, and other than some SE stuff, I am completely midschool illiterate as I was in BMX from 78-87 and then never gave it another thought until 4 years ago or so. I find myself constantly drawn to Revcore stuff though. I dig the name, the look of the decals and the frame geometry. Now I know that CW somehow became Revcore. Can someone fill in the history for me? I'd also like to see pics of all things Revcore. What all did they make and when did they disappear? Thanks!!

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That website is pretty informative though he has missed a little info on the 2 different gens of frames -flat brake bridge vs round brake bridge ,BB machineing, dropout shape and decals.

Used to really be into them. Still have most of one of my cruisers but sold my stash of frames, parts and hubs. Very high quality, Roger (CW/Hutch owner) did it as a higher end brand, still one of my favorites.

Here is the only pic I have on my laptop.


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You need to use those pads bro. Build up that 24 you still have it right? I think it was you anyways LOL

Did you guys see how much the Revcore seatclamp went for last week.... 2 hundy... so they still bring the bank.

Spur your lookin pretty good on the one you have now.

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  • Admin
I have you covered Brian, Take a look here.......

I'm a big Revcore fan too hence my user name :)





That's a nice resource... all good and well, but I hope no one will decide not to post what they know here, just because there is some info already out there... it's better to have all information in house. This has potential to be a great and important thread.

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Jake should give the breakdown on the whole MFG (CW,Revcore,Badd&co,S&M,Brackens,etc.) tie in through B&E. I don't remember most of it. But it's funny how many similarities and all of the same stamped and machined pieces that were shared/used by B&E for each model they produced for other people.

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It really all begins at CW. It gets really hard to follow so I'll highlight a few points, might be easier.


- CW did a lot of work for a lot of smaller companies and farmed out work it could not do to B&E. Brackens, S&M etc all used CW at one point to do framesets. Which if you look at a Revcore, Brackens, Badd and Co, S&M all look dead similar except for the use of milled headtubes, bottom brackets, etc. I don't think it is any coincidence.


- B&E did work for a ton of folks, Badd & Co., Brackens, CW/Revcore (though Moeller said B&E never did Revcores, which I find odd), Homeless, Hyper, S&M, and I think some White Bear. There are others I just can't think of them. Which many if not all used the same jigs, just different tubing. Everything that came out of there seemingly was never the same. S&M Dirtbikes with Badd and Co. serial numbers, Widowmakers with Holmes serial numbers, Many early Brackens were never the same seemingly in the same generations. I am basing that off al I have seen pop up, hell look at Kevin Hulls in the Brackens ad (not sure if his was a B&E or CW made).


- Eventually Moeller took all S&M work from CW to B&E since they were doing it anyhow.

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Richard I can't tell in the pics but were the Revcore forks on yours the skinny leg style or were they bigger OD like the normal 20" stuff.


Also curious if you can remember some of the parts breakdown for the ride in that pic?




shinberger (I love that name, by the way),


As far a skinny leg style, are you referring to my legs or the fork legs?


The forks were the regular pro Revcore 24" forks, not the skinny-mini forks. When you were on tour, the parts had to stand up to a LOT of abuse... and really lightweight parts would die horrible deaths, so we stuck with the stronger parts on our bikes since we rode for bike shops and didn't get new parts every other week.


As far as parts go, I hardly ever changed parts on my bikes... I was (am? yes!) very superstitious about my parts (especially cranks, tires, pedals and handlebars)... and I do remember how I built my bikes... I would change frame and forks but keep all the old parts from my previous bike... I would use every part that the manufacturer made like frame, fork, (sometimes) bars, and seat post... matching pads... seat clamp and stem if they made them... but I transferred my silver Bullseye hubs and 7x rims with stainless steel spokes and skinwall 24x1.75 Comp IIIs along with my Redline single pinch 175 mm cranks (non-sealed, loose-ball bottom bracket) from my Patterson and then my MCS cruisers... I had been racing both Shimano DX and Suntour XC pedals but I don't remember which I had on the bike, it was one or the other... I had the Revcore cruiser bars until I bent them in 1993, and John Kovachi gave me a set of early S&M cruiser bars and that's what I raced until 2002... the number plate would have been a Georgia #1 State Plate by Zeronine... of course my Elina saddle came from my Patterson and I rode it until I broke it at a national in the early 1990s and replaced it with a Serfas mountain bike Kevlar covered saddle that I rode until 2002... Suntour 18T freewheel and Redline 40T chainwheel... I had a pretty good spin when I was younger (I won a downhill national in Asheville, NC running a 39-18 on a cruiser) but as I grew older, the front chainwheel went from 40T to 43T at the end of my racing... I was always very conservative with colors: black, silver and chrome were my favorites, but sometimes I would switch it all up and go chrome, black and silver or even silver, black and chrome if I felt a little crazy :wink:


Superstition and keeping old parts finally caught up with me in Ft. Myers, Florida at an NBL national in 1996 when my 12 year old Redline cranks finally snapped... They had been on my Patterson 20", Patterson 24", MCS 24", Revcore 24", and Boss Hogg 24" from 1984 until 1986 when the pedal boss broke off... If I had know Rod Myles then, I'd probably still have them today... Unfortunately, I tossed them into a garbage can at the track and put a set of Profile 175 mm cranks on my bike and raced them until I hung it up in 2002... :OSThumbsUpPeace[1]:


Richard Vogt


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Shin, I WILL build one this next year. Wish I had bought the 20" frameset godfatherbmx had on Ebay a couple of months ago.


Thanks for posting guys. Keep it coming.


As a side CW note. I know they (CW) built the chromoly Nomura frames in 84-85ish too.


Huntin, I'd love to know what you have Revcore wise but I am off for two months with my back surgery so I'm not gonna be in a buying position for quite awhile now.

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Hunt around Brian. I know Bob Hicks (Dizz's bro) had a very nice survivor 20" F&F still had decals at the Roseville show this year.

I think he was just looking for trades at the time but he would probably sell it. Bob's a good guy, if you need me to check on it LMK.

I had no idea CW made the Nomura chromo frames wow.


Thanks for the info on your cruiser Richard. I think a lot of those pro forks got seperated in later years then sold as CW cruiser forks. You just don't see them turn up just mini cruiser size. Or the frameset has the ol standard LG that someone put on as a replacement.

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Funny, I was gonna drag this up yesterday and ran out of time. I still want a 20" Pro with bars, seat post, hubs and pads.


Yeah, seeing the Revcore builds on here makes me want to build one but we'll see. I'm actually thinking of selling some of my S&M stuff to fund a Revcore build...hmmmm...sounds tempting...:).

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