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Comprehensive Matthews/LRV thread

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I've begged a little workshop space from a friend. I can use this until I purchase a house and I am getting ready to start a Matthews project. I need some inspiration and would love to see a thread with everyones Matthews or LRVs together. Please post your Matthews or LRV manufactured bikes. Any parts, frames or related items also!


I'll start with pictures that have been seen before in other threads.


My first Matthews, in need of a little repair and a couple of parts:




A '76 Moly-Moxie. This will built up as a Moxie IV with girders:




A '77 LRV Moxie Mono:




A '77 (76?) Matthews Moxie hardtail:




Unknown LRV made monoshock:




Never produced MX-1:




My favorite ad from May 1976 (an almost identical ad from April '76 has the Matthews logo in blue):




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Thanks Sod!


I also have a Matthews TR-1 trials but I'm not at home to access the pics of it. :glare:


Here....let me help! I lust often after this bike!





Also that "unknown LRV made monoshock" listed above is a Takara. :wink:


This was sold to me as a Takara and is like one owned by a kid I knew in the late '70s. The solid gusset on the one above is what confused me. But with the multitude of variations made by LRV and the various outsourcing undertaken by Takara it is no surprise that they are different.



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here's mine, 1974 mono with girder fork, currently looking for all the love it can get in the BOTY's. Very simular to Dewabo's he's got a couple of bits I wish I had though.


I love Sod's one.




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Thanks dewabo, that's 'cause you thought it was your bike they're like twins.


Thanks monster, lost of worrk on her, the top and bottom tubes were irrepairably bent and twisted there were rust holes in the seat tube too. I'm very happy with it. I saw that Takara on ebay a little while ago and was very tempted.


Zman, I love your rescue that should come up nice

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  • Admin

This is a great thread and will likely end up being one for the ages... informative and archival.



Please try to include dates with magazine scans if you can ( I know it isn't always possible). It really helps connect the dots once we get it all laid out here.


Also... if you've posted relevant things elsewhere in other threads, by all means feel free to repeat here if it is pertinent to the topic. Redundancy is the key to learning and remembering.

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Z-Man....we've seen your work before...I have faith that the MS-1 from the field is in good hands!


Jackson: Wish I had that orange hardtail...that's sweet!


Here is some more on the MX-1 (notice the Huffy sprocket and also Tom's previous experience):


Ad from August 1974:




Tom Seifert interview from the same month:




A little over one year later (September 1975):



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  • Admin

Here is a great read on Sodbuster's Mathews Monoshock: LINK



This was in the site's short lived web mag - Bicycle Motocross Collector back in 2005.



This is really worth your time. A well done article. Here's the second page, click the link above to read the whole article:


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Hey Michael. Although not BMX, that uni-cycle is cool for sure! Bummed I missed you too. Lemme know when you are back out. We'll have to make a trip out to desert to do some riding. (My mono makes a fun camp bike) All the kids wanna ride that thing when I take it with me

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