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ATTN: CW FS bike owners

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Hi everyone.


I would like to ask all CW California freestyle owners for your help!!! I am putting together a Registry for these particular bikes from years '84-'87. The reason behind this is simple. First, I love theses bikes!!! Second, there were a few variants in between these years. What im asking from you guys is to please pm or email me a pic"s" of your bike with a brief bio behind your bike or parts along with the correct S# for your bike. I will catalog every thing I receive and form a currect data base for the models, along with some help of some good friends that worked with the CW bikes. I will also be listing all the info on a website that I am trying to have built and will only pertain to these particular CW models. If you or someone you know has some vast exp. at site building please forward me the info, it would be greatly appreciated. I also would like any scans of ride tests, adds or any literature you may have to help aid me in this effort. So a rundown again.


* Picture's' of your bike, ideal pics would be of the following, complete, forks and peg position, rear drop outs along with type of peg and coaster brake plate.


*Serial Number and please double check before forwarding the number please.


*Your name and an email address


*If you want your pics water-marked please feel free to do so but please dont cover key points of the bike or part. I also will water-mark the pics for you if you provide the name.


*PM me your info or email it to me at triedmybest@rocketmail.com you may also contact me by phone pm or email for number.


*If anyone else has information to add or some insight to what im looking for please share, your info would be greatly appreciated.


Thank You



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where are you from :lol: katie005.jpgkatie003-1.jpgkatie002.jpgkatie006.jpg 1985 1/2 check out the forks ,,the bike looks different now , the org. mushroom grips grips (white%black) are on it and white acs true tires ,,this bike is so long its like riding in the back seat of a car,, ,,

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Let's just say that things over at CW were "different" in 1984! As for coming up with new ideas in Freestyle they had no direction until Mike Buff came onboard. The first thing he did was to redesign the California Freestyler by changing some angles and new standing platform. The combination of Buff, John "Dizz" Hicks, and Ceppie Maes, the CW team became a huge hit allowing for a ton of bikes to be sold.


As fast as the "Luggage Rack" version was published in BMX Action it was pulled for redesign. These were released to CW dealers until they ran out and then distributed the new improved "Buff" version. Buff didn't know exactly how many were made but stated it wasn't too many.


I personally laughed at the ad when it came out and thought who would buy that thing? Never thought I would own one and many years later here ya go!


This is nearly bullet proof! Great welds...tube and dropout thickness. Besides the "Luggage rack" mess it also has two mounts for both coaster and rear calipers! This guy is "laid back" and had to add my original CW post from my '82 Freestyler to make it full on CW for 1984. It weighs in at 31 1/2 lbs. even with the graphites! The DK Freestyle stem was also very unique for its time. The front brake cable inserts into the side of the stem and the cable goes through a hole in the wedge. It works but not as good as the famous Pott's mod by Mike Buff's brother.




Frame - CW California Freestyler "Luggage rack" with original finish, double caliper & coaster mounts

Fork - CW California Freestyler with original finish

Stem - DK Freestyle with side Pott's mod

Bars - CW Freestyle

Grips - Oakley F1's, NOS

Brakes - Dia-Compe MX 1000's, NOS

Brake pads - Skyway Pro Tuff pads, NOS

Headset - Tange MX-5

Wheels - Skyway Graphite Tuff II with Campy front flange and Suntour rear coaster brake

Tires - Mitsuboshi Competition Yellow label Stadium tires, NOS

Chain - Izumi

Chain ring - Redline Flight

Cranks - Redline Flights, 1982

Bottom Bracket - Hadley sealed with dimpled spindle

Pedals - Shimano DX, NOS

Seat - Kashimax Aero, NOS

Seat post - CW laidback

Seat post clamp - Suntour, NOS




Hate to let this guy go but it is available for purchase

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Thanks, and no problem for the info I had. I'll still get you the other info on my stuff. Here's a few more updated shots of the white one. I finally got the seat clamp I wanted and some A'me unitrons for it. When I was building it up I was going for something like the one in the last pic from the magazine. An older one, but I wanted that look for mine.





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The white bike is really bitchin brother, I really like it!!! What zine did you find that white 1st Gen '85 CW Cali FS at? Very interesting the ever so many different variations these bikes went through. Thats part of the reason I love these bikes


CW Californias be :break: it down!!!!!!!

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Thanks, yeah all the differences are pretty cool to see, and wonder why they kept changing things. I got that pic from a BMXA, not sure which one but I could find it. I had that scanned in for a while. Actually I think I downloaded the magazine and got the picture from that. It was part of another CW racer test and this was just a little sneek peak bonus. Here's the full page.


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Thanks for the pic! No trouble if you happen upon that zine please just hit me up. I would like to find that issue if some one has one that they could let go, I would be interested. What kills me is that stem package on your white Cali, I have over 20 complete Calis and over 40 frame sets and I have never ran into one of those and I search high and love for these bikes and parts. I want that damn thing like no other!!!! Complete sickness, ughh

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Found it, January 1985 BMX Action. They test a CW Z3000 and it's in with that article. I only know one other with one of these platforms and haven't seen any others either. WOW, I'd like to see all those Cali's together someday. Way back in the day I always wanted one of these or a Trick Star, and I ended up going with the TS at the time.

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I hope I get blessed with the chance to find atleast one someday. I freaked out when I saw the pics, cause I have never even seen one till that point. I will be posting pics of my collection soon, I have to go buy a new camera hince the pics ^^^ Thanks for the info one the mag aswell.

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On 8/19/2020 at 5:18 PM, David sandoval said:

Hey I have #072 buff.  It’s a 1985 cw freestyle mike buff edition I got for my 13th birthday in 1985. I actually was thinking of selling if you know anyone 

Interested. I have been wanting for one since I was a kid. Message me David. 

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  • Admin
On 8/19/2020 at 2:18 PM, David sandoval said:

Hey I have #072 buff.  It’s a 1985 cw freestyle mike buff edition I got for my 13th birthday in 1985. I actually was thinking of selling if you know anyone 

nice.   post a pic before you let it go.   we'd love to see it.

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