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Identify The Gussets Exersize

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Just for fun, I thought this would be an interesting little exercise. Thanks very much to Michael (planetX for doing ALL the work laugh.gif ).

So... test your gusset recognition prowess!!! Think you know your stuff? Put it to the test.


gusset quiz #1

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  • Admin

1. ashtabula

2. thruster

3. panda

4. jag

5. laguna

6. cook bros

7. redline

8 webco pro

9. suzuki

10. torker

11. fuji

12. mongoose

13. bassett

14. roger decoster

15. gboy

16. kawasaki

17. fmf

18. kappa





*note...i added #11 after mongoose drummer posted and i researched

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Some very venerable efforts so far... duly impressed. However... no one has got them all correct yet. Some were pretty close.


Some of these are pretty tricky because they are so similar to other brands.


Anyway... keep at it.


Full answers will be forthcoming in a day or so.

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1. Ashtabula

2. Thruster vanishing point (might be a Huffy Pro Thunder, but I doubt it)

3. Panda

4. Jag? (Seems to big to be jag)

5. Rhino III

6. CBR

7. Redline

8. Quad? Tough to see how many tubes

9. Kuwahara (possibly Tange/Tioga )

10. Gurney

11. ?

12. Mongoose (possibly Team mongoose)

13. ?

14. Roger DeCoster

15. Gary Little John

16. ?

17. Race Inc

18. GJS


Ok, going to go look and see how I did...

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  • Admin

Cool of you guys that gave it a shot... good efforts. You guys would be good to go swap meet trawling with.


Answers are:

1. Ashtabula

2. Thruster

3. Panda

4. DG

5. Laguna

6. Cook Bros.

7. Redline MX-II

8. Webco Pro

9. Kuwahara

10. Torker Big Boy

11. Fuji Feather Professional

12. Mongoose

13. Bassett

14. Roger De Coster

15. G Boy

16. Kawasaki

17. FMF

18. Kappa



There may very likely be a round II coming up. Thanks again Michael for building the quiz.

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