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The "ALL MINI" thread!

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How about a thread in which we fawn all over the little ones? :lol: An ode to ounces! A diary of detailed pics! From sew-up mania to 1 1/8 wheels to 1 3/8 weigh-watchers and everything in between! Post up your down-sized dreamboats!



This is still my favorite bike that I own. I love the sewups. Love the hammerhead Uni. Love the alloy bars:


'Glamour Shots as I first built it....





After I made some very necessary upgrades like Campy cranks, Hutch Mini bars, Hutch Mini clamp.




My other entry is a midget-minded 1977 DG Steve Skibel Model. I tried to use some of the weight-loss tricks published in the 70's BMX mags like Qick Release fron hub, hollow axle on rear, cut down seatpost, alloy road parts a plenty, 3TTT saddle with claims of being one of the lightest of the day), even a sawed-off alloy road stem as opposed to a typical steel clamp of the day:







Post up your bikes! Calling Ron! Calling Hector! Calling all those who are down with down-sizing!

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I don't know much about MDR...weren't they a European company (EDIT: Yea, I guess so looking at the head tube decal again)? Looks sweet!


On another note....I guess I immediately broke on of the parameters right after I typed it by putting in the DG which had 1.75 wheels on it. But I thought it would fit in since it really is a mini-sized bike.

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:nana: You guys and your damn little kids bikes... :ThumbsUp:


Nice going there guys. A few of those are to die for. I remember back in the late 70's early 80's some of the adults drilling out EVERYTHING possible to shave off an ounce or two on their kids minis.

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  • Admin

Very interesting bikes, guys.


Hector, you are in deep, my man. How did you get so into minis? Kinda for the boys, or not so much... more just because?

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This one is by no means show quality. The parts are rough because my daughter wanted something to ride.

The frame and fork is an Australian made Vortex from early 80's some time. I have another, older frame thats just waiting to be done right. This is the rider. BTW she does usually wear a helmet.



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