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The "ALL MINI" thread!

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It came with 1 3/8 rims but I didn't want my daughter killing them. They have been kept in storage.

This is how it came from Vortex. I still have the padset too but my daughter wanted pink!

This second pic is a pic of one of Australias rarest minis. The Quicksilver mini. Owned by Pete Porker.



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I have had this bike for a few years, but finally got around to all the finishing touches this winter.

The bike is a 1982 GT mini/jr with an American bottom bracket, which was the exception not the rule for GT minis. The fork is undrilled. The frame has been extensively repaired and powdered. Straight black (not the famous black chrome) was offered on GTs of this era, but not on minis, so that part is "imagineered." All the parts are mini-focused or at least very light.

I also have never owned anything Hutch, so I thought some customized mini pedals would be a fun touch (I also have restored XCIIs for it). The parts range from a few NOS, to restored to OG used finish. I wish I could ride this thing!


Here is the parts rundown:


1982 GT mini frame and fork (American BB)

GT first generation mini handlebars chrome

A'me mini dual grips

Dia-Compe Tech III lever, yellow cable dated 1981

Dia-Compe roadbike brake with Weinmann barrel

Mathauser brake pads

Tuf Neck mini stem

Hatta MX10 headset chrome

Uni Turbo seat/post

Dia-Compe hinged seatpost clamp chrome

Araya 1 1/8 rims chrome

Comp III blue/green label 1 1/8 tires

SR sealed mechanism hubs dated 1983 chrome

SR bottom bracket

Sugino Super Maxy cranks 165mm

Sugino drilled out chainwheel 41T

Shimano freewheel 16T

Izumi chain

Hutch mini beartrap pedals (bodies restored, cages are repros, I need to find Ti spindles)

Zeronine mini-flow plate

Old Vargas repro decals (the yellow is way off toward gold, but I love it)


Hope you like it.









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dang it ...just located my jason donnell ghp , took picks and cant find the stupid usb cord.

ill have to do it monday from the shop.

its nos i had the box my jerk uncle threw it out.


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My two minis. Both made by the "Profile Tool and Gear Companies". One for Hutch Hi-Performance Racing Products (1980/81) and the other for its own BMX division, Profile Racing.




The Hutch is undergoing changes by which I have removed all the red components. But, here it is as before:








Next, the Profile. Before adding several of my own touches, I had bought this mini mostly complete from Astrodamus (seen posted above)... who got it from Spur as a frame-set... who got it from Scott at Kappa (via Rockford in 2005).




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  • Admin

There are some REALLY dialed examples in this thread. But, I'm kinda surprised there aren't more minis showing up. I guess a lot of people don't go after them because you can't ride them. But there were so many of these back in the day, it kind of makes you wonder what happened to all of them.


Anyway, that "littlest factory riders" photo is pretty cool.

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But there were so many of these back in the day, it kind of makes you wonder what happened to all of them.


they are out there. You just have to be at the right place at the right time


Here is another frame set. A 1981 JMC mini with bladed forks and down tube.




BTW, stay tuned for tomorrows posting.

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