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The "ALL MINI" thread!

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Mini/Junior Shootout BMXA May 87

1 May 1987 (Custom).JPG

2 May 1987 (Custom).JPG

3 May 1987 (Custom).JPG

4 May 1987 (Custom).JPG

5 May 1987 (Custom).JPG

6 May 1987 (Custom).JPG


holy chet, there it is, and its an 87 BMXA! thanks hector, ive been looking everywhere for that magazine!


damn its still hard for me to tell what parts were used..

I know Lynch said the cranks were TA's and the hubs were hutch magnesiums. emoticon_duh.gif

lionel, you finally gonna build it?



that's such a dope frame.


I'd like to try, but I still don't know all the parts he used and someone needs to sell me some really rare hubs for cheap! power.of.suggestion.gif

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I'd like to see this thread take off again, I'm in my mid 40's and minis are my favorite bike to collect as they were what I actually rode on from 83-87.  Here's my 84' Cyclecraft mini prototype. Aluminum frame and titanium fork which I'm the original owner of.



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