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Stoked! Found Some Old Photos I Forgot Existed

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OK Here are a few more. If you guys get tired of this batch let me know and I will switch to something else for a while.

Getting some more air...


Last one of this batch; more air. My younger bro Chad on his Western Flyer on the right.


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:unsure: So...Charley


Do you know Ernie Ballard or not? Wrote you several months ago,

but you never answered my letter?


Would like to get in touch with 'Bugs' for some Nomura information!

If you can help,I'd be grateful!



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Bob, I am sorry. I must have missed it or spaced it. I did know Ernie BITD. Raced him at the Bakersfield YMCA when I first started, then raced him at the Plunge for a while. I think he switched over to mostly NBL racing or something. I could be wrong on that.

Bad part is I haven't seen him in years. I am trying to track him down though. Send me a PM and I will let you know if I find him. I reread my PMs frequently cause I only keep them if they are important.

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