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The BMX Society for sale section is open to all site members REGARDLESS of support status

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For Sale is Open to ALL

Warning: 1 strike policy is in effect.

If you even think of doing your fellow member wrong... we will do everything imaginable to crush your schemes. The slightest sign of shenanigans will put your membership here on the site in peril.

Conduct yourself in absolute accordance with the Golden Rule. We all understand what that means. Any short fall in your integrity... any lapse in your fiduciary obligations to your fellow member will be met with harsh justice.

This is an experiment. We may go back to the old system of requiring site support at any time.

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Hello im new to the form and i have a 1976 evil kneivel 20" complete bike minus the cross bar pad most of the sticker's are there but not in the best shape although i did see where there are alot of guy's looking for one of particular model you can email me at tmoose_usedparts@yahoo.com or feel free to call any time @ (843) 509 8090 for more info thank you for letting me join the form.

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Welcome to the site.


Please check the For Sale Section Rules & Guidelines. You need to have photos and a price to post here. But first, you have to respond to the automatic validation e-mail that was sent to you when you registered.


You might have wondered why there were no items for sale in this particular thread... it's because the for sale items actually go elsewhere.

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