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BMX Society Collector Spotlight #1: AGUILAR3

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Let me start off by saying ANY of you Society members might be called upon at any time. So, when the phone rings Saturday evening.....it could be me. These interviews are not for pro riders yet pro collectors of our very own Society.




First off, if you don't know Aggy...run back to that rock you've been hiding under. From rc cars to vintage automobiles and yes, Bmx collecting, Hector raises the bar in whatever he does. I've been around ten years on this scene and you'll be hard pressed to find a more focused and devoted man regarding whatever he does.






peck parkrty6 003.jpg


ss 2 002.jpg







Government name?


Hector Aguilar aka Aguilar3 but my friends call me Aggy









39 yrs young




location & family


I’m from El Monte. A small city in the county of Los Angeles. Home of the famous El Monte Cyclery bike shop.


I’m a single Dad with full legal custody going on 11 yrs now. Lil Hector is 15 and Chris is 13




How long have you been into collecting?




I’ve been collecting Schwinn bicycles for the better part of 15 years and BMX since Jan, 07


My younger brother went to state college so I was left with the duty of clearing out his house. In his garage, I found his 86 GT performer. I brought it home, semi restored it, and now it hangs in my garage waiting for his oldest to turn 10 so I can give him his Dads childhood bike




What was your first bmx bike?


My first bike was either a 76//77 Huffy monoshock or an LRV/MATTHEWS mono shock.

I say either because I’m not too sure which of the 2 it was.


LRV/ Matthews was located in my back yard of El Monte so it could have been my fist bike..

.but then again, my parents didn’t have allot of money so a Huffy sounds more believable


It was eventually stolen from a liquor store while my cousin and I were getting 25 cent hot dogs




What's your fondest memory regarding bmx?


My fondest memory was the summer of 82.


First ever race was on a borrowed PK Ripper at Azusa track in 1982..I was 12 yrs old and new to riding so I am sure I got schooled!

Azusa was the first track to have an electric gate and outdoor night time racing..Due to the tracks late hours and everybody’s parents late work schedule, that became a hang out with the locals.




What's your bike total past or present?


Within the last year and a half or so, I went from 25+ bikes and frame sets down to 10 completes and about 6 frame sets. I’m going from Quantity to Quality



bmx society 2010 001.jpg

VDC Changa II 016.jpg







Single most favorite part/piece?


I honestly can’t pick just one. I’m a sucker for anything Campy or VDC, anything out of the ordinary and anything rare and elusive.


I know it’s a boring answer but I refuse to compare bike parts with women ..




restore or survivor?


It took me a while but I eventual took the "preserve not restore" vibe so many OS members follow ….. Preserve the historic accuracy of factory production OS BMX Bikes and its components


My first goal is to preserve whenever possible and restore only if the bike or part is already restored (altered) or has deteriorated to a point where finishes such as paint, chrome, or powder are no longer useful or salvageable.


Since I first started in this hobby, my views and opinions have changed tremendously.




What's your collection worth?


I know this sounds Cliché but this is not a business for me, it's a hobby! I don’t want to ruin this by making it a job. It’s my hobby to relax with, not stress about it.


Having said that, you honestly don’t want to know. I have been known to pay waaaay too much for something I really want. The way I see it, I can either wait months for a certain item to pop up or pay top dollar and be done with it.




Holy Grail?


I don’t buy into the “Holy Grail” nonsense.


To me, what you call a Holy Grail, I call a “Future purchase”. If it really was a Holy Grail, it would be obtainable. If you wait long enough, one is sure to pop up


The Holy Grail was a much sought-after item. It was believed to be the cup that Jesus drank out of. Many supposed it to be made of gold and richly decorated. Some believed it had magical powers. It has never been found.


Every BMX grail known to mankind has been found….Just look at the STR-1. It was known to be the Holy Grail of BMX. Once one surfaced, the founder of BMX (the OM himself) claimed to know of 3 others…..lol.


If you mean Bikes I would like to own….. I’m now searching for a mild steel looptail Quadangle, another LRV/Matthews mono shock and another VDC Chimp.




race, freestyle or tearing up pavement?


I love jumping on my Huffy monoshock or my 6’sissy bar Schwinn Sting Ray and hitting the streets and my local community park.





whos a muh fucker you just cant stand in this hobby?


To be honest, I had an extensive list of muh fuckers who pissed me off in the past. This being a new decade and the way BMX has had a positive impact amongst my family and friends, I would have to say no one.


In 2010, I would like to think that everyone is my friend. Not sure how long that would last but I’m definitely willing to give it a shot.


Don’t do me wrong or we’ll all loose sleep.


Hey ya'll, its me Kerry here busting in...good thing i'm conducting the interview because y'all know I'd be listing names!




whos a muh fucker you have mad respect for in this hobby?


In no particular order, Patrick (TrulyOdd), Andy (Greyboy) and Tom (Keep_it_Warm) have been nothing but inspiration when planning future builds. Their builds are 2nd to none, are never over built and scream out Old School…..and I can’t forget the preacher and teacher of anything and everything old School…Steve Brothers/ His views and beliefs about this hobby are inspiring





where is this hobby headed?


Honestly?...I really don’t know. I would like to think that it will continue to grow the way it has been for the past 5-6 years.


I just have the feeling that this year’s OS-BMX show in June is going to be monumental event for BMX and will be remembered for years to come. Seems like every year we have more and more out-of- towners show up to these shows..


One day, I would like to look back and say,


“I remember back when BMX (insert fond memory here). Look how far it’s come since then.”


If you really want to know where this hobby is headed…Keep it locked in to BmxSociety.Com.





for the record, whats your favorite bmx collecting website?


BmxSociety.com of course

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I really dig Hector's points of view. He has the right attitude IMHO. No hate. Just cool runnin'. I would like to see his complete collection but I'm sure most of his stuff is stored away in his secret mountain top headquarters, never to see the light of day until he is good and ready. Also props to Kerry and Steve. This is a great addition to the site and deserves it's own little section kind of like the OS-BMX interview section except only for members. Can't wait to read the next one. I will especially look forward to when Kerry interviews himself. Peace.

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Great idea and even better way to put faces to names. Gives you a better sense of community for sure. That being said, a very cool interview and props for stepping up and being a single dad Hector. Raising kids with two parents in the house isn't an easy task. I couldn't imagine doing it by yourself and working and trying to find time to collect. Happy to know you, Woody.

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  • Admin

Good reading! Nice balance of personal and hobby focus.


I think this will be a great series. Looking forward to all future installments of "Collector Spotlight"


We will have a section for these. We'll let them ride in the main forum for a bit, then go to a special archive.

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