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BMX Society Collector Spotlight #1: AGUILAR3

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How come no one in Michigan looks that "cool"? (the picture of Hector) :cheerstoast:


This was a really nice thing to read upon waking up this morning. And Kerry doing the interviews bumps up the hip factor :NoBS:


Nicely done you guys....


Man Tom I thought I looked cool. LOL Hector is very cool. He always takes time to answer my questions , no matter how stupid they are.

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First, I'd like to thank Kerry, BMX Society and its members for even giving a shit about who I am and what I'm about. With out a doubt, I've made and will continue to make OS (BMXsociety) my home away from home.


I know I'm not the most interesting guy on here but I was more then happy to be the test Guinea pig when Kerry approached me and asked to conduct this interview



Second, thank you all for the kind and generous word. I'm not too good with words but I can at least say Thank You and Cheers :cheerstoast:



Third, I'd like to thank Scott aka Melvinsarmy personally. If it wasn't for him, Ide still be collecting Vintage r/c. Scott and I were very good friends and both members of a Vintage r/c message board (Feb,2004). Knowing that he had a small collection of BMX bikes, I came to him when I picked up my brothers childhood bike. Scott answered my questions and referred me to this site (amongst others) and the rest is History.


I apologize to Scott for not thanking him earlier in the interview but if its cool,,I will thank him now.


Gracias Big Homie for pointing me in the right direction :bigemo_harabe_net-117:

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Nice interview.It sure puts the human factor into the site. I like it. Hector seems like the kind of guy everyone wants to be like. Im sure his boys have the greatest respect for him.

After reading hundreds of LEAVE IT OR RESTORE IT arguments, it seems that the longer a person is in this hobby, the more they want to preserve rather than restore whenever possible. Perhaps thats a natural progression. Nice to meet ya Aggy!!

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Great idea.


It's always fun to find out what makes fellow collectors tick.


We see their builds, but not always where their perspective is at.


It' also interesting to see the road that brought them to collecting BMX bikes.


A little personal insight can be enough to inspire others to reflect on what they collect and why.


Keep 'em coming.

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Great read.


Hector, you're one smart cat. Always helping, killer bikes, stand up guy with no BS, and from what I've read... a great father. For me, you're one of about a dozen members who always stand out amongst the rest and have since I joined the site.


Thanks for sharing.


Kerry, great idea. Bring on the next one!

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Hector; You are the man... Doing what you do and with two young ones too.. Great job on both sides..  Now,, that VW of yours that is Totally Bitching !!! What a way to haul your Bikes... Wish we were closer, I think we could be good Buds!!!! Keep on keeping on, and never lose the LOVE!!!

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