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Freestyle pics from BITD

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Here a few guys I road with everyday for years. Todd Oger is on a Kuwahara Bravo Pro. Another Neuman influence. He has my old woody bars on it. (bastard I want them back) J/K.



The other guy is Josh Evans. He still rides to this day and is still really good. He is on a white Ozone. GOD DO I WISH HE STILL HAD THAT BIKE!!!



I am scanning photos and will keep posting stuff as I find it and get time to scan. I have tons of racing photos too. I am scanning stuff that I am sending to people on facebook / emails and then posting it on here as well.

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1982 Jeff Tollefson 1 foot kickturn hoghead4_.gif

Practice after my first trick show, by myself, in 1982 on my brand new Haro Freestyler


1984 Jeff Tollefson 1 hand 1 foot kick boysclub_.jpg

1984 practice before another show


1985 JTFreestyle and Buff_.jpg

1985 droppin' in at Mike Buff's half


1985 Jeff pipeline track stand2_.jpg

1985 Pipeline (RIP)


1985 JTFreestyle show jump JT_.jpg

1985 Mall freestyle show


1988 Jeff cherrybomb enger_.jpg

1988 Can-can 1 hander cherry bomb


1988 Jeff Tollefson mariner grip ride_.jpg

1988 Grip ride practice at Mall show


1990 JTFreestyle team_.jpg

1990 JT Freestyle Team (Keith Norbie, JT, and Jay Miron)


2005 JT show bar endo JT.jpg

2005 JT Freestyle show with Tom Haugen and Trevor Meyer


2005 JTFreestyle JT13_.jpg

2005 Old School BBQ


2005 JTFreestyle JT C Picker on Mirras bike_.jpg

2005 Cherry Picker on Dave Mirra's X-Games Gold bike

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Awesome pics guys!


jbros, your buddy looks a LOT like Bill Neuman. The bike, the smith decade, and especially his hair.... really make it.


I love the Kuwi with the woody bars, and man, that white Ozone is amazing.



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I have two large boxes of old photos ranging from 1978 to 1991 and even more videos. I will post some with some info and dates.


My buddy Alan on a trickstar from early 1986. No gyro. He had redline flight cranks and we all were in envy. We would ride even in the winter. As long as there was no snow on the ground.




My Buddy James these are from 1985. He had one of the first GT freestyle bikes in our neighborhood.




Kid in the neighborhood named Pat. pic from 1987 (I think) He was the little guy in the area that had a Hutch Windstyler. He was a lot younger then us but still ripped it up.



Jeff from 1986. Doing a boomerang. He built this Haro Master from a F/F combo. He had lots of cool stuff on his bike.


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I think we all had trickstars at some point. LOL


Here is Rick on his chrome one. After this one he got a Baby Blue one with Baby Blue tuffs. It was killer. I do not have any photos of that one. These are from (1985 or early 1986). The ramp is not finished in this photo. It had a second layer of wood added that had a transition piece at the bottom.




Goofing around picture. Mike and rick. Rick is on a Yellow Redline. It was the only yellow one we had seen BITD. It was really cool.



Me on a purple trickstar. Mike is on a Hutch Pro racer. That bike was light and fast. (side note Mike got hit in the head with a metal garbage can riding home from my house one night and knocked off his bike) they took it from him and left him there. He replaced it with a Hutch Judge.


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Some odds and ends photos. I had a habit of taking pictures of my bikes after I built them up. More for insurance reasons but I thought they looked cool when they were pristine.


This is my trickstar after some mods were done to it. This is 1986.



This is my 1987 Haro team bike. All I did was change the grips and put pegs on it. I also cut the seat post down to make the seat and the grip line up better I changed the seat at the shop from white to black. I thought they looked stupid with white seats.



Here is a picture of me when I came home from racing. It is from (1983 or 84). Funny when I look at this photo I remember being real self conscious about how I looked. I was real skinny and had bigger legs from riding and racing. I always thought I looked weird. I have CW standard bars on the Quad. I felt more in control then with the Pro bars. I also had Comp II tires on it.


Also I have yellow cal lite pads on it because I ordered the Quad pads in black and they did not come in to the bike shop for a very long time.



Old photo says on back of it Sept 1981. That means it was taking summer of 1981. That is me on the Huffy Thunder road. I took the plastic plate and fenders off it and put my brothers old Lester Mags on it. My brother is the one with the broken leg. He broke it jumping a set of doubles. The other guy with the bike is Tony. He had the first mongoose in the neighborhood. It was sweet. The guy walking in the photo was named Tony also. He died a few years back in a drag racing accident on a dead end street racing illegally. He raced BMX for a long time. I built a tribute bike to him. He had a sweet White Hutch XL24 cruiser. I always wanted that bike so when I got back into building bikes , I built it to the best I could remember.

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I don't have that many, but I have some that I have scanned.


Me and my friend Guy doing some Nourie handstands in his driveway. Me on the Haro, him on the Trick Star.




Me coming down on a quarter we built in his driveway too. We built this way too big for us at the time. We probably would have done a lot more if we made it a foot or so shorter. None of us ever rode one, then we built this with plans from BMXA I think.




Sometimes we'd drag it across the street in this church parking lot.




My friend Guy. One time he actually flew over the back of this thing. He was OK, scary though, it was just the 2 of us there. Luckily he just had some sore ankles for a little bit.




Me with a surfer in that parking lot.




Him with a Miami Hopper in his basement. Looks like he was about to fall. I don't know if he actually rode into this one or not, he could do them though.




My friends Chris, Guy and me in high school, lol. We all rode everyday after school, weekends, all the time. We used to brush snow off that ramp to ride it, lol. Maybe 86 here.


Chris-Guy-Me highschool.jpg

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