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Posting Photos Using BMXsociety as your host

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I'll post it in Riding, Research & Collecting where everyone will see it.


Click image to enlarge




as you can see, there are 2 options when posting a response. A and B

(Add Reply and Fast Reply)






Option A (Add Reply) will let you respond with TEXT and an Image (image uploader)






Option B (Fast Reply) will let you respond with a quick TEXT response . Note that you can click on Full Editor (see image) if you decide that you want to add an image after opting for a Fast Reply. By doing so, you will get redirected to option A's image uploader page (see above)





There are 8 simple steps to attaching an image


1, Click "Choose File"

2, Choose image you would like to add from drop down box

3, click "Add This File" to upload file






4, once attached , file will show here

5, click "Add to post" to attach file to message box

6, file is attached to message box





7, click "Add Reply"

8, Attached image will be posted in response



You have just uploaded an image. (click to enlarge)










For multiple uploads.

You need to enable Flash uploader by either going to "My Settings"(upper right hand corner of welcome page) or by clicking on "Help with attaching files" (see below)




check box (Enable Flash uploader)



click "attach files" for multiple uploads at the same time. Upload status bar shown






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