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Crusher 10

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Hello Everyone!


There's going to be another Crusher! After many successful BMX gatherings, there's going to be one more!


Where: Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

When: June 26-27

What: Skatepark, Dirt and count on at least one night out.




Jason Enns and Dave Osato started their BMX careers at these very contests...


The format hasn't been decided yet but they're thinking of using the classic late 80' early 90's street contest format (2 classes, good and great with an over 35 class as the main event) but all riders will be welcome. There's talk of a swap meet as well.



I have made the 12-14 hour drive there myself for three of these, never have I had so much fun, and sooo many stories to share after. BITD there was Street, Vert and flatland, but really it was just an excuse for everyone to get together. Here's a few pics from BITD.





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