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Where do you ride?

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Today it was 62 so I had to go for another ride. This time I took my JMC out for the first time this season and rode my normal routes in northern Brooklyn.


I thought this Bushwick street art was pretty cool and she matches my bike pretty nicely.

JMC bride.jpg


This giant wooden gargoyle is a few doors down from the Bride of Frankenstein thing. His nose is made of old skateboard decks.



This chair was sitting on the sidewalk in Greenpoint.

fuck me.jpg


Here is a weird neon ball in the East River that kind of brightened up an otherwise very dreary Manhattan skyline. Some Pink Floydish imagery.



A dead Lotus in Greenpoint.


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Today it was 76 and sunny so I went for a nice 4 hour ride. I rode into Manhattan, up the East River, through Central Park and down the Hudson. Here's some pics.


The Central Park Obelisk, Cleopatra's Needle, 1450 BC



Frank Lloyd Wright's Guggenheim as seen from Central Park



Zooming downhill in the park



Cathedral Church of St. John the Divine. This building is so big I had to take two pictures to fit it all in.

St John.jpg


Sculpture beside the church



Blackbird on the Intrepid


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This is turning into a one man thread, come on guys, take your camera out with you!


I went for a 30 mile ride today. I know for sure because I got a computer for my bike. Yeah, maximum dorkitude.



On the way over the Williamsburg Bridge I spotted the 5 Boro Bike Tour heading south near the waterfront in Brooklyn. This was one hell of a lot of bikers.



The new World Trade Center is coming along nicely.



Tibetans and supporters protesting across the street from the Chinese Embassy. Civilians are being beaten to death and monks aged 21 to 40 are being sent to re-education camps, along with 300 civilian protesters. That is the Chinese Embassy in the background with the red flag on it.



Another protest, this one about the Armenian Genocide committed by the Ottoman Empire, modern day Turkey. This is in Times Square. Lots of political things to see in the city today.



Also in Times Square, local celebrity Naked Cowboy.



And this guy. I didn't take him up on his offer, but maybe I should have.



This is the notorious Mars Bar. It's not going to be open much longer. If you come to NYC in the next year, you should stop in for a beer. This isn't your average "dive bar", this place is a "shit hole". But it's amazing. One of the last standing examples of the old, scary New York City. I had to get a picture before it disappears. Seriously, check it out if you come to NYC.



The original Che, back in Brooklyn.



Nice fresh patriotic paint job in Bushwick. I give it a week before some clown fucks it up with his alias in spray paint.


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Here is a pic from a ride last week. The bike path here in town called The Kern River Parkway.In the sunset pic you can kind of see some improvements that are happening. Will be headed out shortly, so I will get updated pics.

This particular day was fraught with bugs. This close to sunset and the colse proximity of the river equals blood-sucker time.



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Heres some pics from my phone during our ride along the beach front yesterday.

Fraser Island is in the distance of the beach shot. World Heritage listed rainforest and the worlds biggest sand island. The 4 x 4 guys love it here.





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Today I went for a 35 mile ride through Brooklyn. We rode all the way out to Coney Island and took a zig-zag route back to Bushwick.


Here is the famous Wonder Wheel of Coney Island.

Wonder Wheel.jpg


My girl gets her fortune from Zoltar, under the Wonder Wheel



Here's a cool line up of NYPD Harleys in Coney Island.

Police bikes.jpg


Too good a backdrop not to ham it up.

Scott Police.jpg


Here is the Verrazano Bridge that goes from Brooklyn to Staten Island. This bridge is huge. Hi Glenn!



Back up in Williamsburg, my favorite street artist Space Invader. This is near the Wiliamsburg Bridge.

Space Invader.jpg

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I've driven across the Verrazano a few times. Feels like it takes 30 minutes to cross.

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Yesterday I went on a big ride, 35 miles and 3 boroughs. It was NYC Summer Streets, they close the street off to cars from the Brooklyn Bridge up to 72nd street and into Central Park. We rode over the Williamsburg Bridge and headed up with the tens of thousands of others out enjoying the nice weather. On the way over the bridge I got a shot of this cool graffiti. These guys are new and make me smile every time I pass them. It's just an abandoned lot with some big boulders that someone made into monsters.




We went through Central Park and exited somewhere in the 100s on the east side, rode through Riverside Park and then down the West Side Highway bike path. So many people out. This thing is cool, I think it was going to be an off ramp for the highway but then there was a change of plans and now it's just this.





That Wonder wheel sign is awesome! I love old signs.......


We found so many good signs on this trip. The first was the 57th Street Garage sign. More to come.




We rode back downtown, across Manhattan and back to Brooklyn. In Williamsburg, this bike is for sale. I can hook you up with the phone number if anyone is interested. I'd say it's an easy win in the customs class for this year's BOTY. :lol:


Monster bike.jpg


In Greenpoint near the waterfront there is a huge empty lot that isn't so empty anymore. There is this huge structure made of shipping containers. We couldn't figure out what that hell it was.




We were able to go down an alley that is normally blocked off and got a look at the side of this thing, turns out it's a gigantic movie set. They had built a large building facade and there was a huge green screen beside it. No idea what they're shooting, must be a super hero movie or something.




At the northern tip of Greenpoint are these cool sculptures living on a cement block wall.




We rode over the Pulaski Bridge to Long Island City, Queens and discovered an awesome waterfront park that we'd never seen before. There is a giant Pepsi sign in the park, it's 120 feet long and is about 75 years old. This thing is awesome. I had seen it before, but never up close, only from Manhattan or crossing the 59th street bridge.




This is a pic my girlfriend took of it lit up at night.




Short break in the park bicycle photo opportunity.




Another cool sign, the LIC Bar in Long Island City.


LIC Bar.jpg


Silver Cup Studios.




On the way back home I spotted a dead Rolls Royce in Greenpoint with a dead cat in the street in front of it. Kind of a weird sight.


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Wow, cool thread. Never seen it before. NYC is waaaaay cooler than Orange County. Love all the art you see on your rides.


I just got back from Copenhagen, where I rode between the hotel and the BMX Worlds track daily. Wish I'd thought to snap a few pics. I rented a bike from the hotel (had to give up my forks and wheels to a couple of our riders) on Sunday and rode into the city center. Snapped a few pics, but wish I'd taken more. (Shot a handful on my iPhone, too. Some better than these. Might try and add them later.) If I'd been there another day longer. . .


The Team USA "camp." That's Factory Intense rider Rusty Nesvig's bike. He had a rough weekend. Crashed and broke his ankle. John the mechanic, lives in San Diego. I race him some times.



The track during Elite Men's practice. That's our boy Marc Willers (Factory Speed) in black and white. He should have won. He was fastest all weekend and rode perfectly every lap, even practice, but over jumped once in the main and went from a commanding lead to third. Aussie Brian Kirkham rides for us (Intense), too. He got 3rd in the time trial and 5th in Elite. The USA rider is Barry Nobles (SE Racing).




Their son, Darryl Goodwin, just won the Junior Elite Time Trials



The Elite Men on the podium. Marc was sooooooo bummed.



Marc Willers, post podium interview with the NZ press.



Some cool waterfront property in Copenhagen.



The prettiest factory I've ever seen.




A very cool bike shop in the city. It was closed.


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I think it's about that time guys...

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This is a cool post. I can post more pictures later.


To the NY guys. Man would I love to ride at the Brooklyn Banks! I heard though it is getting shut down for repairs on the bridge. When it opens back up will it be the same or are they going to get rid of the riding area?


I would also love to go to FORMAT, Nigel Sylvester's BMX shop. Ever been there?


Here is my bike in Cologne last summer, Hohenzoller Bridge going into the main train station.


Bild 041.jpg


Here, looking in the other direction, is the Dom


Bild 040.jpg

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here are a few from the archives, all around my neighborhood, jericho beach.









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Did you take that rainbow pic? If so, awesome!


-- What does it mean?? -- :lol:


I guess that doesn't apply to single rainbows.

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Did you take that rainbow pic? If so, awesome!


-- What does it mean?? -- :lol:


I guess that doesn't apply to single rainbows.


yes sir i did take that pic.


it means that i'm incredibly lucky. :)

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Went for a short 8 mile ride today before the rain came. First leisurely ride of the season, we stayed in Brooklyn. I mostly just took pictures of cars today.


I think I've shot a hundred pics of this water tower, but the beat up old car looked cool in front of it today. Toxic Brooklyn.




A nicely restored old Checker cab in front of a cool old building.




A couple beat Regals trying hard to be GNs.


Fake GNs.jpg


And this subway car painted trailer is awesome:


Subway trailer.jpg

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got a ride in today, nice to see the sun, it's been way too wet and cold lately.



some pretty cool cars out today, all were cruisin'. caught this '66 just as it pulled up.









rolling my mcs, van city in the background.




crazy big clouds today, jericho sailing centre to the right, great place to catch beer & natchos, prolly the best patio in the city that's still relatively undiscovered.




fisherman out on jericho pier catching crabs.



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took the powerlite out for a ride today with a few other guys, great ride.



granville island from the burrard street bridge



stanley park, second beach



lost lagoon



first we stopped at the granville island brewery to grab some take out and then rolled over to 'go fish' for food, the absolute best fish tacones and coleslaw (shoulda' taken a pic of the food}.









the burrard street bridge


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Nice riding spots.

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Cool thread,


This is quite an old pic as the bike has undergone a few changes..


I used to live a "7 iron" away from Sydney Harbour and my local bottle shop was just up from where this pic was taken, great memories for me.....





Moved just up the road a few kilometers, Wife and I had another baby not long ago (2 children under five now...) so my life has changed a tad, its all about the beach and national parks at the moment.......


This one was taken just around the corner at a local park, the council introduced a wall so the young blokes can graf....




I love this shot of its og chrome....




As mentioned above, its all parks and prams now, this gets more of a workout than my 20"'ers, wife pushes the pram and i take the opportunity to throw my leg over this one....






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Thats awesome PR200...great to see the coat hanger :D...haven't been down there for quite a while.

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The Coathanger us still there, has not changed a bit!

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