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87 CW's did not come in pink color info and pics inside.

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a fruity name for a color . on a fruity bike . for a fruity dude .

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Denial ain't just a river in Africa.



I can't wait for the next bmx4life thread. It's nothing like Donald Ray, but it is every bit as entertaining. I don't know, I kind of enjoy off the wall shit like this. There is nothing wrong with being so worked up about the name of a color. I think much of the rest of the non-vintage bmx population would look on the rest of us the way we look on this man's definition of raspberry. "Dimple spindle." :lol:

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LOL I am a married man with 2 Children. The only thing fruity here are the pebbles I eat for breakfast in the morning. :rockout:


Is that what you call him in your neck of the woods? Pebbles? How cute like your bike. J/k.



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I find nothing funny about this. I was just trying to give people the truth on CW colors for that year. Here are pictures to show the different bikes and what CW calls the colors. The first picture is pink. The second picture is lavender. The third picture is called Raspberry according to CW. You can also clearly see that the colors are different. Thats all I am saying. If you have a problem with the name of the color being raspberry you need to take it up with CW because that's what they call the color.




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Kerry, let us know what CW says when they write back, and let them know some guy named MelvinsArmy from the BMX internet message board is really beside himself about the names of their colors! They can't just get all willy-nilly when it comes to naming colors. Tell them I said they need to get their shit straight! :angry:


I find nothing funny about this.


Me neither! Matter of fact I'm putting on my serious hat right now.



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