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Here it is......

2010 (3rd Annual) ~ PHILADELPHIA RIDE ~




It's a Meet & Greet of all kinds of BMX enthusiasts / riders, etc....

Group Gathering / City Tour / Flatland and Street Sessions as we cruise across Philly.

All are welcome to join in the fun. We had such an excellent time the past two years. We'd love to replicate the great experience again.



Saturday - September 18th at (1pm – Whenever)

1pm meet up at the lot - 2:30 roll out.




Just in case you missed the Ride previous years - Here's what it's all about...






How it went previous years for the Fall ride: We all met up on the east side of the city at a parking lot near Penns Landing, swapped parts handed out shirts, geek'ed out over everyone's BMX Bikes. Then we hit the streets - cruising west across the city stopping a various spots to flatland, and street ride, sight see, take pictures... We cruised by Independence Hall, City Hall, Love Park, Logan Circle, and the Philadelphia Art Museum... then we headed back East to South Street for some good Philadelphia Eats and Drinks. Many Cheese Steaks and huge Lorenzo's Pizza Slices were consumed... and we hung out all night. Good times!.


We have some new things and locations planned for this year.


We had up to 70 people riding with us - of all experience levels. From Old Pro riders to guys and gals who occasionally ride. Helmets are optional - but know that we will be riding in the city.. with real cars and buses. We all look out for each other. But if you're afraid of the city, please keep that in mind.


- NOTE for (2010) - We don't recommend you bringing inexperienced riders to this event, Please leave your toddlers at home, and very young kids unless they're very experienced riding in an urban environment.....- as we'll be trekking across the city at a semi-fast pace dodging lots of obstacles. It can be detrimental to the flow of the ride to have the group spread too far apart across the city waiting for people who are afraid to ride in the busy streets or carefully roll thru an occasional red light ;). Nothing personal against inexperienced riders. but we'd like to keep the group together as much as possible this time.






We’re going to aim for the same meeting place as previous years.

At 1pm - We’ll meet at the parking lot located at 588 S. Columbus Blvd, Philadelphia PA, 19106.

It’s a pay lot with an attendant - which worked out very well for everyone and kept everyone’s cars safe from any stragglers and the (horrible) Philadelphia Parking Authority .


The lot is called the "South Street Bridge" Parking Lot at Penns Landing.

We'll start here at 1 PM, hang out for a bit and wait for people to show up (trade and sell parts to each other), and get warmed up to ride...... Then make our way up the ramp to drop ourselves right onto South Street where we can begin our cruise. About 2:30/3pm.


- NOTE for (2010)!!! - EAT breakfast and/or Lunch before you get here. We don't plan on stopping for food until the evening - after we've ridden the whole route (besides maybe a 7-11 drink stop). From our experience with other rides, we'd like everyone to be well-fed enough to be able to ride a few hours without stopping for a mid-day meal. Again - this is in the interest of smooth flow and fun times. Lets all be on the same page hunger-wise. :)






Any BMX bike is appropriate for this ride. BUT ... Lets try our best to keep it OLD SCHOOL.

It really was impressive to see so many old bmx bikes at the gathering last year. It really gave the whole event much more soul.


Mainly - make sure it IS ride-able.

We don't want your old bucket to be falling apart halfway through the ride.

We will be riding a fair distance. So TUNE UP those old jalopys. :) and Lets ride!!!




New for 2010!!! - "BRAVERY, IDIOTS, and the BUDDY SYSTEM"

We love to freestyle, and ride the street obstacles, Yes we do! I've hurt myself plenty of times - and I'm better for it. It's encouraged to challenge yourself on your bike. BUT - for the sake of this ride and the whole group, we're setting a guideline for everyone. If you're going to try something TOO courageous... please be prepared to deal with the consequences on your own. We don't want to have to cancel the ride for everyone midway across town because you went over-the-bars leaping down a staircase and need to be helicoptor-lifted out of there. If you're the kinda guy who likes to get super extreme.. That's awesome! We'd all love to see some great stunts during the ride. But please make sure you use the buddy system. (meaning, Please make sure you have a friend or two with you to help you get yourself, and your Bike, back to your car or to a hospital.)... so that the rest of us can continue. We DO care about you.. we just don't want one person's mishap to cancel everyone's day. :) Lets hear it for the Buddy System... :)






Traveling BY CAR

The Lot is located just north of both North and South exit ramps off of I-95 (EXIT 20).

If you're coming from the north (I-95 S), you'll be making a left off the exit ramp (traffic light) onto Columbus Blvd, and the parking lot will be just ahead on the left.


If you're coming from the South (I-95 N), Make a left off the exit ramp onto Columbus Blvd, you'll go through 3 traffic lights. and the Lot will be on your left, just after the 3rd traffic light.


The Parking lot entrance is directly across the street from this big obnoxious Shark-fin shaped condo/pier building that sits out on the water on the Right. Looks like this:



There's a left turning lane to get into the lot.

Here's the Lot entrance: (gotta love google street view)







Anyone coming in on the Septa Regional Rail lines

(for NY, Jersey, or North East, you'll most likely be using NJ Transit down to the R3 "West Trenton Line".


Once the train enters the city, - the stop you want is called "Market East" Station (usually the first city stop).


Market East station spans from 9th street to 12th st... on Market Street. Once you come out of the station....You'll want to head south about 6 blocks to South Street.


Once you hit South Street.... then head east to the end of South Street - about 10 blocks... then cross the walking bridge at the end of south street. That will take you down to the Lot we're meeting at.


It's a quick ride from the station - about 10 fast minutes on bike.

Here's a little walking/riding map I made from Google Maps.





Coming from south street. and head east (the numbered street go down, you'll cross 2nd street) once you hit Front street (which is basically 1st Street)... there's a walking bridge with SOUTH STREET written on it (and has giant walking stick-people statues)... just cross over front street go to the end of the walking bridge - Down the Ramp/Steps and it takes you to our Lot/Meeting place.


Here's a pic of the east end of south street and the entrance of the walking bridge.



A closer shot of the south street walking bridge entrance.

(google street view... I swear I didn't mess with this picture at all....) ;)







For HOTEL ACCOMODTIONS. there are a bunch of options.

Here are a few of them:


Comfort Inn (at Penns Landing / Historic area) is actually Very close to where we'll be meeting up.

100 N. Chris. Columbus Blvd. Philadelphia, PA, US, 19106

Typical cheap rates... Here's a link:




The Holiday Inn (Historic District) is probably the simplest.. and close to where we'll start and end the ride.

400 Arch st., Philadelphia, PA 19106

It's a 4th and Arch Streets. which is more "In" the town near the nightlife.

Here's a Link:







Hotel Reservations : 1 800 972 2796




Travelodge Philadelphia

1227 Race Street

Philadelphia, PA 19107

(215) 564-2888


....looks about $120 per room.



BEST WESTERN Center City Phila

$103 per room for the night. (internet special)


(about a 12-15 min bike ride from the meeting point - I do this ride every day.)



Alexander Inn

12th and Spruce Streets. Still very close.

Only $109 per night.



And there are a bunch of others too. (do some research) :)

.. but just so you know. we'll be starting on the east side of the city.



On the CHEAP CHEAP ($35 per person for a night.)

If you are comfortable with staying in a Hostel - there's one in Philly pretty close to the meeting point.

Called "Apple Hostels"









Other Info:


2009 Philly Ride - pics



2008 Philly Ride





2010 SHIRTS and Posters & Stuff....


I'll do my best to get some posters made up again this year - but my printing source for those fell through. So we'll see.

We do want everyone to sign one of the posters this time... (like we did in 2008), then we'll have those copied and we can offer them here online after the ride, as a memento for everyone who attended.





Yes.. there will be T-Shirts made again this year.

As of right now, I think We're going to handle it a bit different than we did last year. Based on the size order we did last year, We'll make a batch of shirts in a general range of sizes and they will be first come first serve at the meeting point after mostly everyone has shown up. ideally we want everyone to get one. But the headcount thread we did last year seemed to turn into people thinking they ordered a shirt . it got a little intense and some people didn't get something they thought they ordered. Since we're not doing it for the money - We're going a little more 'lax with it this year and just order a guesstimated amount - hopefully everyone will get what they need. (This still might change, but as of right now this is how we're handling it).


We will hand out shirts Only at the Ride "meeting point"... and we ask for donations - chip in whatever you can - even if it's just a buck :). It worked out well last year. Brian (Smokin' Endo) and I will be covering the initial cost of the shirts.. and hope with donations (If you can manage it) that we will come close to breaking even again. We really just want people to have something to take home with them to remember the ride.




More details to come:

- Possible Friday Night Pre-Ride hangout and rock show.

- Still working out the venue.





I Hope I got all the info in this lengthy post... and it helps answer any questions you may have.

Most of all. I look forward to hanging, and riding with you all again on September 18th, meeting some new people showing them a good time in Philly.




Hit me or Brian (SmokinEndo) up with any other questions.



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Open mic rock venue?

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Damn Matt, you could not have said it better!


You guys don't want to miss this event. This is becoming if not already the biggest east coast old school ride.


Thanks to you and Brian in advance.



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Same weekend as the vintage r/c off road nationals. Sorry, gonna be in CT smashing Lunchboxes with my Clodbuster.

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Same weekend as the vintage r/c off road nationals. Sorry, gonna be in CT smashing Lunchboxes with my Clodbuster.


Haha.. smashing lunchboxes :).


You'll be missed at this ride (again) scott. But totally understand.

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Longest - Post - Ever!




j/k Matt. I read the entire post. Nicely done.


Total ride time? In miles and hours (just roughly)....

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HOOT HOOT HOOT ! ! ! ! Lets do it ladies ! No excuses


nice post Matt !

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Longest - Post - Ever!




j/k Matt. I read the entire post. Nicely done.


Total ride time? In miles and hours (just roughly)....


Haha, yeah i know, Long-ass post.

But I figured from past event posts - I'd be better nipping all those typical questions in the bud - so we don't have 8 pages of Hotel?, location?, time?, "Can I bring my baby, has has a PK Ripper?" kinda questions.


Total ride time in past Philly rides have been from usually early afternoon to the evening... with a good handful of people sticking around to enjoy the Philly nightlife and have some beverages into the night. You'd be a very welcome addition to the crew this year Tom. :)

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This looks like good times... certainly it's an awesome event graphic. Naturally. Btw, the sequential slam shot illustrating the bravery, stupidity and buddy system segment is pretty awesome.

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You'd be a very welcome addition to the crew this year Tom. :)


Trying Matt. It's tight right now with the wife out of work. Not ruling it out.

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Sadly, it's looking doubtful for me at this point-- keep that spare bike at the ready though Matt. I'm not ruling it out completely yet.

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Spare bike is ready to go, Lee. I rode it to work today.

I'm crossing my fingers for you.. you deserve a few hours break from the hustle bustle of the past few months. (almost 2 weeks of prep time.. You can do it). I'm only pushing because I know you'll have a blast. And it's always more fun when you're there. :):cheers:

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Thanks Matt. Much appreciated (the bike and the kind words).

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I really hope you make it out Lee...I don't get to see you too often and always enjoy seeing you at these things.


Thanks god this is not the only site attending this ride (lame)


where is everyone ?


no one here wants to RIDE a bike


gonna be a time to remember

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That shirt's tough. Save one for me if you can (XL). I won't be making it out after all. Looks like that will be moving day for me.


Have fun, and have a beer and a cheesesteak for me. Hmm... maybe I'll take a trip to the Steve's in Langhorne so I can be with you all in spirit. :lol:

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only a few more days :)

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Thanks for bumpin' Doug :)



I picked up the shirts... (They look awesome).

I talked to a bunch of people... lots traveling in from other states this year.


I'm super stoked!

Maybe this thread will thrive (with pics) after the event?

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If anyone is in town early for the ride.

We'll be grabbing some drinks at Mac's Tavern tomorrow (Friday) night at 8:30 pm - on.


Mac's is owned by Dee and Mac (of "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia" - great little pub with outside seating - killer food too) located between 2nd and 3rd St. on Market.


I'm riding my bike there. :)

Feel free to join me.

Beers, Bikes, and Buds.

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So --- baby is here. I won't be coming out for the ride this weekend (sadly), however, if I can get away for a few moments, I may take the trip down and meet up for an hour or so Saturday after the ride. Any excuse to grab a Jim's cheese steak. :) We'll see.


Have fun on Saturday boys, and be safe out there!

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