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BMX Society Collector Spotlight #3: Truly Odd

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one of my all time favorite people ! Patrick and I spend hours on the phone and sometimes it takes other people to tell us how long we've been talking in order for us to finally hang up LOL He offers so much to us all in many different ways and getting to know him better & better over the years has been a highlight of my journey collecting bikes and records


thanks for being so interesting and such a great friend even some of the stuff in the interview was news to me :)


great spot light...looking forward to the next installment

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  • Admin

sounds like you guys had a good time with this interview (in person?)... it really comes thru in translation.


Yes, Matt. It was an audio recorded, face to face sit down. I might go back to e-mailing questions in the future. The live chat is cool, the conversational flow is conducive to interesting tangents and that sort of thing... but it's a lot of work to transcribe that stuff. Quite a bit more time consuming than I expected and that is true despite the fact that I can type fast.


But in any case... there's some good collector spotlights on the horizon. Stay tuned.

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Great Interview Steve and Patrick! A lot of great info and also never knew you got the 'bmx bug' bite back in 06...Very cool!!


i knew you were a DJ and had some skillz on the 1's and 2's and had your website/music promoting 'heavyweights' as a gig too, but never knew you were famous!!! :nah.I.mean:


Thanks for the props also on liking the way i build bikes, i really means a lot to me!!


Glad to call ya a BMX brutha, we will meet sometime!!!


can't wait for the next interview!!!

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I always find these so interesting...and yes Patrick is a kool cat.




WELL DONE gentlemen.

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Patrick OK, he's not that cool. I mean, i asked him to sell me his CW pit and said no. How mean is that? All kidding aside, GREAT interview to a great dude. I'm glad to say he's a friend of mine and all success & praise is greatly deserved. :OSThumbsUpPeace[1]: HEAVYWEIGHTS.ORG

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Great interview Steve this is what makes this the place great to be apart of .Hats off to truly on .Following the dream and never givin up .Music and bmx what a wonderful combination .You guys truly rock

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