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Firemans Texas Cruzer

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I've wanted a 26" BMX bike for a few years now. After several 20+ mile rides on my 24" bikes earlier this summer, I decided it was time to get one. I've also always wanted a black and gold bike. I had hoped to one day build a Prodyne or GT26, but when I decided that it was past time to get a 26 and that the main reason for building one would be to put thousands of miles on it, a new school bike seemed like a much better idea.


This is a big bike, it's top tube is 23.5 inches long. It's slightly larger than my mountain bikes. I've already put about 50 miles on it and I love it. It is a real wheelie machine and it's super easy to get both wheels off the ground. I'll be leaving the rear end planted for now until I change the pedals, I already opened my shin up.


Anyway, enough blathering, here is my Firemans Texas Cruzer. With a few rain drops on it.


Frame/fork: 2010 Firemans Texas Cruzer

Headset: Chris King

Cranks: Profile

Bottom Bracket: Profile American

Spider: Profile retro

Chainring: Tangent 42T

Hubs: Profile

Driver: Profile 18T

Rims: Sun Rhyno Lite

Spokes: DT Swiss

Pedals: Crupi pro round (to be replaced by Profile Gas pedals when they become available again)

Tires: Maxxis Holy Roller 26 x 2.2

Brakes: Paul Moto BMX

Brake levers: Paul Love lever

Brake cables: Odyssey linear braided

Cable clamps: Dia Compe

Seat: Brooks B17 Champion

Seat clamp: Profile Slim Jim

Seat post: Can't remember, covered the logo up with a Melvins sticker.

Chain: Izumi 3/32

Chain tensioners: Profile

Handlebars: 1970s Penton/KTM MX replica bars

Grips: Fuan Oakely 3 (waiting on Ourys)

Headset lock: Morphine

Stem: Knight Ruf Neck










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Thanks guys!


I've always loved black and gold bikes, but my real inspiration came more from some of my all time favorite cars. Not to mention the fact that I'm from Iowa (I'm a Cyclone, but the Hawkeyes I was raised to love have cooler colors)


Fittipalidi's Lotus



The Bandit



Slammin' Sammy Swindell's TMC sprint car




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Benny, yeah the company is out of Austin, but I think they're welded up in California. No worries about thieves, I never lock up any of my bmx bikes and they never are more than an arms length away from me when I take them out. If I need a Pepsi or a slice of pizza, the bike comes in or I go without. I'm paranoid like that. :shifty: My JMC has seen the inside of many a NYC public park restroom. :lol:


seda, it does! It is really a joy to ride.

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Killer cruiser man! I love these too and will probably have one some day. Diggin the MX bars on it. Great look to it.


They are made in SoCal by none other than Sal Correa, original welder from SE. He probably makes frames for 10 different companies. An absolutely talented welder.


I love the black and gold also. Thats the colors for my next Powerlite 24". I'm really diggin this ride. Hot!

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Bumpola! The Firemans Texas Cruzers are multiplying in Brooklyn. My wife liked mine so much that she bought a f/f for herself this winter and she started collecting some parts. I made a few changes to mine this winter as well and donated my chrome Profile cranks and pedals and the bars from my bike to her's and got most of the rest of the parts for her.


First, I replaced the chrome parts on mine with black. New black Profile cranks and Knight V cruiser bars. Also a new pair of gold Shimano DX pedals that I scored in a trade. I think it looks even better now.


FM Black.jpg


FM Black 2.jpg


Next, her Firemans Texas Cruzer.


2011 Firemans Texas Cruzer frame and fork

Headset: Velo Orange Grand Cru

Cranks: Profile 180mm

Pedals: Profile 09 Gas

Sprocket: Rennen 42T

Freewheel: Shimano 18T

Chain: KMC

Brake levers: Paul

Brake calipers: Shimano DXR

Hubs: Crupi high flange

Rims: polished Araya 7x

Tires: Maxxis Holy Roller

Grips: Ame super soft

Stem: DK retro

Seat: Brooks B17

Seat post: Kalloy

Seat post clamp: Kappa


FM Blue.jpg


FM Cruzers.jpg


FM Profile.jpg


FM DK.jpg


FM Kappa.jpg


FM Blue 3.jpg

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Nice, I like them both! I have been looking for a modern big wheel bike for my everyday cruises, myself. I love my 24's but with rides of any long distance it just isn't as comfortable. I dig the Fireman's quite a bit despite not being a retro fan, they look well built.


I have also been kicking around taking an earlier Redline Monocog 26 and converting it to a BMX type cruiser or even one of the 29r's.

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Sweet ride wagonguy!


Jake, 26ers are the shit! I got one because I was getting all cramped up on long rides on my 24s. The Firemans are very nicely built and their geometry is as close to perfect as I've ever ridden. I think it's a cross between the old OM and KOS geometries. They ride soooo nice.


Already made a small change to her bike. We put the stock Firemans bars on for a more relaxed and upright ride.

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nzpantha, I switched the bars so I could have something narrower. I'm planning to use this as a back up commuter this year, the MX bars are a bit wide for cutting thru stopped traffic. I'm holding on to them though.


Cool Kerry! And thanks! As for colors, I've always wanted to build a purple bike, so that plum colored one they have would be tempting. Annick almost went with the clear over raw frame. That's another one I'd have loved to build. Clear coat frame with some red parts, a few raw aluminum parts and black soft parts. I've seen some Ducatis like that, it's a sharp combo.


The 26incher, woah that thing is awesome! What am I looking at? Is that from a kit? Looks like fun.

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