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Original Decals Thread

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No reproductions here. Let's see detail shots of your favorite decals (preferably attached to their original frame or part).


Special bonus points for those beat up, faded, and torn decals that just seem to live on no matter what.

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  • Admin

this is a cool thread.

yes.gif OG decals, i never take them off. it bugs me when people do. Emoticon_frustrated.gif


i see you wanted to keep it mostly about decals still attached to the frame/part. sounds dope.

i've actually been wanting to start a thread on original (unstuck) decals for while...maybe this'll spark it.



anyways, i'll start with these...



early Webco headtube



Hustler seat post & frame



redline chmo seatmast decal on my proline



Hutch Post

hutch post.jpg


1st gen rebel racing flag on my pro bars



oval redline on my nickel forks


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The best GT stickers ever.




Strictly BMX is a local Melbourne BMX shop that has been around since the early 90s at least. This was on a Morales I picked up one day.




Not my bike, it was at one of the shows we have each year. Yes, it had a tough life and is still held by the original owner.





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  • Admin

this is a factory GJS/robinson racer Jeff Parscale's (rest in peace) NBA #1 plate.


i got this from Jeff's dad who told me Jeff stayed up all night meticulously cutting up decals to customize it.


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