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Original Decals Thread

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My old GM parts box that I used to carry tools and stuff to races has some old 70's and 80's stickers on it. The Hutch Toby Henderson sig sticker (got it straight from him at a race in Milwaukee early 80's) i have never seen before other than the one on this box. EC Birt, Techno, tahoe Racing, Bandito, Shimano Bobby Encinas (I got those directly from him @ a clinic), etc lots of old stickers here:





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It's mid-school but, 1990 Lemoore Nationals on the headtube of my townie bike.

decals (1).JPG


The old toolbox...

decals (2).JPG

...you can tell 'cause it say "tools" on it. (I got carried away whilst stickerin')

decals (4).JPG

decals (6).JPG

decals (5).JPG

decals (3).JPG

A BMXA shop window sticker that aint never been stuck.

BMXA sticker.JPG

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some OG none repop decals guess what they are or just read and  :Want: DSC09353.JPGDSC09354.JPGDSC09355.JPGDSC09356.JPG



the chrome is shot  and flaking off on fork but the Decals still hanging on Standard bikes built to last !



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Inside the clandestine laboratory is my rack and 4' x 8' back board for hanging frames to be built and also for unfinished builds.


I decided it looked a bit mundane and could do with some color and old school flavor.


I went through my decal collection and pulled out all the multiples I had and started sticking them up.  Then I started buying decals that I didn't have and stuck them on there.


Then I realized just how big this mother of a thing is!  It's a work in progress - lol!


Mostly 70's and 80's decals with a few 90's to round it out.


frame rack 001.JPG



Note the Mesinger Seat Struts I used on each end for support - trick!


frame rack 002.JPG



PJ  :) 



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