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OLD SCHOOL BMX 20 inch (1980 through 1987)

OLD SCHOOL BMX 20 inch (1980 through 1987)  

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~~ OLD SCHOOL BMX 20 inch (1980 through 1987) ~~

Please follow the guidelines to the letter. Entries that break the rules will be deleted and you will have to re-submit. Also, take special note of the schedule for submission, cut off and voting

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1983 Skyway TA


Frame & Fork - 1983 SKYWAY TA (OG Chrome and mostly stickers)

Bars - STAR Bars

Cranks - 1st Generation Bullseye "2pc cranks" (Original Chrome)

Bottom Bracket - Bullseye (original to the 1st gen cranks)

Pedals - Shimano DX

Power Disc - Sugino (OG Chrome)

Chainring Bolts - Sugino Stamped

Chainring - Tuffneck Slotted

Tires - Kuwahara / IRC "z1" (Fat & Skinny)

Rims - UKAI Speedlines (OG red and decals, polished sidewalls)

Hubs - Bullseye low flange (Original decals - early oval)

Seatpost - Robinson (OG chrome and Decal)

Seat - Cycle Pro Shotgun II

Seat Clamp - Dia Compe 2-bolt

Stem - Tufneck

Grips - OURY

Head Lock - Suntour

Headset - Tange (combination) MX-3, and 320

Caliper - Dia Compe MX 1000 - Chrome

Lever - Dia Compe Tech-3


Original chrome and finish on all parts with some scrapes and bruises. The only "work" done on the bike was cleaning up the sidewalls on the Ukai hoops.


Enjoy :)

















Sharing some sunlight with it's Star Bar brother.





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1984 American Bicycle Mfg - Race Tech


Every piece of this bike is original finish.



  • FRAME: American Bicycle Manufacturing Race Tech
  • FORK: Hutch Pro (U.S. made, un-drilled)
  • HEADSET: Race Tech eccentric
  • HEAD LOCK: Tange
  • HANDLEBARS: JMC Darrell Young bars
  • GRIPS: Oakley B-2
  • BRAKE LEVER: Dia Compe Tech 3
  • BRAKE CABLE: Terrycable
  • CABLE TIES: Velcro from a big Velcro ‘ball’ he gave me
  • REAR BRAKE: Dia Compe MX900
  • BRAKE PADS: Kool Stop
  • SEATPOST: Redline (it’s actually a 7/8” post)
  • SEAT: Kashimax MX
  • SEAT CLAMP: Tuf Neck
  • RIMS: Araya 7X chrome
  • SPOKES: .080 stainless
  • HUBS: 1st Gen Phil Wood
  • TUBES: Original 1984 tubes
  • TIRES: Comp 3 20x1.75 2nd Gen blu/green label
  • BOTTOM BRACKET: Hadley sealed
  • CRANKSET: Redline Flight 401 single pinch 180mm (arm decals from Redline sheet)
  • SPIDER: Sugino
  • CHAINRING: Pro Neck 43T
  • PEDALS: Shimano DX
  • CHAIN: Izumi
  • PADSET: California Lite ‘grid’ pads (originally, the factory rider ran ZAP! Grid pads)

















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1982/83 Mr. Stix Wedge serial #10

All original chrome and stickers

All original/NOS finishes used on the bike



Mr. Stix Wedge Frame and Fork

NOS MX3 Headset

NOS BS Dirt Skirt

NOS Oakley B2 with red Oakley crud plugs

MINT 1st generation (VDC made) Power Lite Power bend bars

NOS Haro Series One Plate with all OG decals

NOS Cali Lite padset

NOS Dia Compe MX-1000

NOS Dia Compe 83 dated cable

NOS Dia Compe tech 3

NOS Skyway Pro Pads with cooling fins

NOS Race Inc Seat post

NOS Kashimax MX seat

MINT Suntour seat post clamp

NOS chrome Araya 7x hoops

MINT Son Lite Turbo II hubs in original anodized black finish

NOS Comp II front tire (2.125)

NOS Cycle Pro Snake Belly rear (1.75)

MINT 3rd generation Profile cranks with 130bcd Profile Spider

MINT Shimano DX pedals

NOS Pro Neck 44 tooth sprocket










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1980-81 SE Racing P.K. Ripper


- SE Racing P.K. Ripper frame

- SE Landing Gear fork (early, no holes in the dropouts)

(Frame & fork refinished and new stickers - bought in this condition)

- Araya 7x rims

- Suzue hubs

- Carlisle Aggressor front tire, Comp II rear tire

- Takagi cranks, spider, sprocket

- MKS rattrap pedals

- SE Powerwing bars

- Tuff-Neck stem

- Tioga headset

- Kashimax seat

- Tuff-Neck seat clamp

- Oakley .5 grips

- Team Products lever

- Dia-Compe brakes

- SE vinyl padset (reproduction)

- 44/16 custom Lightening Bolt plate









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1983 Redline PL-20


1983 Redline PL-20 frame (powdered white)

Unknown Forks (later model RL possibly) (powdered white)

Re-chromed V-bars

Polished & painted Brute stem (found at tip in poor condition)

Kashimax seat

chrome seatpole

Tange seatclamp (re-annodized)

Norco grips

Shimano tourney brakes and lever

KKT Lightning pedals

Shimano 600 cranks (re-annodized)

takagi chainring (re-annodized)

Araya 7X rims

Suzue hubs

Mitsuboshi Comp 2 tyres

OG Redline V pad

OG Redline stem pad





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1982 PK Ripper

Frame, fork, and parts have original finish and stickers unless otherwise noted.

Frame-SE Racing PK Ripper

Fork-Landing Gear (new stickers added)

Bars-SE Powerwing

Grips- Oakley 3


Pads-SE vinyl

Rims-Ayara w/Bullseye hubs

Tires-Mitsuboshi Silver Star Comp III Indoor Race

Pedals-KKT Lightning

Cranks-Cook Bros






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1980 JMC


Frame - 1980 JMC Standard long (new powder, correct color per Jim Melton)


Forks - 1980 JMC (new powder - originally white)


Headset - Tange


Stem - MCS 6-bolt (original finish)


Bars - Race Inc (original finish)


grips - Grab On


Brake lever - pre-bent (original finish)


Seat post clamp - sun tour (original finish)


Seat post - Race Inc (original finish)


Seat - Suede Cinelli Unicantor (original finish)


Brakes - Shimano with Mathhauser pads(original finish)


Bottom Bracket - Powerlite (original finish)


Cranks - Campi Strada (original finish)


Pedals - KKT (original finish)


Chain - Smoker (original finish)


Rims - Araya 7b (original finish)


Front hub - Campagnolo Record (original finish)


Rear hub - Campagnolo Record (original finish)


Front Tire - Cycle Pro snakebelly


Rear tire - Cycle Pro snakebelly 1.75


This JMC happened at an incredible rate compared to any other bike I have built. The frame appeared on ebay with a BIN price. Within minutes of the auction appearing, I bought it at a reasonable price. The frame was finished with new white powder coat. I wanted to build a blue bike, but hey. When it arrived, I sent the serial number to Jim Melton. He confirmed that the frame was originally blue. Huzzah!

Thanks to various forum members, I was able to round up all the parts I needed within a couple months. The bike was finished last summer, and is a perfect complement to the rest of my collection. The color scheme was hugely inspired by a particular Australian G-Boy.







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1983 Rebel Racing General Lee


This is the dream bike I've wanted since I was a kid. This bike was only offered in a chrome or white option in either a stick or a loop. When I purchased this frame and fork, it had a bad black powder coat paint job on it. I saw the potential in the black, so I got it re-painted at R.W. Little, here in San Diego. This bike sits in the living room next to the TV. I admit its a carpet queen.

Here is the breakdown. Hope you enjoy!


Frame and Fork (new powder coat)

Rebel Pro Bars (new powder coat)

Hatta Head Set (NOS before install)

Hutch Seat Clamp (copy)

Flyte Tech Seat (NOS before install)

Dia Comp MX 901 Brake (NOS before install)

Dia Comp Lever (NOS before install)

Skyway Brake Pads/Fins (NOS before install)

Ame Dual Grips (NOS before install)

Redline 401 cranks (re-chromed)

Tecmatic Bottom Bracket (new)

Izumi Chain (NOS before install)

Suntour Sprocket (NOS before install)

Suntour Freewheel (NOS before install)

Suntour Sealed Hubs (NOS before install)

Double Butted Chrome Spokes (new)

Araya 7X Rims (NOS before install)

Comp 3 Mitsuboshi Tires (NOS before install)

Tuf Neck Patent Pending (NOS before install)

JP Spacers (NOS before install)

Hutch Pedals (re-chromed, new cages)

OG Decals (not re-pop)

Trick Tops

12-08-10 10Pat Bike 307nsm.jpg

12-08-10 09Pat Bike 309nsm.jpg

12-08-10 08Pat Bike 028sm.jpg

12-08-10 07Pat Bike 080sm.jpg

12-08-10 06Pat Bike 078nsm.jpg

12-08-10 05Pat Bike 033sm.jpg

12-08-10 04Pat Bike 095sm.jpg

12-08-10 03Pat Bike 047sm.jpg

12-08-10 02Pat Bike 068nsm.jpg

12-08-10 01Pat Bike 220nsm.jpg

12-08-10 11Pat Bike 083nsm.jpg

Edited by hedzrtails

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early 80 JMC black shadow F/F with the tear drop down tube facing down instead of up like most . also the serial number begins with JMC instead of a K like they did later in 1980 -- re powdered . was rattle canned and had a crack at the head tube . repaired by johnny true torch . jim melton reproduction decals except for the shield on the seat mast is og from a member here .


tuff neck unstamped stem-- used


large pro race inc bars-- used


OGK mach grips -- NOS


fluted seat post -- used


dia compe 2pc. seat clamp -- used


jaguar II seat - NOS


tange headset NOS


bullseye bottom bracket -- used


shimano 600 cranks -- used


shimano chainring -- used


regina chain -- NOS


KKT rat trap pedals -- NOS


dia compe center pull brakes -- used


skyway brake pads with finned washers -- used


weinmann 7b style hoops -- used


campagnolo tipo hubs -- used


carslisle 2.125 aggressor MX front tire -- used


carslisle studded 1.75 rear tire - NOS


vinyl pad set including a vinyl tuff neck stem pad -- used


rectangle vented plate with jim melton's signature from 2010 society gathering in june -- NOS











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1981 GJS

GJS Frame

Bottema Fork

Schwinn Headset

MCS Six Bolt Stem

Black Vinyl Rad Pad Stem Pad

Powerlite Power Bend Pro Bars

Black Vinyl Rad Pad Bar Pad

Original AME Bubble Font Grips

Team Products Brake Lever

Shimano Tourney Brake NOS

Neal BMX Action Number Plate NOS

Skyway Graphite Tuffwheel II's with Campagnolo Hubs

Cycle Pro Snake Belly Front Tire 20 x 2.125

Tioga Comp II Rear Tire Grey/Green Label 20 x 1.75

Kashimax Super Pro Seat

SE Racing Seat Post

ACS Seat Post Clamp NOS

Redline 401 Flight Cranks with Techmatic Bottom Bracket

Suntour XC-II Pedals

HKK Smoker Chain

All of the finishes on this bike are used original or NOS as noted. I bought this frame not knowing what fork I was going to use. I had the Bottema ready for another project but it looked too good not to use on this bike.





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1981 SE Quadangle

Quadangle Frame

Cycle Pro Fork

Schwinn Headset

MCS Four Bolt Stem

Powerlite Power Bend Pro Bars

OGK MACH Grips Nos

Team Products Brake Lever

Topline Brake Lever Cover NOS

Dia Compe 980 Brake NOS

Araya 7C Rims NOS

Shimano High Flange Hubs

Cheng Shin C183 Tires Front & Rear NOS Fat Skinny Combo

Kashimax Super Seat

SE Racing Seat Post

Xcaliber Seat Post Clamp NOS

Takagi MX Cranks

Takagi MX Chainwheel

Union Rat Trap Pedals

Izumi Chain

All of the finishes on this bike are used original or NOS as noted. I did not want to use a Landing Gear Fork so I found this nice original Cycle Pro Fork instead.





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1983 Robinson Pro

Robinson Pro Frame

Robinson Pro Fork

Tioga Bear Trap Headset

Redline Brute Stem

WINn V-Bars

Bubble Font AME

Dia Compe Brake Lever

Dia Compe MX 1000 Brake

Araya 7X Rims

Bullseye Hubs

Tioga Comp III Blue/Grey LabelTires Front & Rear Fat Skinny Combo

Kashimax MX Seat

SE Racing Seat Post

Tuf Neck Seat Post Clamp

Suntour VX Cranks

Suntour 44t Chainwheel

KKT Lightning Pedals

Izumi Chain

All of the finishes on this bike are used original. When I got this bike it was set up as an expert racer. I had to rebuild it for a big boy!






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1982 Race Inc Cro-mo

What the hell - I like it and I really dig the colours


Unfortunately I didn't have time to change the tyres from the reproduction ones but I still love this build and I'm not scared to ride it with those tyres ...




Tange grips - were NOS on another bike remounted on this one

DX Lever - NOS

SE Powerwing Bars - NOS

Suntour Stem - Great used condition

Tange Loose Proof Locknut and Tange Headset - NOS

Elina Seat - NOS

Shimano DX Post - Good Used Condition

Generic Gold Seatpost Clamp - New (still searching for a replacement)

Race Inc. Cro-mo Frame - NOS with small amount of shelf wear

Tange TRX forks - NOS

Campagnolo BMX Cranks and Chainring - Restored (Many thanks to Waza007)

Sugino unstamped chainring bolts - NOS

Bullseye Bottom Bracket - NOS (minor shelf wear)

Skyway Tuff Pedals - NOS

Shimano Tourney Brakes with Skyway tuff pad for stiffener - NOS

Shimano Brake cable - NOS

ACS Z-Rims - Restored with light sand blast

Shimano DX High Flange Hubs - NOS

Stainless spokes - New

Tioga Re-Issue Competition 3 Tyres in fat/skinny combo - new reproductions































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1984 JMC Darrell Young

by Global Nomad






martin-bike 1984 JMC DY - 01.jpg


Frame: JMC Darrell Young (finish applied by the previous owner)

Fork: JMC Darrell Young

Handlebar: JMC Darrell Young

Stem: ESP Flying W

Grips: Oakley B-2

Headset: Tioga Beartrap 2

Rims: Araya 7X

Spokes: Asahi

Nipples: Aluminium

Hubs: Campagnolo C Record

Tires: Mitsuboshi Silver Star Competition III

Brakes: Dia Compe MX1000

Brake Pads: Mathauser

Brake Levers: Dia Compe Tech III

Brake Cable: Terry Cable

Cranks: Redline Flight 401 180mm

Bottom Bracket: Redline Flight

Pedals: Suntour XC II

Chainring: Sugino 44T

Spider: Phil Wood

Freewheel: Shimano DX 16T

Chain: Izumi Lite

Seat: Kashimax MX suede

Seat Post: JMC Racing

Seat Post Clamp: JMC Racing integrated

Pads: JMC Racing (reproduction)

Number Plate: Haro 1B

Numbers: Haro Tech


martin-bike 1984 JMC DY - 02.jpg

martin-bike 1984 JMC DY - 03.jpg

martin-bike 1984 JMC DY - 04.jpg

martin-bike 1984 JMC DY - 05.jpg

martin-bike 1984 JMC DY - 06.jpg

martin-bike 1984 JMC DY - 07.jpg

martin-bike 1984 JMC DY - 08.jpg

martin-bike 1984 JMC DY - 09.jpg

martin-bike 1984 JMC DY - 10.jpg

martin-bike 1984 JMC DY - 11.jpg

martin-bike 1984 JMC DY - 12.jpg

martin-bike 1984 JMC DY - 13.jpg

martin-bike 1984 JMC DY - 14.jpg

martin-bike 1984 JMC DY - 15.jpg

martin-bike 1984 JMC DY - 16.jpg

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My original 1985 Hutch Judge bike I dug out of the attic a few years ago and had it sitting around in the garage. I finally restored this one to the way it was in 1986 before I had it stolen at a National. I bought this bike with the insurance money but ended up getting a white Judge. After years of racing and flaking paint I decided to build it up again since my son started riding bikes.


Parts list


Candy Red Hutch Judge F/F Powder done by Chip @ C4

Hutch Pro Bars...Powdered by C4

Hutch 2n1 headlock

Hutch Deep H stem

Hutch hubs

Pro Class Rims

Hutch pads...repo

Dia-Compe MX 1000 Brakes with Tech 3 lever

Skyway fins

Hutch Grips

Hutch Number Plate

Rad Kaps OG

Redline 401 single pinch cranks

Hutch Pedals...repo

Compe III tires...repo

Hatta MX10 headset

Hutch seat clamp

Hutch seat post...NOS

Kashimax seat OG]

Izumi chain

Hutch Power disc










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1986 Hutch Judge


My second Hutch Judge was a backup bike. I always wanted a black and gold bike but Hutch never made one. I finally put all my pieces together and it wasn't until Juan sold me the gold Aerospeeds that I decided to actually do it. I had Chip @ C4 powder some some parts for me and this is the outcome.


Hutch Judge Frame and Forks

Hutch Pro Bars

Hutch deep H stem

Hutch 2n1 headset lock

Hutch Grips

Dia-Compe MX 1000 Brakes

Tech 3 Lever

Skyway Fins

Hutch repo gold pads

Hutch Number plate (signed by TJ and Toby)

Compe III tires...repo

Hutch Pedals OG

Hutch Cages repo

Rad Kaps

Aray 7x gold rims

Hutch Hubs

Hutch Aerospeed Cranks

Hutch Power Disc

Hutch Seat

Hutch Seat Post

Hutch Seat Clamp

Hutch Custom Decals











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1980 Schwinn Sting

This is my absolute favorite BMX of all time! I aquired this from Kooman earlier this year. Seems it was built in a Schwinn shop way back in the day and bought and stored. Original frame set price tag was still on the bike when I received it and of course will always stay with the bike. All the chrome is super clean and original. Everything is original finish frame, forks and all parts! The Kashimax seat, Blue tires, Brake, and grips are not original parts to a complete Sting but this was a built up frame set at the time and aside from those parts is how a complete Sting would be built. The seat was updated by Kooman when he aquired it.


Schwinn neck OG blue


Schwinn seatpost OG chrome


Schwinn Seatclamp OG blue


Schwinn Pro Team cranks OG finish


MKS Foot Jaws Pedals OG blue


Weinmann rims OG finish


Suntour hubs OG blue


Mitsuboshi Comp III yellow label tires


Diacompe MX brakes OG finish


Oakley B-2 Grips


Kashimax seat

sting2 013.JPG

sting2 010.JPG

sting2 008.JPG

sting2 014.JPG

sting2 001.JPG

sting2 003.JPG

sting2 004.JPG

sting2 022.JPG

sting2 023.JPG

sting2 021.JPG

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1980/1981 Thruster Vanishing Point by Speed Unlimited

Frame: Thruster Vanishing Point, all OG


Fork: Thruster, Repro Stickers


Handlebars: Thruster Power Bar, OG finish


Grips: Grab-On 2 (NOS)


Stem: Pro Neck


Headset: Tange MX-3 with Suntour Headset Lock


Cranks: Dura Ace 175 Cranks with Shimano 45T Chainring, SHimano Chainring Bolts and Shimano One-Key Release all OG


BB: Sugino Sealed


Chain: HKK Smoker


Freewheel: Suntour 16T


Pedals: KKT Lightning


Seatpost: Chromoly


Saddle: Kashimax MX


Wheels: Araya 7C rims, SS spokes with Alloy Nipples and Shimano DX Cassette Hubs


Tires: Carlisle Aggressor MX 20 x 2.125 Front and Mitsuboshi Competition 2 20 x 1.75 Rear


Brakes: Shimano Tourney, Shimano DX Lever, Shimano Cable, Scott Mathauser Pads and Shimano Cable Clamps


Seatclamp: Suntour


Other: Pro Neck Stem Pad, Handlebar and Frame Pads; Forty Four 16 Designs 1979 Timmy Judge Replica Number Plate with mix of OG and replica stickers.













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1984 JMC shadow. I got this frame last summer from a member on the museum. The frame has og chrome. New decals on the frame and fork. The bladed forks where nos raw and chromed. JMC standard bars. The bars have og chrome.



Tuf neck stem polished

New JMC pad set

Tange grips

JMC standard bars

JMC new pad set

Tange head set

Tange head set lock

elina seat

JMC og brake gaurd

Nos chrome 175 maxycross

kkt pedals

Izumi chain

Araya 7x rims

sunshine hubs

comp 3 grey label tires 20 x 1.75 ,20 x 2.125

DSC06882 - Copy.JPG

DSC06877 - Copy.JPG

DSC06876 - Copy.JPG

DSC06875 - Copy.JPG

DSC06881 - Copy.JPG

DSC06879 - Copy.JPG

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1982 National Pro Long


I got this complete from a friend of a friend. It was his childhood race bike, and he wanted it to got to someone who would save it. I was very happy to have a chance to work on it. I wanted to keep it in as close to as-received condition as possible.

The original sugino cranks were bent as was the chainring. The KKT Lightnings had cracked cages. The original Pro Class hoops were too bent to ride on. The cover on the Viscount Aero was too torn up to save, so I upholstered the seat in red micro suede. The bike came with early (non-drilled) Hutch Pro Racer forks which I still have. I found some NP forks to complete the ensemble.


The chrome is original, and in fantastic condition. The head decal and the fork decals are reproductions, but all others (including those on the CW Pro bars) are original.

I will note in the parts list those parts that are not original to the bike


Here are a before and after shot:

1982 National Pro before.jpeg

1982National Pro Long.jpg


Parts List


frame..1982 National Pro Long

fork...1982 National Pro (not og to bike)

bars...CW Pro

stem...Redline Super Proline

grips...Oury (not original to bike)

brake lever...Dia Compe Tech 3

cable housing...Dia Compe

cable...shimano (nos, not original to bike)

calipers...Dia Compe MX1000

head set...Tange

head lock...DK two-in-one

rims...chrome Araya 7X (not original to the bike)

spokes...nos asahi 194 (not original to bike)

hubs...sealed sunshine

seat...Viscount Aero (re-upholstered)

seat post...Pro Neck

seat post clamp...Tuf Neck (not original to bike)

crank...sugino 175 (not original to bike)

chain ring...Takagi 44T (not original to bike)

pedals...Tioga Surefoot II (not original to bike)

botton bracket...Tange

chain...nickel Izumi (not original to bike)

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This PK is a near exact replica of the bike I raced in 1985 when I was 13. It belonged to my brother and I advanced from novice to expert class on the original. My bike had been stolen and my brother had a spare bike he bought for $150 with flights! This one is so much nicer as my bro's bike was very scratched up. I picked up this amazing original finish frame set from member G in Peck Park this summer--Thanks! I had been collecting parts for this build for a couple years just waiting for the right frame set. I upgraded to sealed bearing hubs and bigger STR V-bars. Other than that it's nearly identical to the original. I even have a pic of me racing the original one in 1985, but it's on my PC at home or I would post it.


Frame: 1980-84 SE Racing PK Ripper

Forks: SE Racing Landing Gear

Decals: original

Head Set : Tioga Bear Trap (NOS 80’s issued)

Cranks: Redline 401 180mm (drive side arm rechromed)

BB: Redline loose ball

Sprocket: Redline Flight 43T (bubble logo)

Chain: Izumi (new)

Pedals: Suntour XC-II

Seat: Kashimax MX (NOS)

Clamp: Suntour (NOS)

Post: SE Racing/Troxel 4140

Bars: Redline Stu Thomson STR Series V-bars (NOS)

Stem: Tuf Neck square corner (stripped and hand polished)

Grips: Ame Duel 1st gen (look exactly like Tri) (NOS)

Brake: Dia-Compe MX-1000 (NOS)

Lever: Dia-Compe Tech 3 (NOS)

Cable: Dia-Compe dated 1983 (NOS)

Brake Pads: Skyway Tuff Pads Pro Model (NOS)

Rims: Araya 7X (NOS)

Hubs: Suzue sealed (NOS)

Freewheel: Suntour 16T

Tires: Mitsuboshi Comp III 1.75s (yellow/green/blue label)

Pads: California Lite (NOS)






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This GT Pro belongs to my friend John who is the original owner and used to ride with my older brother. He gave it to me to restore for him a couple years ago and I finally finished it up this summer. He said I could bring it to Rockford when I finished it up, but I decided to go to CA instead. It rides like a dream and I've enjoyed it this summer. Unfortunately, I've been having a hard time getting ahold of him. Hopefully he'll be around during the holidays so I can unveil it to him. I tried to convince him to keep the original decals, but he wanted new ones. He even expected I would have to rechrome the bike, but I just had to do the cranks. The original race wheels were long gone so he asked my to build up some Pro Class with Campys.


Frame/Forks: 1985 GT Pro

Decals: NOS originals

Head Set: Tioga Bear Trap II (original to bike)

Cranks: Redline 401 180mm (rechromed)

BB: Hadley

Sprocket: Redline Flight 44T (bubble logo)

Chain: Sedisport

Pedals: Suntour XC-II

Cages: Trogs (NOS)

Seat: Cycle Pro Shotgun II

Clamp: DK copy (I broke his original which was cracked)

Post: GT

Bars: GT Pro

Stem: DK XL square corner

Grips: Ame Round (new)

Brake: Dia-Compe MX-1000

Lever: Dia-Compe Tech 3 (NOS)

Cable: Terrycable (NOS trimmed)

Brake Pads: Skyway Tuf Pads (NOS)

Rims: Mongoose Pro Class

Hubs: Campagnolo Record

Freewheel: Suntour

Tires: Tioga Comp III 1.75 reissues

Flex Fighter: DK D-Lock 1-1/2”

Pads: GT/Flite frame pad (used), GT handlebar pad (NOS)






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1984 Mongoose Eric Rupe Signature Edition Prototype


Parts breakdown :


- Haro Circuit Board

- Haro pad set Blue

- Galindo Pro bars

- PRO-FIT stem

- 1/2" Flex Fighter: California Racing Design Clint Miller

- Profile 180mm crank set

- Suntour 9/16" 1st generation

- Mongoose MX seat

- Mongoose Pro Class post

- Mongoose Pro Class Hard Anodized wheel set

- Cheng Shin fat/skinny

- Oakley b1b's Blue

- Dia-Compe MX 1000

- Dia-Compe seat clamp


WoW...finished the new pictures today...just made it...!!!


OK...this is Prototype #4 of 4 made...it is stamped below the bb RUPE 4. The bike is all original with all of it's original decals.


Let's see...the Galindo bars are original chrome but were candied blue...the clamps were stripped of their anodizing and the Blue cross bar is all original...the Galindo decals are reproductions. The number plate has reproduction Galindo and PRO-FIT decals.


Other than that...everything else on the bike is all OG.


The part list came directly from Mr. Rupe himself...he remembered every last part he was running on it from way back then. So...big thanks to him for helping me out.

Rupe BOTY A.jpg

Rupe BOTY B.jpg

Rupe BOTY C.jpg

Rupe BOTY D.jpg

Rupe BOTY E.jpg

Rupe BOTY F.jpg

Rupe BOTY G.jpg

Rupe BOTY H.jpg

Rupe BOTY I.jpg

Rupe BOTY J.jpg

Rupe BOTY K.jpg

Rupe BOTY L.jpg

Rupe BOTY M.jpg

Rupe BOTY O.jpg

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1986 Hutch Judge


Frame & Fork - 1986 Hutch Judge (Re finished by pervious owner, work done by C4)

Bars - Woody Itson VDC Gen 1 Bars (New Chrome, OG stickers)

Cranks - Hutch Aerospeed (Gift from Juan)

Bottom Bracket - Hutch Aerospeed Used

Pedals - Hutch NOS

Spider- Phil Wood Used

Chainring - 43 tooth Takagi Chrome Used

Tires - Mitsuboshi Silver Star Comp 3, 20 by 1.75 rear, 20 by 2.125 front NOS

Rims - Araya 7B NOS

Hubs - SST Gen 1, blue & green (my original set from the 80's) Used

Seatpost - SST command post (one of my original posts from the 80's, original chrome, repro decal) Used

Seat - Kashimax NOS

Seat Clamp - Hutch Used, but nice

Stem - Hutch Used, but nice

Grips - AME

Head Lock - Hutch Medium 2n1 (looks re chromed)

Headset - Tange 320 NOS

Caliper - Dia Compe MX 1000 - Chrome NOS

Lever - Dia Compe Tech-3 Chrome NOS

Pads- Hutch by JDB


I rode a Hutch judge just like this back in the 80's except it was white. Since my son likes blue, I put this one together. I traded away my JMC and built this up from that trade. I miss my AP, but I'm real happy with this one.






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