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Brian P

race frames = freestylers

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Here's a pre serial Hutch Pro Racer I got from my good friend Calvin. Exactly as it was put together back in 87' I believe? Hutch frame & fork, tiger stamped chrome Tuf Neck, Redline Forklifer bars w/plate, pink bubble font Ame grips, chrome DC brakes, chrome 7x's with Hutch mag/ti hubs & pink comp ST tires, sealed bb with Takagi cranks, Tuf Neck disc w/Pro Neck sprocket, 1/2" xc-2's, Kashimax MX, pink Hutch layback, and a Xcalibur seat clamp.



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I showed this one once before about 6 months ago, but this is my replica of the T/A I had as a kid. Took me a long time to find the exact parts, but worth the wait. It was heavily inspired my Scott Freeman's T/A and the BMX Freestyle book posted earlier in this thread. I picked that book up new at a school book fair way back when.



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I think we have another similar thread too... as I recall it also focuses on freestyle bikes before they were marketed as such.


It really does go to show how utterly shaped by marketing so many people's point of view really is.

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Not sure if BrianP checks in here any more or not but he posted a nice race -> freestyle conversion a week or so ago on facebook. I went and found it. Hope he doesn't mind me posting it here, but you guys probably won't be able to see it anyway! 12019775_10153360910132928_2064675575063

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