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Johnny Johnson


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get ready for the event, old school homies.


Big announcement coming in the next couple days.

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On ‎6‎/‎6‎/‎2011 at 1:31 AM, Johnny Johnson said:

For me, my favorite part of the 2011 BMX Society Reunion and Show

There were so many great BMX racers from the 70's and 80's

I'll list them first, then post pics soon


Eddy King (Wheels N' Things, Torker, Diamond Back)

Mike King (Wheels N' Things, Torker, Dirt Slinger, Huffy, Haro)

Doug Davis (Wheels N' Things, Torker, Red Line, Diamond Back)

Mike Aguliera (Torker, Team Aggie)

Jason Jensen (JMC, Torker, Jag)

Doug Olson (Torker)


Scot Breithaupt (Dan Gurney, FMF, SE)

Tommy Brackens (Pedal Shop, Jag, Powerlite, GT, Brackens)

Craig Bark (Robinson, GT, Torker)

Clint Miller (JMC, DG, Torker, Kuwahara, GHP)

Jeff Kosmala (Mongoose, Red Line)

Jeff Bottema (Webco, DG, Raleigh, Team Murray)

Toby Henderson (DG, Raleigh, Hutch)


Mike Horton (Anaheim Bike Center, GT, Diamond Back, Murray)

John Copeland (Diamond Back, Raleigh)

Mike Miranda (CW, Hutch)

Tracy Thomas (Tartan Bikes, RRS)

Ken Battle (Tartan Bikes)


Tosh Muraviov (TW Racing, CW, Skyway)

Korry Neal (SE, TW Racing, Kuwahara, JMC)

Charlie Brackens (Powerlite)

Harold "Magoo" McGruther (Torker)


Misty Dong (Green Machine, Patterson, Raleigh)

Tracer Finn (CW)

Bryan Dorsey (Temple City Bike Shop, Tartan Bikes, Fre Agent, Jag, Echo Helmets)

Phil Maxwell (Jag)

Bob Smith (Beaver's, Scorpion)

Jim Garrett (Addiks)


Kevin Hull (GT, Brackens)

Danny Milwee Powerlite, Haro)

Darwin Griffin (Mongoose, Blue Max, White Bear)

Steve Blackey (The Bicycle Source)

Robert "Gomez" Cardoza (Saber, Kuwahara)

Javier Colombo (SE)


Robert Cook (Cook Brothers Racing)

Mel Stoutsenberger (Rick's Bike Shop)

Adam Cox (JMC)

Tim Ebbert (BMX Plus)

Tim Testa (co- Free Agent, Main Bikes)

Dale Perez (Sidehack)


Joe Chalakee

Da G Ryd

Wayne Syas

Tim Ickes,

Jeff (Shinglehead) Venekamp

Jeff Jt Tollefson


Michael "Planet X" Gamstetter

3rd Gear

Steve Brothers,


Truly Odd

Rich Rivera


DAN Goins

Mike Rush

Rick Gaytan

Doug Williams


-Freestylers who used to race-

Bob Haro,

Mike Buff

Eddie Fiola

Martin Aparijo

Rich Sigur


Anyone else I missed who used to race back in the 70's and 80's

that was at Bellflower for the BMX Society Reunion and Bike Show?


That was a good show, and how time flies.

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A few other racers from the late 70's early 80's that could be added to the list.

Jason Wharton #1 ABA and #1 " can't remember the other association in the same year. Raced for several manufactures of the era.

Justin Roos #1 ABA and #1 " that other association of that era, Raced for JMC, AME, Redline

Both Riders raced out of Chandler Az.. I'm guessing they would be in their mid to late 40's now. 

They raced when the Meninga's owned the ABA out of Chandler Az.

Sorry if I'm vague, I had a bad head injury so some things just slip by me. 


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he was referring to attendees at the 2011 BMXSociety show.  

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