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BMX Society Collector Spotlight #6: RipVanWinkle

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Ron is one of those members that when you see his name on a post, it's sure to be informative, educational or entertaining. He keeps his hand on the pulse of the community better than anyone I know. Definitely an asset to BMXsociety and the sport of BMX.






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Ron n me be cut from that same crazy SoCal cloth. All of our paralells can be traced back to the soil that bore us. Great interview gents I always look forward to these slice o life portraits. cool.gif



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That was a cool interview, I actually just got to talk to mr Freshour himself and it was awesome to share stories and info of the 80's bmx scene and he told me he was gonna try to find his old sticker kits that is gonna help me out big he also said he had a pair of his bars he built back in the day hoping he finds them too

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