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Back in October of 2007 I started ryanpartridge.blogspot.com as a place to archive early S&M ads, zines, stickers, Dog Bites articles, and other groovy stuff. Folks seemed to like it. At one point the email account that the blog was registered under ceased to exist. The actual email service I was using went broke and closed its doors. I've spent countless hours trying to get the blogspot people to grant me access but they won't. Since I'm unable to log on to my old blog and continue posting I've decided to carry on here at BMX Society. Anything else I come by will be posted n' hosted here. Hope ya'll enjoy!


I'd like to thank Perry Nelson for all his scans and contributions he's given me recently. Perry is a legend!

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Obviously a goof on Auburn, this ad ran back in 1992. "By removing half of the rear end we have stiffened the entire area" and "1234 Huffmonium" is still pretty fucking funny.


Mental Jimmy's Mail Order later ran another ad stating that the BS-20 was a joke due to kids calling up wanting chopped up bolt on frames.




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Some cool stuff man thanks

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