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RL Paulie

1st Annual DC Ride!

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Everyone that can please come out and join us for the 1st annual DC BMX ride and swap meet on Sunday, April 29th, 2012. We will be meeting at Gravelly Point Park, George Washington Memorial Parkway, Arlington, VA. , 22202. The park has no physical address so it's a bit of a pain to find on the GPS. If you have a smart phone just drop a pin on it. I'm also sure some of the guys here can help with better directions. The Park is located right across from Reagan National Airport. A little noisy but really cool if you bring the kids, planes taking off and landing all day. Parking is also FREE there which is a big plus! There are also plenty of tables and large grass area for a picnic, don't remember if there are grills or not but I will find out and post and update.There are at least spot o pots as well on the grounds. The ride is an 8 mile ride it sounds long but its a really easy ride with plenty of areas to stop rest and for photo ops. We pass the Lincoln Memorial, WWII Memorial, White House, Washington Monument and the Capital Building. We will be meeting between 10am and 12pm and riding out at 1pm so bring stuff you want to swap or sell there should be plenty of time for that. Bring your family as well they are free to hang out at the park and picnic if not up for the ride. The ride should go about 4 hours or so depending on the group size. The are plenty of street vendors along the way if you get hungry or want a drink. We also stopped at a nice sports bar with and outdoor area on the pre ride if you'd like to grap a beer or more. Don't care if you ride New, Mid or Old school just bring you bike hang out and ride.


Thanks to Larry "lillaRe" for the logo if all goes well we will have FREE logo stickers to hand out. Here are a few pics from the pre ride and a map of the route.













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I'll see if I can make it down for this. I'd love to ride DC.


Come on down Matt! The pre-ride was a good time. I hadn't ridden a 20" for that kind of distance since 1989. I was actually pretty amazed how easily riding my old RL-20II came back to me. It was as familiar as an old friend.


We still might tweak the path a bit. There is one sketchy area where we had to run across a busy off ramp, but there seems to be a bypass if we ride past that section just a bit.

The guys are looking in to having t-shirts made depending on interest.

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Cut me a little slack. . . I'm still hacking up Afghani crud from my lungs. . .


Are there any hills? Some may remember the Hoboken ride (I got the poo on me). I hate hills!


If hills aren't an issue, I may have an interesting Big Daddy with some history done by then.

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No, it's pretty flat... unless you consider the stairs up to the Lincoln memorial a hill. LOL. Security was cool with us taking our bikes up the stairs to pose for pictures and didn't fret when we rode down them during the pre-ride. Ride what you want. I was planning to ride a 29er on the pre-ride, but threw together an RL-20II the night before.

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