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Rockford 2012

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I went to Rockford this weekend. Although it does not garner the attention it used to, it's still the original bad boy show. Couple that with the midwest bmx national it's alway's a good place to get your bmx fix. Some familiar faces make the trip again this year after a few years off, so that was good. Some nice bikes to be viewed, and great fellowship to be had.

Also, Mr. Melton took his 35th anniversary of JMC show on the road again for the event. It is alway's a pleasure and an honor to spend time with him. He was my table mate at the banquet, and had many a story to tell. Man, what a memory!

Thanks to the Carruth family for keeping the torch lit!

Anyway, a fun time was had by all, and looking foreward to next year.

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I thought the show was just right. It was nice seeing some old faces and meet new ones. Jeff it was a pleasure meeting you. There was some bling but overall the og finish look was in full swing. Heres a pic of some dudes that can spank out some og builds.


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I had a couple of friends go to Rockford this year, but wasn't able to make it myself. My friends all had a good time and had positive things to say about it. One of them won his cruiser class and another buddy picked up a cool signed JMC banner for me. Hopefully, I'll have things in better order to make it out next year.


The quadangle looks awesome. Does anyone else have more picture to add?

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