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30 Years of the HARO Freestyler

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Like many of us we were blow away by Bob Haro's 70's drawings in BMXA, then the Factory Plates, Trick How-To's, BMXA Trick Team, then a frame and fork was finally designed to take the thrashing of "Freestyle Trick Riding."


Being a racer in the 70's and growing up on BMXA I always "goofed" around doing things on my bike that I realized were Tricks and thank goodness Bob Osborn saw the potential in these moves and published some here and there.


Copied these immediately and fascinated more and more by what the next issue would publish. The BMXA team was iconic and blew everyone away with Bob and R.L. Osborn doin' crazy stunts on ramps and flat ground.


Being in Minnesota it's a tad difficult being able to meet/travel afar when you don't have a lot of money but convinced my Mom that I need to race at the Rondo Classic in Saint Paul MN in '81. 70% was for racing but 30% was to see the new Haro Freestyle Team. As soon as I saw Haro and Morales ride in person I knew what I was doing all along on my bike is just that!


1983 Bob Haro Bob Morales San Diego.jpg


Being "The Torker Kid" and hearing about a new Freestyle F/F being made by Torker, I called Torker directly as I was working at a bike shop that got them into Torkers. Believe I spoke with Steve Johnson then and asked as soon as they are ready to ship send us two! I remember the day they arrived and totally blown away by how strong yet stylish the F/F looked. Green and blue...sweet!


Built that guy up and started my first Trick Team, oh...I was the only member but did shows. The bike rode awesome and felt like I could do anything on this bike and it wouldn't break.


1982 Haro bike.jpg


1983 Bob and Ron Wilton were on tour and they stopped by to do an awesome show! Being able to ride my Freestyler with those guys was a dream come true!


1982 Haro JT Wilton JTFreestyle_.jpg




My Freestyler evloved over the years with the latest Freestyle parts until 1985 when I retired the Freestyler for the Master.


1984 JT haro bike JTFreestyle.jpg

1984 Freestyler with home made Pott's mod


Just wanted to share how much Bob has done for BMX racing and revolutionized Freestyle with the HARO Freestyler. 25 years later I decided to build exact replicas of Bob's bikes with my original Freestylers.


Over the years it's been too gnarly to run into Bob here and there but with Joe Kid on a Stingray he really saw how big the Vintage movement was! So glad that he has embraced it and has participated in many of our events over the years.


I could go on and on about being a HARO fanatic but won't. Possibly there are some others who can share their '82/83 HARO Freestyler stories or experiences at that magical time that literally revolutionized BMX and got many of us racers into Freestyle. Forget about trophies, I'm makin' $$$ riding my bike!


Here are some pictures to enjoy of the HARO Freestyler years!


Bob Haro backlight.jpg

The start of the Freestyle revolution!


1983 Bob Haro Freestyle book JTFreestyle.jpg

Such a RAD book!


1983 Haro Autograph Freestyle Moves JTFreestyle_.jpg


1983 Bob Haro bar hop_.jpg


2007 1982 Haro Freestyler Jeff Tollefson2_.jpg

Exact replica of the Freestyle Moves bike


1983 BMXPlus Bob Haro_.jpg


1983 BMX PLUS BOB HARO Cover bike JTFreestyle2.jpg

Exact replica of the BMX Plus cover bike


1983 Haro Freestyler drivetrain JTFreestyle_.jpg


2007 1982 Haro Freestyler rear Jeff Tollefson2_.jpg

Craftsmanship, thanks Steve Johnson!


2007 1983 Haro Freestyler Plus pose JTFreestyle.gif


1983 Bob Haro Poster JTFreestyle_.jpg

BMX Plus subscription Bob Haro poster


1983 BH Poster Freestyler JTFreestyleX_.jpg

Exact replica of the Haro poster bike


1983 BH Poster BB Freestyler JTFreestylex_.jpg

Hadley bottom bracket with Redline flights


1983 BH Poster Front Freestyler JTFreestylex_.jpg

NOS Schwinn tires on the Skyway Graphite Tuff's


1983 BH Poster BlueGrips Freestyler JTFreestyle_.jpg

Exact replica of the bike he rode at our '83 show


2007 1983 Haro Freestyler Haro signature Jeff Tollefson2__.jpg

Bob's signature from 1983


2007 Carolyn JT Dee Bob JTFreestyle.jpg

My wife Carolyn, JT, Dee, and Bob


2011 TBS Haro and JT JTFreestyle.jpg

Yes these are all my original items and who can guess who is on my shirt?

1983 Haro Freestyler FCampy JTFreestyle_.jpg

1984 Bob Haro Letter JTFreestyle.jpg

2004 Sam Haro JTFreestyle_.jpg

1982 Bob Haro kickturn.jpg

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Great write up. Like JT and many others, racing just filled in the time between doing tricks. Still remember my first rollback 540 just outside the canteen at our local track. Tight, poles everywhere and still managed to do it better than any others since. And I have tried a lot over the years!


I'm lucky enough to have everything in the photo below except for the number plates. No decent photos, this is one of Juan's. Took me about three months to see it in person after I bought it and it now spends more time in a box in storage, which is a shame. It will never be built up as long as I have it and no intention of selling in the foreseeable future.



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I am currently working on a book about the german »Bonanza-Bikes« from the 70ties. There will be chapter about the heiress of Bonanza-Bike which are MTB´s and of course BMX. I am looking for an image of Bob Haro and found an image on your website. Do you own the copyrights of this image? And how much would it be if I want to use it? By the way I am referring to the image of Bob and the text the start of the freestyle revolution. It would be kind if you could get back to me. Heres my address in any case: graphics@alexziegler.de Thant a lot. Cheers Alex 

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