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RETRO / Modern Replica / Custom Build BMX Projects

RETRO / Modern Replica / Custom Build BMX Projects  

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~~ RETRO / Modern Replica / Custom Build BMX PROJECTS ~~


For the purposes of the BOTY, we'll define the era of eligibility for this class as 2000 to present, though concessions may be made for earlier bikes with fitting attributes, that make them more at home here. The guidelines for submission are to be found here: Rules & Guidelines 2010. The winner of the retro and new school category does not vie for the over all title which is open to the Old School classes only. It's a self contained honor for this class only.


Bikes that would belong in this class are modern fabricated bikes that are modeled on old school bikes and have incorporated an old school aesthetic or were custom fabricated according to the entrant's imagination / customized vision. Bikes in this class are not bikes that actually existed historically. Examples of this would be bikes like the SE retro line, the Supercross made skunk works projects, certain Kappa or VRP (or other Sal made projects) or some of the bikes made by Knight, or the new retro GHP's or the Skyway TA retros, the CW/Revcore retros, the Hutch retros (did those ever come out?), Mongoose KOS cruisers, the recent Haro release, etc. etc. etc. etc. etc. etc.. Essentially any enterprise that jumped on the bandwagon of releasing a bike based on old original era productions. Other examples of bikes belonging in this class would include heavily altered examples of actual old school frame sets that have been customized with frame or fork modifications into a pit bike, a cruiser or anything other than it's original wheel base size. If you have a bike like this, it must be entered into this Retro/Custom class. Please do not enter a custom fabricated frame in the era designated classes.


Please follow the guidelines to the letter. Entries that break the rules will be deleted and you will have to re-submit. Also, take special note of the schedule for submission, cut off and voting.

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2012 Skyway TA XL 24"


Well after 10 months of waiting for this one to arrive I had a lot of time to think about how I wanted to build this one. I decided I wanted to go one inch threaded and I had a Tuf Neck 2000 just laying around that I thought would look great on this and I also wanted to get rid of the ugly canti mounts and brake cable guides and run a regular caliper brake. O yea and change the color frame the white or chrome cookie cutter builds you see. So that was the plan and I think it turned out just freakin awesome. Not only do I have a one off Skyway but I ended up with a great riding and better looking bike than I could have imagined :)


Parts List


Frame - 2012 Skyway TA XL 24" - Shaved Canti mounts & brake guides on top tube - Powder coated Flat Black

Fork - 2012 Skyway TA XL 24" w/ 1983 GT Pro Steer Tube - GT steer tube conversion to 1" threaded fork - Powder coated Flat Black

Handle bars - 2012 Skyway Pro bars - Powder coated Flat Black

Stickers - re used the stock stickers but due to the fact I chose FLAT black powder I had to trace around all the lettering and such with a Exacto knife to remove ALL of the clear from the stickers

Seat post - Unknown - Powder coated Flat Black

Seat - Skyway - New

Grips - Skyway - New

Stem - Tuf Neck 2000 - Polished & anodized black w/ chromed hardware & shaft

Seat post clamp - Tuf Neck stamped - Polished & anodized black w/ chromed hardware

Brake Caliper - Dia Compe MX 1000 dated 85 - Polished & anodized black with new & nos hardware

Brake lever - Dia Compe Tech 3 dated 85 - Polished & anodized black - New rebuild hardware kit

Brake cable - Unknown - New

Head set - VP lower half 1 1/8" - VP upper half 1" mini w/ 1 1/8" - 1" adapter w/ YST top nut

Hubs - TNT - Black 36H Hi Flange sealed bearing - New

Spokes - Union - Flat Black - NOS

Hoops - Ukui - Black anodized 36H - NOS

Tires - IRC Siren SX - New

Bottom bracket - Bullseye - Black Euro w/ sealed bearing - Used

Cranks - Redline Flight - Powder coated flat black w/ Skyway sticker & chromed hardware - New

Power Disc - Porkchop - Black anodize - New

Chain Ring - Porkchop - Black anodize - New

Chain Ring Bolts - Porkchop - Chrome - New

Pedals - 2012 1st Gen Bullsey/Skyway - Black on Black w/ chromed axle & end bolt - New

Chain - KMC - Black & Chrome - New

DSC09947 (1000x566).jpg

DSC09929 (1000x520).jpg

DSC00004 (636x1000).jpg

DSC09929 (2) (1000x590).jpg

DSC09935 (2) (1000x807).jpg

IMG_3010 (1000x811).jpg

IMG_3020 (1000x787).jpg

IMG_2985 (1000x667).jpg

IMG_2993 (1000x667).jpg

IMG_3186 - Copy (2) (1000x772).jpg

IMG_2992 (1000x773).jpg

IMG_2988 (1000x772).jpg

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I remember waking up Christmas morning in 1977 and seeing a beautiful Huffy Thunder Road in the living room. At first I thought it was for my older brother or my uncle (he was visiting). I hadn't asked for a bike. 1977 was the year I asked for nothing but Micronauts. So I was quite surprised when my dad told me it was mine. Getting that bike was, in a word, rad.


That Huffy was taken apart, spray bombed, crashed and busted, rebuilt, on and on. I can't remember what happened to it or what came next for me. But I always kept the THUNDER ROAD plate. And the Huffy Thunder Road has always been a pleasant memory.


So as I delved back into BMX and the nostalgia, the Huffy Thunder Road has always been something that perks me up. It brings me joy every time I see one and I have often joked about "rebuilding" mine using the OG plate as my starting point.


And so I have, voila!










Parts List


Frame - 1991 Huffy Good Vibrations 26" Made In The USA - Spray bombed flat black! Masked the head tube sticker.

Fork - 1991 Huffy Good Vibrations - Spray bombed flat black! removed/reattached the chrome trim

Handle bars - vintage Huffy box bars (year unknown) - Spray bomb touch up.

Stem - vintage Huffy single stem (year unknown)

Grips - NOS Hunt Wilde

Pads - NOS vintage Handle Bar and Neck

Seat - vintage Huffy (year unknown)

Sissy bar - vintage 1986 Huffy Sweet Thunder

Wheels - Wald (stock for this bike)

Tires - Kenda

Cranks, Pedals, chain, seat post and seat post clamp all stock Huffy. Spray bombed the clamp.

Chainwheel - 44T Chop Saw (new)

Thunder Road Plate - My OG plate!

Edited by POO

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MX Dragster retro.

At school a mate of mine had an MX Dragster in metallic blue. It had MX bars and chrome rims. I loved that bike.

So here's a tribute to my mates bike.

Frame: Chinese copy with US BB. (our dragsters all had euro bb) Rattle can paint by me

Fork: Ashtabula unstamped Also rattle canned by me.

Wheels: Arayas with Shimano MX Coaster and front. Both high flange. NOS fatty spokes.

Tires: Cheng Shin and unknown rear.

Cranks: generic

Pedals: Unknown rubber blocked pedals.

Sprocket: 3 Arrows off my first bmx bike in 1979.

Seat: Viscount padded.

Bars: Unknown MX

Grips: OGK Waffle grips.

Stem: Win Double clamp.










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Firemans 2012 26" Texas Cruzer

The Red Zeppelin


Frame-Firemans Texas Cruzer-black powder from factory

Fork-Firemans-red powder from factory

Handle bars-Sinz 7.5" - powdercoated red

Stickers - Standard FM

Seat post - XLC

Seat - Redline

Grips - Ame Tri

Stem - Redline

Seat post clamp - Redline

Brake Caliper- Avid

Brake lever - Avid

Brake cable and housing - Shimano

Head set - FSA Pig

Hubs - Bulletproof

Spokes - DT

Hoops - Sun Rhyno Lite

Tires - Tioga City Slicker 1.95

Bottom bracket - Profile

Cranks - Profile - powdercoated red

Chainwheel - Profile

Pedals - Redline DX style

Chain - Shimano







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In my quest for 3-bar bikes, this L&S 24" cruiser offered me the looks of a Panda Raider, the handling and light weight of a Boss racer, and the charm of my covetted Champions. So I picked up this L&S 24" cruiser and it has become one of my favorite riders. With an almost 22" top tube, it has great leg room.

I got it raw, and was going to powder it, then I thought clear/poder coat. But, when they bake it, you loose the natural coloring that happens when you weld. After staring at this frame, and the 3 colors I was seeing in the welds was blue, silver and black. So, I thought why not do a rattle can clear coat, so there is no baking, or browning of the metal. So, after the cheapy clear coat, I matched my color scheme of the bike to those colors, and here it is...


2010 L&S 24” Boss/Panda tribute


Frame: 2010 L&S 24” naked finish rattlecan clear coat, with repro stickers

Forks: 2010 L&S 24” ” naked finish rattlecan clear coat

Bars: Boss Curb Dog Chrome og

Stem: Original finish L&S inverted og finish

Grips: Oakley B1B

Headset: Assorted parts from scrap pile

Cranks: Boss Chromo 180mm

Bottom Bracket: Profile 48 spline sealed bearings

Chainring: MCS 40 tooth CNC

Spider: Profile retro

Chain ring bolts ”Sugino”

Pedals: Crupi squares, sealed bearings, polished body

Freewheel: Shimano 18T og

Chain: KMC “chrome”

Seat: WTB Rocket V

Seat Post: Black opps Chromo

Seat post clamp: Hutch polished doughnut

Brakes: Dia Compe MX1000

Brake pads: Mathauser black finned pads

Brake lever Dia Compe

Brake cable: Blue Odessey

Wheels: Sun Rhino 24” x 1.75”

Hubs: TNT sealed bearing

Spokes: Stainless spokes with copper nipples


TIRES: Primo Dirt Monsters 24” x 1.95”






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2011 GHP Pro Retro 24"




Frame, fork, bars, pad set, spokes, nipples, tires, chain, spider, chain ring bolts, brake cable, Dia Compe cable clamp & Dia Compe lever




Ame grips, Viscount Aero Team Cycle seat, White Hatta headset


Show polished


Suntour Broken Arrow SPC, Suntour Broken Arrow Stem, Suntour XC pedal bodies w/ new sticker, Suzue hubs, Araya hoops, Dia Compe 890 rear brake, SR 43 tooth chainring & Redline bottom bracket cups.




GT circle stamp seat post




Redline single pinch half wrap cranks


Powder coated white


Suntour XCII pedal cages

IMG_1676 (1000x715).jpg

IMG_1680 (1000x928).jpg

IMG_1690 (688x1000).jpg

IMG_1691 (1000x898).jpg

IMG_1721 (1000x716).jpg

IMG_1725 (1000x754).jpg

IMG_1729 (1000x534).jpg

IMG_1731 (742x1000).jpg

IMG_1734 (1000x667).jpg

IMG_1751 (820x1000).jpg

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2012 Skyway TA XL 24 Retro


I got this Skyway earlier this year. Surprisingly, of all the bikes I ride this one probably gets the most smiles and thumbs up when people see me riding it. It must be the mag wheels, as that's the only thing I can think of that sets this bike apart from any other cruiser I ride. Anyway, it's a retro 2012 and I tried to give it as much of an old school look as I could without breaking the bank.


All parts on this bike were new original finish minus used Redline pedals

Frame: Skyway

Fork: Skyway

Bars: Skyway

Wheels: Skyway Mags 2011

Cranks: Redline 180 double pinch bolt

Chainwheel: Profile

Pedal: Redline

Stem: Retro Ruff Neck

Seat: Fit Bike Co.

Seat Clamp: Profile

Seat Post: Unknown (I pulled it off another bike I was building)

Headset: ACS

Brakes: Tektro

Tires: Tioga

Chain: KMC

Grips: Ame

Chain tensioner: Redline

skyway 24 001.JPG

skyway 24 003.JPG

skyway 24 004.JPG

Edited by getset

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2012 True Torch 26" WEBCO Retro


I build this one shortly after the first of the year. I do all my own work including building my own wheels. It rides like a dream and I get tons of comments where ever I ride it. The fans really dig this one!!


Frame-True Torch WEBCO Replica

Fork-True Torch Bullets

Handle bars-True Torch Stainless

Stickers - WEBCO Replica

Seat post - True Torch Stainless

Seat - Suede Selle Italia Turbo

Grips - Ame Tri

Stem - True Torch Double Clamp Stainless

Seat post clamp - True Torch Stainless

Brake Caliper- Dia Compe MX-1000

Brake lever - Dia Dompe Tech Lever

Brake cable, housing, clamp - Dia Compe

Head set - Tioga MX

Hubs - Profile Cassette with Titanium hardware

Rear Cog - Profile Elite -18T

Spokes - DT

Nipples - DT Alloy

Hoops - Sun Rhyno Lite

Tires - Kenda K-Rads with kevlar bead 1.95

Valve Caps - Tuf Neck

Bottom bracket - Profile

Cranks - Profile 180's

Spider - Profile 5 bolt

Chainwheel - Profile - 37T

Pedals - Shimano DX

Chain - Sachs/Sedis



photo (5).JPG


photo (1).JPG

photo (2).JPG

photo (4).JPG

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2012 GT Performer 26"


Powder coated gold


2012 GT Performer Frame, Forks, seat post, crank arms & 1986 Preformer bars


Polished then anodized gold


SR 43 tooth chain ring, rear Tektro 930AL V-Brake, Tech 5 levers & Dia Compe MX 900 dated 1985


Polished then anodized black


1985 GT winged power disc


Stock gold anodized


GT seat post clamp, GT stem, GT Mohawk hubs with X-Rim Y303 hoops


Powder coated black


VP 500 9/16" pedals & 1992 GT 3/8" pegs drilled out to 14mm


Near NOS


1985 GT BMX seat




Avocet skinwall Fasgrip city 1.9 26x1.9 tires, Odyessy Gyro 2 setup, GT O-Wing style grips, Dia Compe tech 5 levers dated 85 & GT chain ring bolts




KMC Gold chain & front brake cable "was stock rear cable" & water slide decals made by me

DSC09835 (1000x994).jpg

DSC09872 (1000x996).jpg

DSC09983 (1000x828).jpg

IMG_1028 (1000x714).jpg

IMG_1033 (1000x715).jpg

IMG_1034 (1000x489).jpg

IMG_1043 (1000x710).jpg

IMG_1202 (1000x715).jpg

IMG_0560 (1000x715).jpg

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skyway 24 ta 009 800x600.JPGskyway 24 ta 006 800x600.JPG


F&F 2012 skyway TA

Bars Skyway cruiser

Stem Ruf neck

Headset Neco

Grips Oakley 2010 reissue

Brakes Dia compe mx2 canti

Seat bmx generic

Post DK

Clamp Poverty

Cranks Profile retro

Spider Profile

Sprocket Porkchop

BTM BRTK Redline euro

Pedals Shimano dx,cannodized

chain KMC S10

Wheels Skyway Graphite

tires Compe 3 type chang shin


Freewheel ACS crossfire pro

skyway 24 ta 003 800x600.JPG

skyway 24 ta 001 800x600.JPG

Edited by franticbmx

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2010 Twin Tube Racing

Silver Shotgun


Manufactured By Darrel Kendall one of the original welders of the famous Australian BMX manufacturers; Competition Developments who made Quicksilver BMX's and also the Eastwood specials.

These frames where made in a very limited number(around 10 I believe) and I was lucky enough to get one in a raw state, it has been hand painted by me and then built up with old and new parts.


Parts list:


Frame: Twin Tube Racing (TTR)

Forks: Tange ARX

Handlebars: Twin Tube Racing

Stem: Tuf Neck

Headset: Tange Connect 3

Headset lock: Tange

Seatpost: Twin Tube Racing

Seatpost clamp: Tange

Seat: Kshimax MX

Grips: Oury

Cranks: Redline flight 2 piece

Pedals: Suntour BMX

Spider: Pro Class

Chainring: Sugino

Brake lever: Shimano DX

Brake caliper: Dia Compe MX1000

Brake Cable: Dia Compe

Cable clamps: Shimano Dura-Ace

Rims: Ukai Speedline

Hubs: Suzue High Flange

Tyres: Tioga Comp III Re-Issue's









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