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FREESTYLE BMX BIKES (1989 and earlier)

Freestyle BMX Bikes (1989 and earlier)  

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~~ FREESTYLE BMX BIKES (1988 and earlier) ~~

Please make all submissions in accord with the BOTY RULES .

Kindly follow the guidelines to the letter. Entries that break the rules will be deleted and you will have to re-submit. Also, take special note of the schedule for submission, cut off and voting.

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1985 Hutch Trickstar


All parts are original finish and old school, no repro parts here. All decals are original too, with the exception of the Redline decals on the cranks and bottom bracket. I originally bought this bike in 2005 and sold it less than a year later to a good friend. He had it hanging in his garage for all those years, with me constantly asking him to sell it back. Finally this summer he gave in and I got it back. I have since totally rebuilt the bike with parts that reflect my tastes in 2012.


f/f: 1985 USA Hutch Trickstar

bars: Hutch freestyle ladder bars

stem: Hutch western H freestyle

headset: Tioga Beartrap

grips: Ame Uni-Tron

brake levers: Dia Compe Tech 6 locking

brake cables: Dia Compe

brake calipers: Dia Compe Nippon

wheels: Peregrine Super Pro HP-48s

tires: GT freestyle

chain: Izumi

chainwheel: Pro Neck 44

spider: Tuf Neck

chainring bolts: GT

cranks: Redline 401 177mm

pedals: Shimano DX

seat: Kashimax Aero

seat post: GT layback

seat clamp: Hutch half radius Japanese





Hutch 2.jpg


Hutch 6.jpg


Hutch 3.jpg


Hutch Dia Compe.jpg


Hutch Kashimax.jpg


Hutch 11.jpg


Hutch Redline.jpg


Hutch 7.jpg


Hutch 9.jpg


Hutch 10.jpg


Hutch 5.jpg

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'87 Mongoose Decade


*not a survivor because the seat and pedals were badly cracked*


Except for the rear tire, everything was factory-original!




Testing out an old rust-removal product:






Aluminum foil and water! :rockout:


She's a rider so the original reflectors, chain-guard, axle bolts, cracked seat and pedals are safely boxed away for now.






Original Parts:

frame, fork, bars, seatpost, seatclamp and decals

wheels: Pro Class 48 spoke "Series V - Classic Chrome"

stem: SAKAE SR "Spin TECH"

cranks: 175mm stamped "SUGINO Cro-Mo"

brake levers: DIA-COMPE 128

front brake: DIA-COMPE 880

rear brake: DIA-COMPE 750

brake cables: stamped "DIA-COMPE 870207D"

chainwheel: Quick change steel spider with 42t chainring

original chain: KMC - stamped "K M"

hubs: JY stamped "C 87" - loose ball sealed mechanism (which just means there's a rubber cover over them to keep out water and dirt)

bike shop decal: "VILLAGE CYCLE Sales - Service 1311 Mangrove Chico, CA 3090 Bechelli Ln. Redding, CA"



OS Vintage Replacement Parts:

grips: FUAN mushroom (white) (the torn up originals were also FUAN mushrooms)

pedals: MKS "GRAFIGHT-2000" (original pedals were Victor VP-777 bear trap style)

fork pegs: SPINNER (white)

axle pegs: aluminum/alloy 1980s


New Reproduction Replacement Parts:

seat: Viscount DOMINATOR (2010 repop)

tires: DURO SKINWALL Comp ST tread BMX FREESTYLE (white) (original tires were white Cheng Shin).



WARNING: this product attracts evil looking lightning wherever it goes.

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1985 Profile Prostyler


I got this one done and rode it all summer. Mostly me and my little Vivi riding to the beach at the lake in town, parks or video store. It's a fun one, and huge!


  • F/F: Profile Prostyler
  • Bars: Vector Freestyle
  • Cranks: Profile (New Profile bolts & repro stickers)
  • Spider: Profile
  • Chainring: Tuf-Neck black 43t
  • Stem: Hutch chrome freestyle
  • Grips: A'me Tri bubble font
  • Seat Clamp: Hutch
  • Seat: Viscount Dominator
  • Seat Post: braced layback, unknown brand, newer I think.
  • Rims: ACS Z-Rims
  • Hubs: ACS Z-Hub rear, ACS hi-flange front
  • Tires: Schwinn Predator
  • Chain: Izumi
  • Brakes: Dia-Compe MX1000 rear, MX 900 front
  • Brake Levers: ACS hugeness
  • Pegs: welded on plus Skyway axle pegs in front
  • Headset: misc w/Tange Headset lock
  • Pedals: Shimano DX (Switched out the original 1/2 spindle for a 9/16 from a set of PD-MX15's)


Profile Prostyler green mine 01.jpg


Profile Prostyler green mine 03.jpg


Profile Prostyler green mine 04.jpg


Profile Prostyler green mine 05.jpg


Profile Prostyler green mine 06.jpg


Profile Prostyler green mine 07.jpg


Profile Prostyler green mine 08.jpg


Profile Prostyler green mine 09.jpg


Profile Prostyler green mine 10.jpg


Profile Prostyler green mine 11.jpg


Profile Prostyler green mine 13.jpg


Profile Prostyler green mine 16.jpg


Profile Prostyler green mine 19.jpg


Profile Prostyler green mine 20.jpg


Profile Prostyler green mine 24.jpg


video store bike rack.jpg

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1988 Dyno Compe Custom made Tandem Frestyle bike!



this project got started. when a friend called me. tolled me to dig threw his bike parts pile. take what ever I want. or it's going to curb trash day. lucky me :whistling: some one was yaping about the pile of bikes. he wanted to shut them up!


any ways I took home 2 picked a part left to rust recked Dyno Freestyle frames + some parts. to my parts pile.


flash a head a year from then. I am diging for a part in my pile. see the 2 DYNO's. allways wanted a Tandem. I like Freestyl so why not. got my dad to give me crash corse in welding. we built this a longer style vershion of My survivor Dyno Compe


here is the parts list


Frames 2 used rewelded repainted buy me DYNO COMPE'S

forks used DYNO Pro Compe. I brazed filled the dents. some one sanded off factory paint with die grinder. :oof: I sanded the grind marks all out by hand. then repainted the forks Dyno Blue.

head set is a Used GT epoch with Blue/silver Suntor head lock

Odyssey GYRO used with NOS Odyssey cabels

front stem used GT meat malet, back stem new Advent

handel bars front and back used Railgh altra sock bars. basical cheaper price GT preformer look a like bars. repowder coated

frunt brake NOS Odyssey

frunt brake cable Odyssey slick cable

rear brake used is Mavic senter pull

brake levers are Dia-comp locking. I took them completly a part. repainted the body's left the arms polished alloy

brake shoes white repo modle

grips new Mush Room style copys

Seat's 2 used Dynamax GT nock off's

seat post 2 NOS shelf wear Dyno Drain pipe

set clamp's used GT dubble bolt

cranks 2 used 165 MM SR Cosmo lights

pedals used SR I think?

bottom brackets 2 used Surgino

chinrings 2 NOS 45 Pro Necks 1 GT NOS 43

spider's used repainted by me Tioga's

chain ring bolt's used repainted Suginos

Chain's 1 used KMC 2 new KMC put together

wheels used GT OKG mags

tires Vancom REPO GT style. whent with van come because its a rider. so no dry rought brand new but looks os + save's the os for surviver bikes.

vale caps new blue Dice

pegs used GT 26 TPI front and back + used GT fold up pegs



ok enuff of my crappy spelling time for PICTURES



dyno 1.JPG











the raw frams going to geather



the bike that inspierd the build.



Rad 1.jpg




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1987 Dyno Pro Compe Team Model


I allways wanted a pro compe and when I picked this up about a year ago I was very happy and couldn't wait to build it but I wanted to go all out and make it a Team Model so it took me awhile to find the right parts at the right price but I gathered them all up and here it is. This baby rides super nice and smooth. Can't wait to get her out and show her off :)


Parts breakdown.....


Powder coated day glo orange

87 Pro Compe frame, pro compe fork, pretzel bars & drain pipe


Powder coated bright white

GT mallet stem, gyro set up, GT spc, GT chainring, Shimano PDX-15 pedels, GT pegs, Dia comp AD990 & MX900


Show polished

GT Power Series Cranks, Ukai speedline hoops, GT Superlace hubs, GT power disc



Dyno seat



Gyro Cables, GT tires, Hatta headset, Dia comp Tech 6 locking levers, GT Super Soft grips, GT chainring bolts & Jive valve caps



Spokes, nipples, KMC chain & front brake cable

IMG_0803 (913x1000).jpg

DSC09718 (1000x951).jpg

DSC09723 (792x1000).jpg

IMG_1349 (1000x951).jpg

IMG_1436 (1000x715).jpg

IMG_1443 (1000x715).jpg


IMG_1447 - Copy (1000x577).jpg

IMG_1623 (1000x715).jpg

IMG_1644 (1000x956).jpg

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1985 Redline RL-20II Pro Styler


We have here what I believe to be the finest, most elegant freestyle bike ever made. From the day I saw it I had to have it, and fate made it so.

The Rolls-Royce of Freestyle bikes

My Redline History

This Redline is my second, my first being a 1983 or 84 600b that my dad bought for me after my AMF Roadmaster Hawk left both me and my brother with permanent damages, hospital bills and much pain and suffering. My intentions were to start racing. I had my ABA registration, my decals, number plate and race bike. This was about the time that Freestyle was really popping. Race tracks were far from where I lived in Rego Park, Queens NY, my parents were not very keen on driving me to NJ to race, and were fearful for my safety since I was notorious for getting into bad bike accidents.

When I saw RL Osborn with the beautiful white RL-20 prototype my mouth dropped…..I had to have it. But it was not going to happen, my 600b was like new and my dad was not about to drop a few hundred on yet another bike. So I began to slightly modify my 600b to be more in tune with the street riding I was doing. I swapped in a Forklifter stem, aqua colored brake cable, aqua Z-rims with white spokes and aqua sealed Suzue hubs (store owner told me they were the only set in existence at the time, he got them at the bike retailer’s show), Tioga sealed BB, Tange sealed headset, Suntour XCII pedals, MX 901 brakes…I was slowly but surely changing over to street.

But I was not done with the idea of dirt and racing quite yet so my knobbies were staying on. When Tioga came out with white Comp III I had to have them so I went to the best BMX bike shop in the area, where I had bought my bike, took it inside and left it by the store entrance to be safe….bike theft was rampant in those days. Went to the counter at the far opposite end, bullsh!itted for a while; they all knew me since I was always in there drooling over new stuff. Made my purchase and started to make my way back to the exit….wait where is my Redline…..I run back and ask if they were pranking me they said no….I yelled someone stole my bike!!!! I ran outside and see some dude power-cranking across the Blvd. I never saw my beautiful Redline 600b again.

That bike was my world, I felt like someone close to me had died. I was depressed for a while; my dad didn’t really seem to care since he felt I spent way too much time on a bike anyway. My brother then received a Kuwahara Exhibitionist. Since he was three years my junior and now did not have his big brother to ride with his bike was sitting idle….. I seized the opportunity and started to use it. Freedom and fun again….but it was no Redline. As cool as the Kuwa looked it rode small and the geometry felt very weird to me.

Not too late thereafter the RL-20II was revealed….this to me was and is the ultimate Redline. Seeing RL Osborn in front of the Arc de Triomphe with that amazing machine made break out in a sweat. I went to the bike store and couldn’t believe my eyes there they were in Radberry, White, Hazzard Yellow and the object of my desires Turquoise. But it was $250 just for the frame!!!! That was more than my 600b complete! It was the most expensive BMX bike you could buy at the time…..acquiring it seemed as likely as winning Lotto while getting struck my lightening.

Well to cut this long story short I begged and pleaded for many weeks, and he cut me some deal having to do with school. He tried to renege but my mom held him to it and he finally broke down and bought me the bike….that is this bike that you see here today which I still cherish, and value, and care for. It has had many part changes throughout the years but it’s still an RL-20II, the ultimate BMX bike.


Why these parts were chosen.

Handelbars. I liked painted bikes, but I did not like how user unfriendly they were, and with freestyle tricks a new bike could look like a piece of crap in no time at all. So when Redline innovated the chrome and paint finish, I thought, pure genius. But they equipped the combo set with painted bars. That made no sense to me since the handlebars were some of the most scratch prone tubes on the bike. So when I got my bike I told them to swap out the painted Forklifter bars for chrome ones. The problem was they had no freestyle versions in stock so they swapped in the race version.

Forklifter plate. I have the Freestyle plate but with the race bars. The reason for that is I discovered that when trying to do the surfer trick, the flush (correct) plate gets in the way. The freestyle plate, since it sits lower does not. (This one is a repro, but I have the original)

Stem/Neck. I love the look of the original Forklifter stem, its small, elegant and flows so well with the rest of the bike’s looks. Unfortunately those stems were all defective from the factory. The chromoly tube eventually works it way loose from the aluminum head, rendering the stem useless. I went through 4 Forklifter stems, the last of which I still own and aesthetically is in near mint condition but it too suffers from the problem I mentioned. So I had a first generation gold MCS stem lying around, I painted it and it is what you see on the bike now, this was around 1987.

Rear brake. I never cared for the FS880 brakes, they looked cheap. At the time I got this bike the top dog brakes were the MX 901, so I had the bike store swap that in the rear.

Rotor. I realize a gyro works better, but nothing fits the RL-20II better than a Pro-Rotor.

Pegs. Front are aluminum for weight savings and to allow for easy modification. The right one has been shortened to allow for Miami-hoppers. Rear pegs are steel for wheel retention. I experimented with matching pegs in the rear but the aluminum just could not be tightened enough to keep the wheel from slipping, and would eventually strip

Grips. Always ran A’ME Unitrons, but they are no longer in production and when they do pop up people want as much for them as a set of Flight cranks…..that to me makes no sense. Coupled with the fact that the aqua color was never a great match for the Redline turquoise made them no good for me this time around. The teal Aaron Ross Odyssey grips that I shortened are a much better color match than anything that was made even back in the day.

Tires. I have always wanted turquoise/teal tires. These modern FIT Bike Co. FAF tires are an answer to my prayers….took 27 years.

At this time in its semi-retired state, there are only two things I would change to call it perfect, that would be Forklifter Freestyle handlebars (maybe painted like the original combo set) and Peregrine Super Pros.


How and why has this bike survived.

I was conscious of how the axle nuts/pegs dug into the dropouts, I also realized that the problem was that the nut and washer would spin against the chrome thereby cutting into the finish. I experimented with bunch of things including aluminum nuts and pegs, but they all slipped. I finally realized that a chain tensioner would be stationery and would help locate my rear axle, require me to tighten the axle nuts less, and protect the chome….so that is what I did, this was around 1986.

I have always been a very critical and anal person. As a small child my things were always in great condition, and I sought to preserve them. My bikes were no different. I realized early on that if I were to really use this bike it would get trashed in no time, so what was I to do? I figured that if I had a protective film covering the whole bike that was removable, I could use my bike hard and not fear damaging the finish. Long before 3M started to cover cars, I was covering my Redline. I used several layers of clear heavy duty packaging tape and basically wrapped the entire bike, chrome, paint and decals. Every 6 months or so I would do a major overhaul and remove all the scuffed up tape and recover it. It was similar to what we now do to cell phone screens….but I was doing this in 1985 at the ripe old age of 14.

Another thing I did to preserve the bike was plug and seal every single hole, this includes the holes located inside the bottom bracket tube, and head tube as well as fork tubes. I sprayed the inside of the tubes liberally with WD-40, allowed to dry overnight then using cork plugs and or silicone sealant to close everything up. I also sealed some of the rust susceptible welds located by the rear dropouts. With these mods I had no fear of getting caught in the rain or riding in the snow and slush.

As you can see all these steps paid off very handsomely. While there are RL-20IIs out there that have been restored to better than new, you will be very hard pressed to find any that is original was used hard for many years and is in this great a shape. I love this bike and am so glad I have held on to it all these years even after everyone told me to just get rid of it. Sites such as this have inspired me to bring it back to its full luster and I am grateful for that.



  • Frame, fork, fork pegs: 1985 Redline RL-20II. Japanese made. Original finish. Combo set.
  • Decals: 1985 Redline original with exception to one ‘Redline All-Chromoly’ on rear triangle and the yellow pinstripes that were missing since bike was new.
  • Handlebars: 1985 Redline chrome Forklifter race version. Original finish.
  • Stem: MCS first generation 6 bolt. Genuine Pots-Mod conversion. Refinished by C4.
  • Number plate: Jeung Oh reproduction. New
  • Handlebar pad: custom made from generic white Porkchop/Flite white pad. New.
  • ACS Pro-Rotor. All original.
  • Headset: Tioga Beartrap II, chrome. New.
  • Rotor cup: Tioga chrome NOS.
  • Dirt Skirt: SST Original silver anodized. NOS.
  • Cranks: Redline genuine 401 Flight Series 175mm cranks. Full wrap. Chrome hardware. Rechromed by Chrome Masters. Decals NOS.
  • Bottom Bracket: Redline Techmatic. Original.
  • Sprocket: Redline Flight 44T. Painted and baked.
  • Chain: KMC 410 Super Chain, NOS, teal. No master link.
  • Freewheel: White Sealed bearings 16T. Chrome. New.
  • Pedals: Shimano DX. Original caps. Refinished.
  • Wheels: Peregrine HP-48’s. Polished sealed mechanism hubs. Polished spokes. All original.
  • Tires: Fit Bike Co., FAF, teal. 20x2.1 Rr, 20x2.25 Fr. New.
  • Inner tubes: Porkchop Thorn Resistant 20x2.25. New
  • Valve caps: generic chromed alloy, NOS.
  • Front axle pegs: GT (80’s circa) aluminum, modified and polished.
  • Rear axle pegs: Redline new-school, NOS. Chrome.
  • Chain tensioners: Redline silver. New.
  • Front brakes: Redline version Dia-Compe FS880 chrome with turquoise lettering. Modified. Original finish.
  • Rear brakes: Dia-Compe MX 901, chrome. Lettering painted to match front brakes. Original finish.
  • Brake cable housing: NOS teal…no name.
  • Brake inner cable: Jagwire Hyper. New.
  • Brake levers: Dia-Compe Tech 7 locking lever. Polished. Lettering painted to match calipers. Paint original finish.
  • Brake pads: OBE Mountain bike clear trials. New.
  • Grips: Odyssey Aaron Ross keyboard teal. Shortened. New.
  • Donuts: Factory Effex moto grip “metal mulisha”. New.
  • Seat post: Redline chrome. New.
  • Seat post clamp: Peregrine Strapper. Silver. NOS.
  • Seat: Peregrine turquoise/teal. NOS.
  • Lube: Tri-Flow clear synthetic water-proof grease. New.


Unusual / Irregularities

When the RL-20II was released, one of the BMX magazines did an article on Redline’s new coating technology that was being implemented on new frames, specifically the chrome and painted Redlines. The article stated that the process is called powder coating, and that the finish was harder, more durable and able to stick to the slick chrome surface of the new Redlines. However my bike, does not appear to be powder coated. It instead appears to have a modern multi stage paint job. There is grey primer, a color coat, and then a clear coat, from the factory.









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1986 Redline RL-20a Pro Styler

This little Redline has had an unloved life until now. After much work, and expense it is finally appreciated and will never to be neglected again.


First a little history on this bike

It was bought new by my friend, he was a little late to the party as my crew had already been riding and styling for some time when he got it, and he was never a real bike guy he just wanted to be able to hang with us so he got his mom to get him a Redline.

Three problems with the scenario:

He was not really into bikes.

It was the lowest end Redline Prostyler, and although it was beautiful, the lower quality parts were very apparent to us that had bikes with the best parts that money could buy (2 loaded RL-20IIs, 1 loaded Trickstar). So he had little appreciation for the bike.

He hated the Radberry after he got it, and was anxious to strip his brand new bike!

Eventually life happens and the grand biking days slowed down, it was back to my core guys and my friend and his RL-20a disappeared. Years later it reappeared at my buddy’s with the Trickstar house stripped of most of its parts and partially stripped of its paint. Seems my other friend owed him money so in lieu just gave him the bike, which he wanted for the Radberry Peregrines for his lavender Hutch.

Fast forward a few more years, none of us ride anymore I am visiting my friend, his Hutch tossed in the corner and the Redline tossed like garbage on the floor, I said let me have it...he said what for, I said dude it’s a Redline, he said you have an RL-20II what do you want this crap for, I said maybe I’ll use it to trash around instead of wrecking my good bike. I took the bike home and it sat for a few more years.

One day while cleaning up my shed I re-found it, at this point I hardly even rode anymore, and none of my friends did, so my intention was to strip the rest of the paint, leave it chrome put on the then new-school (midschool) RL decals (which I have NOS somewhere) and sell it. Never got around to it, about ten more years go by, inspired by the fantastic outcome of my other Redline and the spare parts I had, here it is, reborn, and better than Redline Engineering ever intended it to be. It’s been in my possession the longest, and has been well preserved in a heavy black contractor’s bag. The chrome looked very good where it counted, the rest cleaned up nicely to like-new condition. The dropouts look fantastic, and to my joy, the original front brakes were on it as was the original headset!

Considering this was a ”throw-away” bike I have spent an inordinate amount of time and money in its restoration that is doubtful I will ever recover should I sell it. However, I have no plans of selling it and the results are stunning and compliment my Mack-daddy RL-20II exceptionally. I was going to make this a very simple build no exotic parts, one piece cranks, "cheap" Redline bars etc....well you know how these things go and have a tendency of getting out of hand....at least I didn't spring for vintage 401 Flight cranks!

Thanks to Facebook I now am in regular contact with many of my old friends including the original owner, and he is taken back at how good his old Redline looks, and calls me the great BMX savior.

I am very happy with the outcome and the response, and for having rescued a great bike with a rather sad and neglected past….rest easy little Redline you are safe now.



  • Frame and Fork: 1986 Redline RL-20a, original chrome, C4 refinished to original color.
  • Decals: AJK reproductions, original fork decals.
  • Stem: 88 Redline, refinished, converted to Odyssey Potts mod.
  • Handlebars: Redline race Forklifter chrome, C4 refinished in color.
  • Number plate: Jeung Oh reproduction, customized. New
  • Handlebar pad: custom made from generic white Porkchop/Flite white pad. New.
  • Grips: Redline. New.
  • Donuts: Flite. NOS.
  • Headset: 86 Hatta/Redline, original.
  • Dirt skirt: SST Original. NOS.
  • Levers: Dia-compe Tech 77, reissue. New.
  • Detangler: Odyssey Gyro 2nd generation. NOS.
  • Cables: Odyssey Gyro, after market housings, customized. Jagwire front cable. New.
  • Front brake: Redline issue anodized Dia-Compe FS880, modified with Weinmann quick adjust.
  • Rear brakes: Dia-Compe FS883, show polished, lettering color matched to frame, show nut. New customized.
  • Brake pads: OBE Mountain bike clear trials. New.
  • Brake cable clamps: Jagwire aluminum, customized. New.
  • Wheels: 85 Peregrine Masters. Original.
  • Tires: Odyssey Aaron Ross 20x2.10. New
  • Pegs: Odyssey aluminum 26T. NOS.
  • Freewheel: 85 Suntour chrome 16T. Original.
  • Chain: YBN. New
  • Sprocket: Redline Flight Recluse 45T. New
  • Cranks: Redline Flight double pinch 180mm chrome, repainted in white, custom decals. New customized.
  • Bottom Bracket: Redline sealed. New
  • Pedals: Redline low profile platform replaceable pins. New
  • Seat clamp: Redline 90's, original.
  • Seat post: 80’s Redline original.
  • Seat: 86 Redline/ Viscount. Peroxide bath, repainted logo. Restored.
  • Chain tensioner: Redline. New
  • Lube: Tri-Flow clear synthetic water-proof grease. New.










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1984 GT Pro Performer "Unstamped"


Parts List


Frame - 84 GT Pro Performer "Pre Stamped" - Powder Coated Yellow

Fork - 84 GT Pro Performer - No Cable Hoop - Powder Coated Yellow

Bars - GT Pro Bars - Show Chromed

Seat Post - GT Layback - Show Chromed

Seat Post Clamp - Tuf Neck Stamped - Polished/Anodized - Show Chromed Hardware

Stem - Tuf Neck Pat. Pending - Polished/Anodized - Show Chromed Hardware & Quil

Brakes - Dia Compe 900 Front & Rear - Polished/Anodized

Brake Lever - Dia Compe Tech 6 Locking - NOS

Brake Pads - Kool Stop Vans - Nos

Brake Cables - New

Grips - AME Duels - Blue/Yellow - NOS

Cranks - Sugino CT 175's - Show Chromed

Chain Ring Bolts - Sugino - NOS

Chain Ring - Sugino - Polished/Anodized

Chain - KMC - New

Pedals - Shimano pdx 15 - NOS

Hubs - GT Race Lace 1st Gen. - Show Polished

Hoops - ACS Z-Rims - NOS

Tires - GT Skinwall - NOS

Spokes/Nipples - New

Pegs - GT - Survivor

Seat - 1984 GT BMX - Survivor

IMG_3278 (1000x774).jpg

IMG_3276 (1000x625).jpg

IMG_3271 (1000x827).jpg

IMG_3265 (844x1000).jpg

IMG_3263 (1000x714).jpg

IMG_2892 (1000x667).jpg

IMG_2890 (1000x667).jpg

IMG_2873 (1000x667).jpg

IMG_2864 - Copy (1000x953).jpg

IMG_2860 (1000x656) (2).jpg

IMG_2876 (1000x883).jpg

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My one and only Freestyle build. I was fortunate enough to purchase this all original chrome and sticker frame and fork set-it's immaculate for a freestyle scoot. The owner must have NEVER used it for it's intended purpose.


Frame and fork- PROFILE Prostyler og chrome and stickers-it's immaculate

Handlebars- PROFILE Freestyle bars- RECHROMED OG sticker

Headset- TANGE MX-3 mint

Grips- AME FINI's black and blue

Stem- Mint Black anno DK square corner

Saddle- NOS Elina TURBO Aero

Seat Post- Mint GT post with a OG Profile sticker

Seat Clamp- Mint Black DK

Brakes- Mint used DC 1000 in black with TECH 4 levers

Pads- NOS SKYWAY Tuf Pads

Tires- NOS Avocet FAST GRIP slicks

Wheels-Nice used Black Skyway Alloy flange front-metal rear with a coaster.

Chain- Nickle Izumi

Cranks- Nice used PROFILE 3rd Gens

Disc- NOS Pro Neck power disc

Chainring- NOS 43t Takagi








The ONLY thing refinished is the bars by the previous owner...now back to painting for me.

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