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OLD SCHOOL CRUISERS 26" (1987 and earlier)

OLD SCHOOL CRUISERS 26" (1987 and earlier)  

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~~ OLD SCHOOL CRUISERS 26" (1987 and earlier) ~~

Please follow the

guidelines and rules to the letter. Entries that break the rules will be deleted and you will have to re-submit. Also, take special note of the schedule for submission, cut off and voting.

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1978 Gary Littlejohn Fireroad Cruiser


Built with a mix of old used parts and some NOS stuff. Since I ride my cruisers so much I like things to run smooth so the hubs, bottom bracket and headset are all NOS packed with fresh grease.


All finish is original except the frame. Decals are the real deal I got from Gary Littlejohn himself.




* 1978 mild steel Littlejohn Fireroad cruiser

* Tange fork

* Vintage Flanders flat track MX bars w/American Pro grips

* Tange MX-2 headset

* Antique Persons saddle with "Lucky 7" seatpost

* Schwinn "AS" seat clamp

* Ashtabula 7 1/2" crank (190mm)

* Tange 28tpi bottom bracket

* Three Arrows sprocket

* KKT Super MX rat trap pedals

* Steel Araya 26x2.125 rims

* Shimano MX high flange hubs with .105(12 gauge) spokes

* Nobby tires with Goodyear tubes









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1980 SE Racing OM Flyer in new condition.


I should of posted this in the survivor class.

I acquired this bike last febuary. Long story short The Original owners father bought him several bikes when he was younger. He had two OM flyers and only used one of them.

This bike was in storage and never used. It has been in this configuration since the early 80's.

I had to complete the bike with a seat bars and grips.


Original paint and decals.

Redline stem

Araya 7x rims with acs and sunshine hubs

26 x 1.75 mitsuboshi tires.

Se cruiser bars

Kashimax seat

Unitrons grips

Dia compe brakes and levers

SE seat post

Tuf neck seat clamp

Regina copper chain.

Suntour vx cranks

Shimano pedals

DSC09417 - Copy.JPG

DSC09310 - Copy.JPG

DSC09311 - Copy.JPG

DSC09350 - Copy.JPG

DSC09415 - Copy.JPG





DSC09413 - Copy.JPG

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This year is the year I really started to embrace the Idealogy of Survivor versus refinishing. I was a Museum drone until I found you guys. So I built this bike using as much og type parts that I could find. Except for the bars, I cant get anyone to sell me their KOS bars. So in order to enjoy this bike, I broke down, and bought these for now. ( Honestly, Al's bars are friggin beautiful, the nickel finish is off the hook! ) And, I dont know what brand the hubs are, except "NoName"...

oVerall, This bike rides really nice. My Kos is my main, 26" rider. The fork seems to be a one of a kind KOS fork, bottom tubes are cut like a Team goose fork, or a DeCoster. And they are almost 2 inches longer in the fork tubes. The extra rake they provide gives it more of a 70's feel regarding geometry, and how it steers.

Nobody has told me exactly what they are as of yet. The color scheme, of all parts, was chosen to match colors within this decal set.


1981 Mongoose 26” Kos Cruiser



Frame: 1981 Mongoose 26” Kos Cruiser

All og finish with reproduction stickers

Forks: Original finish Nickel KOS fork (one of a kind cut and length with extra rake)

Bars: Al’s Rapid transit nickel finishTribute to Kos style bars

Stem: Original finish Slimline Double clamp

Grips: Oakley 1 survivors

Headset: Beartrap Chromo og

Cranks: Takagi 175mm og finish

Chainring: Pete’s precision chainring 43 tooth og

Chain ring bolts ”Sugino”

Pedals: MKS og rat traps

Freewheel: Shimano 18T og

Chain: KMC “chrome”

Seat: Generic black suede with og Mongoose sticker on back

Seat Post: Generic aluminum fluted survivor

Seat post clamp: Mongoose NOS

Brakes: Dia Compe

Brake pads: Koolstop finned pads

Brake lever Dia Compe

Brake cable: Red Odessey

Wheels: Pro Class 26 x 1.75 rims og

Hubs: No name sealed bearings Shimano type

Spokes: Stainless spokes with red anno nipples

Front Tire: Schwinn Cruiser ---26 x 2.125

Back Tire: Mittsubishi Comp 3 --- 26 x 1.75

PAD SET: Mongoose bar og, Frame pad Radpad og











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This is my BOTY. Not saying I expect to win, as I have allready seen a few stellar bikes. But to me, in my heart, this is the nicest looking, and riding bike I have ever built. When I ride this bike, it just feels so right. Its silent and smoothe... So to me, this is my BOTY. The only thing not original finish is the frame, which had seat post tube repairs, then it was repainted. Everything else is og finish.


1979 S.E. Racing OM Flyer 26” Cruiser


Frame: 1979 S.E. Racing OM Flyer 26” Cruiser mild steel

( seat-post mast repaired, frame repainted) NOS decal set

Forks: Original finish S.E.Racing Landing Gear

Bars: Original finish S.E.Racing Cruiser bars

Stem: MCS 6 bolt NOS

Grips: Oakley 1’s NOS

Headset: Beartrap Chromo

Cranks: Redline No pinch flite cranks “400”

Chainring: Sugino Bmx 40 tooth NOS

Pedals: MKS Beartraps

Freewheel: Shimano 18T

Chain: KMC “Z” Chrome

Seat: Avocet Touring 2

Seat Post: VDC solid aluminum NOS

Seat post clamp: Helix “CBR” copy double bolt

Brakes: Dia Compe

Brake pads: Mint Mathauser finned pads

Brake lever Dia Compe

Brake cable: Black Odessey

Wheels: Gold Ukiah 7c type 26 x 2.125 rims og

Hubs: Loose ball SR hubs og

Spokes: Stainless spokes with copper nipples


Front Tire:Cheng Shin snake belly 26 x 2.125”

Back Tire: Cheng Shin snake belly 26 x 2.125”









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1980 Champion 26" Cruiser


This is one of the best riding 26" cruisers I have. I love Champions and feel blessed to have come across this near perfect condition frame and fork. After a ton of hunting I was also able to locate the matching Champion cruiser bars, seat post and original pad set. All parts on the build are original finish, some NOS prior to install. I hope you guys enjoy it as much as I do.


Parts breakdown:

Frame: Chrome, 26" Champion cruiser

Fork: Chrome, 26" Champion cruiser

Bars: Chrome, Champion cruiser (stamped)

Stem: Blue, Cook Brothers slant

Headset: Blue, Hatta MX-100 (speed line)

Saddle: Black, Cinelli unicanitor, leather

Seat Post: Chrome, Champion (stamped)

Seat clamp: Blue, Cook Brothers

Rims: Blue, Ukai box 26 x 2.125

Hubs: Blue/Silver, 2nd gen Sunshine sealed

Freewheel: Black, Suntour 17t

Chain ring: Blue, Suntour 43

Chain ring bolts: Sugino

Spider: Chrome, Sugino

Cranks: Chrome, Redline 401 flight 185mm (repop decals)

Bottom bracket: Hatta 28tpi

Pedals: Blue, Demco sealed

Tires: Black, 26" Panaracer 26 x 2.125

Grips: Black, Oury waffle

Brakes: Blue, Dia Compe MX-1000 w/Shimano DX Lever

Brake pads: Blue, Kool Stop fins w/orange pads















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1979 Powerlite 26


original finish on everything. the decals on the headset and down tube are new, the decals on the bars are original.


- powerlite f/f and bars

- redline brute stem

- dc 1000

- dc seat clamp

- brooks saddle

- campagnolo cable guides, nos

- omas cranks (170)

- the rat traps were nos before being installed

- araya 7x rims, suzue sealed hubs

- cheng shin rubber





















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Nomura 26" Race Cruiser


I found this frame as a complete bike that had been raced in Livermore California during the early 80's. Apparently, it must have broken a few times as there were gusset repairs everywhere. I sent the frame to the frame DOC and got it repaired. I then ball burnished it as well as annoed it a special color that was once offered by Nomura at the time. This is my dream Nomura cruiser so its just special to me even though its not OG finish. It deserves a rest as it served someone well as a race bike BITD!


Parts breakdown:

Frame: 26" Nomura Frame #31 1981 Repaired and Refinished

Fork: Bottema Modified headtube,repaired and refinished

Bars: Chrome NOS Prodyne

Stem: Black NOS REAL Pro Neck Inverted found in bike shop (NICK B)

Headset: Hatta

Saddle: NOS Elina

Seat Post: Chrome Pro Neck

Seat clamp: Suntour

Rims: Ambrosio NOS 26x1.75

Hubs: Omas

Freewheel: Black, Suntour 17t

Chain ring: Suntour 41

Chain ring bolts: Sugino

Chain: HKK Nickle

Spider: OG Profile

Cranks: Refinished Profile 2nd gen (Your old set Hector)

Bottom bracket: Profile

Pedals: Titron

Tires: Black, 26" NOS Blue/yellow/green label Comp III 26 x 1.75

Grips: Black, Oakley .5 NOS

Brakes: Dia Compe MX-1000 w/Shimano DX Lever

Brake pads: Black 1st gen. Kool Stop fins










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1981 Nomura 26" Cruiser


I call this one "Darth Vader". This is the 10th 26" cruiser frame Nomura built out of the 45 total produced. The frame was fabricated on 3/31/1981, and it is 1 of only 7 frames that came in black anodized finish. Of the 7 black frames currently only 3 are accounted for including this one (all 3 are refinished). This Nomura has special meaning for me as I grow up in Santa Barbara where Nomuras were designed and built. I remember seeing the 20" frames around town as a kid. The purple and green anodized frames will always be ingrained in my memory. This particular frame has always been in Santa Barbara, I am the 4th owner. The frame was originally purchased from Wade Nomura by Bill Carson a local avid BMX racer and local cycling legend. Bill was one of the first group of individuals that started the Santa Barbara Fiesta Cruiser ride over 30 years ago. Today this ride draws well over a thousand riders each year. I hope you guys like it. All parts on the build are original finish with the exception of the frame and Araya 7c rims.


Parts breakdown:

Frame: Black, 26" Nomura cruiser (repop decals)

Fork: Chrome, 26" Johnny Chopper Bottema replica

Bars: Chrome, 1st gen GT cruiser bars (repro decals)

Stem: Black, Tuf Neck square corner invert cruiser stem

Headset: Red, Hatta MX-100

Saddle: Black, Elina Super Pro

Seat clamp: Red Suntour

Rims: Black, Araya 7c 26 x 1.75 w/red nipples

Hubs: Red/Black, Bullseye

Freewheel: Chrome, Shimano 17t

Chain ring: Black, Pro Neck 43t

Spider: Silver, 1st gen Bullseye spider

Cranks: Black, 1st gen Bullseye cranks 178mm

Bottom bracket: Silver, 1st gen Bullseye

Pedals: Red/Black, 1st gen Bullseye

Tires: Black, 26" IRC Racer X-1 Fat/Skinny combo

Grips: Black, Oakley .5

Brakes: Red, Dia Compe MX-1000 w/Shimano DX Lever

Brake pads: Silver, 1st gen Scott Mathauser
















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1981 DG 26" LOOPTAIL Race Cruiser


I got this ff set from Greyboy after he found it in a terrible state of repair. He cleaned it up and then I really worked on polishing up what was left. I saved the OG decals and acquired an original headtube decal off another collector via ebay. I built it with pride and kept the og patina and enjoyed riding it on the subway cruise the night before the Whittier show. This bike is great to ride.


Frame: 26" DG Looptail Frame #8 1981 Original finish

Fork: 26" DG 1981 Original finish

Bars: Chrome OG finish GT 1981 cruiser

Stem: Mint Cook Bros slant with red clamps

Headset: Tange

Saddle: Elina Super

Seat Post: 1981 Boss

Seat clamp: Suntour

Rims: Araya 7X NOS 26x1.75

Hubs: Rare Phil Wood First Gen Experimental hubs (as per Phil Wood Tech guys)

Freewheel: Black, Suntour 17t

Chain ring: Redline Flight 40t

Chain: DID

Cranks: Original finish Redline Pinch-less Flights

Bottom bracket: Schwinn

Pedals: KKT Rat Traps OG

Tires: Black, 26" NOS yellow label Comp III 26 x 1.75 front/ snakebelly rear

Grips: Black, Oakley .5 NOS

Brakes: Shimano Tourney w/Shimano DX Lever

Brake pads: Finned Scott Matthauser

Pads: OG DG Vinyl with plain OG frame pad







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1981 DG Vulcan Frame

Bottema skate park fork

Webco motorcycle bars

Cook Bros. stem

Ukai gold hoops with Sunshine hubs

Shimano pedals

Tourney cranks with Takagi chain ring

Cinelli Unicator seat

first gen Dk seat clamp

SR post

Cheng Shin tires

gold Dia Compe 1020 brakes

Oury grips

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OK so here is my Champion 26. I bought this nice frameset from a Society member earlier this year. This is not a perfect beauty, but it is in good shape, and is one of the smoothest bikes I have ever ridden. Some highlights includes the powerlite bars I scored at a local BMX show we do here in Austin for $10. Also has Diamond Back Turbo cranks. These were on my first KOS i bought in the 90's. Ugly, cracked, and re-welded, these cranks are the smoothest I have ever had on any bike! 45-20T drive train for easy, smooth spinning over any terrain. Just a nice mix of old and new including some old beat up tech 77 levers, and a Mavic/Suzue wheelset that has been and will be around forever. Build matches frame condition, and came out exactly as I had hoped.


Frame: Early 80's Champion 26-orig chrome and stix w/added electrical tape for enhanced appearance.

Fork: Champion

Stem: Profile

Bars: Powerlite

Wheels: Mavic w/DT spokes, Suzue Hubs

Cranks: Diamond Back Turbo w/built in spider

Chainring: Tuf Neck

Pedal: Redline DX style

Seat: Redline

Seat Clamp: Profile Slim Jim

Seat Post: RL

Headset: Bear Trap Tioga

Brakes: Dia Compe Bulldog w/Tech 77

Tires: Cheng Shin

Chain: Shimano

Grips: Ame Tri







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Here's a unique one that I've been looking for, for a long time. I was literally "FREAKING OUT" when Joe Buffardi texted me a picture of this frame and fork and was asking if I knew anything about it. I called him immediately and we discussed it's history and the fact that this was the only one to surface so far. I sent him a picture of an ad that I had saved on my phone for verification and needless to say, he held true to his word when I asked that if he ever sold it, to please contact me first. THANK YOU JOE!!!


1980 Coast Wheels 3 Bar Cruiser


Original Paint on Frame and Fork

Araya 7X Rims With Sunshine Front Hub and Bendix 76 Rear Coaster

Original Early 80's Cheng Shin 2.125 Snakebelly Style Tires

(Tires and chain came from an early 80's Murray cruiser that was heading for the scrap yard in the back of a scrap metal truck!)

Original Finish Black Takagi Cranks With Three Arrows Sprocket

NOS Chair Pedals (Thanks Joe!) With Original Tange BB, D.I.D. Chain

Well Used Cinelli Unicanitor Saddle, Aluminum Post, Custom JB-1 Clamp

Tange 125 Headset With Tange Headlock, Tuf Neck 2000

70's Harley Sprint Handlebars With New Oury Grips


No Parts Were Refinished.









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This is my 1986 GT Pacific Flyer, I did this one custom with oldschool 80'S parts, the only original parts are the frame and fork and Suntour rear coaster brake hub, let me tell you it came out awesome and is very light weight now. Rides great!


1986 GT Pacific Flyer Frame and fork repainted flat black

80's Robinson Cruiser bars unknurled with original chrome and decals

Tuf Neck tiger stamped Pro stem[polished]

Araya 26x1.75 hoops re annodized

Bullseye 80's front hub with 1/4 allen head bolts

Suntour 80's Coaster brake rear hub[og to the bike]

DT S.S spokes

Kenda skinwall knobby tire 26x1.75 on rear

Matrix Single Track AT NOS 26x2.125 knobby on the front

Takagi Cr-Mo 175 one piece cranks

Takagi style unstamped spider

Shimano 40 t sprocket

Suntour sealed bmx pedals with re annodized cages

Unstamped tuf neck style seat clamp

GT seat post

Persons 80's Diamond Seat


GT reproduction pad set BMXNW 2007 [licensed]

KMC Chain







Edited by Larock

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