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OLD SCHOOL CRUISERS 24" (1987 and earlier)

OLD SCHOOL CRUISERS 24" (1987 and earlier)  

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~~ OLD SCHOOL CRUISERS 24" (1987 and earlier) ~~

Please follow the Rules & Guidelines to the letter. Entries that break the rules will be deleted and you will have to re-submit. Also, take special note of the schedule for submission, cut off and voting.

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All right, sometimes being first can have its advantages... And, this build is kind of a first for me. Looking back, I built a 1981 Champion24" last year, and it was mostly NOS and refinished parts. So it came out looking overdone. After lurking on this website for the last year, I have grown a new appriciation towards vintage, and OG finish, etc....

Recently, I got word of this frame and fork set up thru a buddy. By the time it was in my possession, it was only 2 weeks before this BOTY contest. So, I decided to build it as best I can, with idea's I have gotten from my fellow OS buddies, and also drawing on my own old school roots.

This Lawwill Knight Pro Cruiser is incredibly rare, and I had to have it. It was designed by Mert Lawwill, and built at the Champion racing factory. Note rear drop outs are very Schwerma style!

I traded my newly aquired Panda 3bar for it, and built it with mostly parts I had lying around, or off other bikes I have. Except for the bars I bought refinished allready, this entire bike is og finish, with the stem and grips being the only NOS...


1981 Lawwill Knight 24” BMX Cruiser


Frame: Original finish 1981 Lawwill Knight 24” Cruiser original decal set

Forks: Original finish Chrome Tange forks with canti mounts

Bars: Prodyne nickel plated bars (refinished in Nickel)

Stem: Dorcy Motocross double clamp NOS

Grips: Johar California (grab on style) NOS

Headset: Tange Chromo

Cranks: Sugino Mighty Tour 171mm

Chainring: Sugino track ring 46 tooth

Chain ring bolts sugino

Pedals: MKS Bearfoot (de-reflectorized)

Freewheel: Shimano 18T

Chain: KMC “Z” Chrome

Seat: Mint Kashimax

Seat Post: Philwood solid aluminum

Seat post clamp: Generic MTB

Brakes: Shimano Xt canti arms (wrong era)

Brake pads: Mint Mathauser finned canti pads

Brake lever: Mint Shimano MTB style

Brake cable: Blue Odessey

Wheels: Satin OG finish Araya 7X

Spokes: Stainless spokes with copper nipples

Hubs: Mint 2nd Gen Bullseye

Front Tire: Blue 24 x 2.125 Mitsubishi Yellow label Comp 3

Back Tire: Blue 24 x 1.75 Gnarler Knobby









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84 Redline PL-24 everything is OG finish,


Redline PL 24 f&f,bars,stem,fluted seatpost,Elina seat and 401 full wrap 177 cranks.

Suntour seatpost clamp,headlock,XC II pedals, superbe loose ball hubs and 17T freewheel.

Diacompe MX 1000 brakes, tech IV lever, cable and cable clamps.

Sugino 40T chainring, spider and bolts.

OGK mach grips.

Kool stop brake pads.

Izumi chain.

Ukai 1.75 rims.

Mitsuboshi comp III 24x1.75 tires.

BS dirt skirt.

Tange MX headset.

boty 002.JPG

boty 003.JPG

boty 006.JPG

boty 009.JPG

boty 011.JPG

boty 008.JPG

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Heres my pride and joy !


1982 Torker 24


parts list ..

1982 Torker 24 frame and forks with there og chrome (9.5-10 out of 10 )

og decals

nos Oakley B1-B Grips

nos Shimano Dx Lever

restored and re-chromed Torker cruiser bars

og pollished Torker 6 bolt stem

nos Tange 303 head set

skyway high flange tuff 2s

restored Shimano DX Peddles

restored and pollished Cook Bro,s dog bone cranks

nos Cook bro,s bottom bracket

Tuff neck chain wheel

mint cond survivor mx 1000 brakes

nos Skyway finned brake pads

nos series 1 hammer head uni seat

nos Max hammer head seat cover

nos DC hinged seat clamp

nos comp 3 rainbow lable tyres

nos og full Torker pad set

nos izumi chain



this build took me over 1 1/2 years to complete from start to finnish


won best cruser at the knox bmx show and shine (in Australia)this year








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1982 Mongoose two★four






Front derailleur: SunTour COMPE-V

Front chainrings: TAKAGI 39T/45T/52T (gold, blue, silver)

Rear derailleur: SunTour V-GT Luxe

5-speed freewheel - SunTour "Perfect 8": 14T/17T/21T/26T/32T



OS SunTour friction shifters.


As I found it:


I replaced all the parts that weren't factory original. Several of the spokes needed replacing so I went ahead and rebuilt both wheels with double-butted (swaged) stainless steel spokes. I didn't want to break the ELINA seat (or wear off the lightning bolt) so I replaced it with a leather BROOKS B-17. BROOKS makes the most comfortable saddles you can get while still keeping it old school (1890 to be exact). Finally, I replaced the broken rear derailleur with a SunTour V-GT Luxe and added a matching SunTour COMPE-V derailleur to the front.



RAGBRAI is a 7 day bicycle ride across the entire state of Iowa - it's a blast!




BIKE MS pics:



Rides like a dream! :lol:


Original Parts:

Frame, Fork and Decals

Rims: ARAYA 24x1.75 (blue)

Hubs: SUNSHINE (blue)

Brakes: DIA-COMPE 890 (blue)

Brake Levers: DIA-COMPE "B" (blue)

Original Brake Cables stamped: "DIA-COMPE ★ 81 M A 5" (blue)

Seatclamp: annodized blue with printed "mongoose" decal

Wheel Reflectors: SATE-LITE 709


OS Vintage Replacement Parts:

Bars: Mongoose Stainless Steel

Stem: Mongoose Gold Stem

Spider: Mongoose Quick-Change Gold Spider

Cranks: Mongoose 175mm (chrome)

Pedals: KKT LIGHTNING (gold) with MKS toe-clips

Stem Shifters: SunTour friction shifters

Front Derailleur: SunTour COMPE-V

Chainrings: TAKAGI 39T/45T/52T (gold, blue, silver)

Rear Derailleur: SunTour V-GT Luxe

5-Speed Freewheel: SunTour "Perfect 8"


New Reproduction Replacement Parts:

Grips: Mongoose (blue)

Tires: KENDA KONTACT 24x1.75 skinwall

Seat: BROOKS B17 Imperial Narrow

Seatpost: new 7/8" 22.2mm chrome seatpost

Saddlebag: Army Surplus bag (stamped 1941) refurbished by OYB: "Out Your Backdoor"

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1983 Profile Pro 24” BMX Race Cruiser


Frame: Original finish 1983 Profile Champ Pro 24” Cruiser original decal set

Forks: Original finish 1983 Profile Champ Pro 24” with OG decals

Bars: Profile OG finish Cruiser bars with NOS decals (thanks Scott)

Stem: Profile OG finish

Grips: Ame' Fini NOS

Headset: Hatta

Cranks: Profile OG finish 3rd gen with correct bolts

Chainring: Sugino 130 BCD 42t

Chain ring bolts: No name

Pedals: Profile OG finish

Freewheel: Shimano 18T

Chain: Izumi OG

Seat: Mint Elina used

Seat Post: Profile OG finish NOS decal

Seat post clamp: DC 2 bolt mint

Brakes: Shimano Tourney

Brake pads: Mint Kool Stop pads

Brake lever: Mint Shimano DX

Brake cable: Shimano

Wheels: Satin OG finish Araya 7X

Spokes: Stainless spokes with Araya nipples

Hubs: Profile OG finish Gyrolite II

Tires: Black mint 24 x 1.75 Mitsubishi Yellow/Green label Comp 3

Pads: OG Profile well used Chrome








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1983 Team Murray X24


Survivor original to the bike

Frame, Fork, Seat Post, SPC, Stem, Wheel set "paint was flaking bad on the hoops so I cleaned it off to reveal very nice chrome", Dia Compe brake, lever & cable ties, Headset & Bottom Bracket


Survivor parts not original to the bike

CW style cruiser bars, Shimano pedals, unknown spider, SR OPC's



Cheng chin tires


Powder coated

SR Chain ring



Viscount seat, valve caps, brake cable, Ame grips, KMC chain

IMG_2256 - Copy (1000x789).jpg

IMG_2619 (1000x667).jpg

IMG_2621 (1000x797).jpg

IMG_2625 (1000x715).jpg

IMG_2626 (964x1000).jpg

IMG_2627 (1000x667).jpg

IMG_2629 (1000x667).jpg

IMG_2630 (867x1000).jpg

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1982 Hutch XL 24 Cruiser


I got this bike as a parts package with frame, forks, bars, and seat post. I put this bike together mostly using parts I had left over from other bikes. I'm really wanting to keep it a classic black and chrome bike, but I haven't been able to find any era correct wheels that fit the bill yet. Anyway, I thought I'd toss this in for variety sake.


Everything on this bike has original finish and stickers.

Frame: Hutch (pre-serial)

Fork: Hutch (non-drilled)

Stem: DK (inverted)

Bars: Hutch cruiser

Wheels: Araya rims with blue Sunshine hubs

Cranks: Redline 180 (single pinch)

Chainwheel: Redline

Pedal: Suntour AC II

Seat: Kashimax Aero

Seat Clamp: Dia Compe (hinged)

Seat Post: Hutch

Headset: Unknown (assume tioga)

Brakes: Dia Compe MX 1000 with tech 3 lever

Tires: Cheng Shin

Grips: UNI Hand Grenade

Chain: KMC

Hutch 24 001.JPG

Hutch 24 003.JPG

Hutch 24 004.JPG

Hutch 24 005.JPG

Hutch 24 006.JPG

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1982 SE Racing Floval Flyer


I got this bike as a complete on ebay a couple of months ago. I would have preferred to keep it as a survivor, but it had some funky parts on it like Diamondback bars and neck, Dyno seat, KKT copy pedals, Dia Compe copy brakes, and a 44 Chainwheel and modern black wall tires. I updated the tires, brakes, bars, stem, seat, and put on a 42 gear chain wheel to get it back to a more era correct and better riding bike. I'm real happy with how it turned out, it's got a real nice look to it and it rides well.


Everything on this bike has original finish and stickers with the exception of the new headtube sticker I added.


Frame: SE Floval Flyer

Fork: SE Landing Gear

Stem: Pro Neck (Bulldog stamped)

Bars: Unknown cruiser (had these in my bar pile)

Wheels: Araya rims with Suze high flange hubs

Cranks: Unknown one piece (assume they're Sugino)

Chainwheel: Sugino

Spider: Sugino

Pedal: Shimano

Seat: Unicantor

Seat Clamp: Suntour

Seat Post: Unknown (assume it's a troxel w/out sticker)

Headset: Unknown (assume tioga)

Brakes: Dia Compe MX 1000 with tech 3 lever

Tires: Tioga Comp III (yellow label)

Chain: KMC

Grips: Ame (original, came w/bike)

Pads: SE Camo (original, came w/the bike)

Tan Floval 001.JPG

Tan Floval 002.JPG

Tan Floval 003.JPG

Tan Floval 004.JPG

Tan Floval 006.JPG

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I bought this Champ 24 frameset a few weeks back from a guy in Austin. The cool thing was when i went to pick it up, the guy ended up being one of my customers who had bought a Firemans in 2003 that he still had. The frameset is super mint-y and sweet. I like the pure simplicity of the build, no stickers, and CHROME all the way. The Araya/Suzue chrome wheels I had in storage for 15-20 years, and were covered in stuff. Got them shined up perfectly with some WD40 and a shop rag. Not sure what it is about these old Champs, but they are the SMOOTHEST bikes ever made.


Frame: Early 80's Champion 24 w/original chrome

Fork: Champion

Stem: Profile Pro

Bars: Free Agent

Wheels: Araya super X Chrome w/DT spokes, Suzue Hubs

Cranks: Profile 177's-like this length for 24's

Chainwheel: Old School looking Profile Tri Fan

Pedal: Redline DX style

Seat: Redline

Seat Clamp: Profile Slim Jim

Seat Post: RL

Headset: Bear Trap Tioga

Brakes: Dia Compe Bulldog w/Tech 77

Tires: Power Block 2.1

Chain: Shimano

Grips: Ame Tri



OMP40's - valve stem caps made by my buddy OMP


chrome rims w/2.1 powerblock tires. these tires are so fat that the wheel actually measures around 25" rather than 24"-great ride.


177mm profile cranks - like this size for 24" bikes. not that well known that they make 177's. also old school looking profile tri-fan chainring.


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1982 GT PRO 24

This is the GT 24 i wanted back in the day and got the standard in 83,not realising they made 2 sizes until i saw a longer top tube at the track one day.This bike has the same length top tube as the 26 and is 22.5 inches wich is way more comfortable for my 6ft3 frame than the 20.25 standard 24 frame.So Stoked to finally have it!


1982 GT Pro 24 frame with original chrome and decals

1982 GT 24 Fork with original chrome and new decals[reproduction i think]

First Gen GT Pro Handle bars with original chrome and original decals

Tuf Neck Pro model tiger stamped stem

Viscount MX seat-NOS

Hutch seat post clamp

GT seat post

Dia-Compe MX 1000 Brakes

Redline 401 Single pinch full wrap flight cranks with Original chrome

Redline 44t Bubble font sprocket

Shimano DX Pedals

DID Chain

Ukai 24x2.125 NOS rims

DT S.S Spokes

Sonlite Turbo hubs

Tioga Mitsuboshi silver star geen/blue CompIII NOS Fat/Skinny combo tires

GT original Santa Ana frame and neck pad with blue foam

AME Round grips









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1982 Hutch XL 24

Rare early MCS made Hutch with slotted gussett behind bottom bracket.


Got this ff set from my LA connection (Danny). Original frame fork and early bars original finish. Added some first gen profile cranks (rechromed) that were on another bike. This set does not have the splined spindle though. (My drilled BB pro racer does though). Set up as a dream cruiser with many Hutch goodies. Not realistic but bad ass. This is my third XL 24 build after the double stamped brakebridge Aerospeed one and the original chrome one that Bret sold.

I keep trying to get it right as in my mind.


FRAME: 1982 MCS-made Hutch XL24 Original finish with most of the OG decals (Headtube is rare First gen NOS)

FORKS:1982 MCS-made HutchOG finish and OG decals

HANDLEBARS: Early MCS made Hutch OG finish and OG decals

GRIPS: Used Oakley .5

STEM: First gen ESP slightly polished by hand

RIMS: Chrome Araya 7X

SPOKES: .080 stainless steel

HUBS: Hutch Mag-ti

BRAKES: Dia Compe MX1000 (caliper dated 1982, cable dated 1983)

BRAKE PADS: Kool Stop 1st gen



PEDALS: Titron OG well used

CRANKS: Hutch 1st Gen (Profile-made, with correct fasteners) these came originally from Duziduzit and were broken with a major crack down the seam of the drive arm...these were OG finish at that time. Hboost got them on a trade and I bought the arms only (I think the spindle got sold for bukoo bux!!!). After getting them welded I had the weld ground flush and rechromed as best I could not to do show chrome. These were the only piece that was refinished.

SPIDER: Profile spider correct for 1st gen cranks(130bcd) .

CHAIN RING: 40t Shimano

FREEWHEEL: Suntour 17T

SEAT: Kashimax OG

SEAT POST: Hutch (original Hutch post well used)

SEAT CLAMP: Titron made Magnesium

PADS: Hutch original 1st gen


Thanks for the tips on this one Marcos!








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