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SURVIVOR BMX BIKES (1995 & Earlier)

SURVIVOR BMX BIKES (1995 & Earlier)  

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~~ SURVIVOR BMX BIKES (1995 & Earlier) ~~


Please follow the general rules and guidelines AND take special note of the special conditions and rules for this particular class.



Bikes eligible for participation in this class are solely: complete survivors - bikes that are just as they were at the cut off date of Dec. 31, 1995. Minor non original and realistic part changes are allowed... such as tires, maybe grips... suppose an otherwise complete survivor was found with all original 25 or 30 year old parts, except a seat that was much later, or something like that. Bringing one or maybe two small accessories back to "era correct alignment with the rest of the build is acceptable. Please don't over do it. Please have integrity and honor the spirit of the survivor class. No refinished (powder/paint/anodizing/chrome etc.) parts and absolutely nothing repopped, i.e. no reproduction pads or stickers.


Any bike in this category ought to have parts that fall in their entirety within a 5 year period of era correctness. In other words... an 80 survivor should have no part later than 85 on it. This provision is made in order to accommodate the fact that people might realistically have kept a bike but added upgrades over the years.



At one time, we allowed more latitude with the definition of survivor so that even "survivor builds" were allowed. At this point, we seem to have enough true survivor bikes of great quality that we can drop this concession. Please put "survivor builds" made from all original parts in to the appropriate bike and era class. Duly note the status of your OG parts. The true connoisseurs will no doubt reward you with appreciation.

Addendum :

An exception to the rule that the bike must be acquired within the last year - Life time owners can enter their survivors as long as they meet these conditions:

1) the bike meets all the other criteria of the survivor class

2) the bike has never been entered in the BOTY in previous years

* life time owners will be defined as 20 or more years of ownership for a bike from the 70's or 80's.

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1994 Standard Lengthy


I acquired this bike from a fellow board member in a trade deal. This bike is almost exactly as it was ordered from Danscomp in 1995. THe only thing I did to it was add some front brake hardware to make the brake functional (barrel adjuster and adapter). Even the grips and tires are original.


Frame - 1994 Standard Lengthy, 1" head tube

Fork - Standard 1" threaded

Wheels - Peregrine 48s

Tires - GT

Cranks - GT Profile

Chainwheel - GT

Pedals - GT

Stem - Shafted Redneck

Bars - Standard Strip Bars, uncut

Grips - Jive

Bar ends - Peregrine

Brakes - Dia Compe 990's, Poorboy Gyro cover, Odyssey Gyro and cables

Pegs - Standard Hand Grenade aluminum

Seat - GT

Seat post - Standard lay back (I believe)

Seat clamp - Tuf Neck






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1979 Champion 26" Cruiser

This bike is a 95% survivor. I bought it from another member here and have not changed anything. The previous owner added the Elina BMX saddle as the bike came to him with some gel monstrosity(see last picture). Previous to him the bike was owned by a balloon tire collector who did not think it was anything special. He found it brand new in the basement of a bike shop in Illinois. The bike shop decal is still on it today. I hope you guys enjoy this one.


Parts breakdown:

Frame: Chrome, 26" Champion cruiser

Fork: Chrome, 26" Champion cruiser

Bars: Gold, VDC cruiser (bowed crossbar)

Stem: Gold, DG/Powerlite

Headset: Chrome, Tange

Saddle: Black, Elina BMX

Seat Post: Gold, VDC flutted

Seat clamp: Gold, Excalibur

Rims: Gold, Araya 7x 26 x 1.75

Hubs: Gold, Sunshine

Chain ring: Gold, Suntour 44t

Cranks: Gold, Sugino Super Maxy 175mm

Bottom bracket: Schwinn 24tpi

Pedals: Gold, KKT Rat Trap

Tires: Black, 26" Cycle Pro Snakbelly 26 x 2.125

Grips: Black, Oakly 1

Brakes: Gold, Dia Compe MX-1000 w/ Black, Shimano lever

















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IMG_3706 (Medium).JPG


Heres my full survivor original documented 1981 black pro racer. Purchased it from the original owner from Indiana. He raced it all over the midwest from 81-83.



The most spectacular part on the bike are the original Hutch cranks. Emails to Richard Hutchins confirmed that these cranks were from the very first batch made in house by Hutch prior to the Profile change/problems. The decals on the arms are the only known surviving example. Some research help by JDB a few years ago, turned up a former Hutch distributor that still had in possession an original sheet of these arm decals. The wild coincidence is that the sheet was full, minus 2 decals. Speculation is this is the only set ever with these decals.

IMG_3729 (Medium).JPG

IMG_3730 (Medium).JPG


I also obtained the former racers jersey and pants , helmet , race plate and a few trophies he won and the original sales receipts to the bike plus additional parts he changed out in 82 and 83.

IMG_3770 (Medium).JPG

IMG_3769 (Medium).JPG

IMG_3768 (Medium).JPG



I ride it occasionally, and it performs flawlessly. Nothing has been repainted, reannoed, rechromed or reworked in any fashion.


81 pro racer f/f original black over chrome w/original decals

1st gen Hutch cranks w/ fully splined spindle

early 1st gen profile spider

Hutch early pro bars w/original decals

redline brute stem

oakley grips

sedis chain

mathauser pads

looks like a beartrap headset

Hutch padset

81 dated mx1000 w/ tech 3 lever

Hutch straight post

xcaliber clamp

ukai rims

Hutch mag/ti hubs

Mitsubishi comp2 tires

kashimax seat

shimano dx pedals


He originally was running a 52t Shimano chainring but it was tweeked so I changed it out for the 44t Tufneck so I could ride it. Rides like a dream.


IMG_3706 (Medium).JPG

IMG_3749 (Medium).JPG

IMG_3722 (Medium).JPG

IMG_3716 (Medium).JPG

IMG_3710 (Medium).JPG

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1978 Redline Proline

I saved this bike just before it was about to be parted out on the Museum by buying the whole bike. I've always been a huge Redline fan and in my neighborhood the coolest bike was a red and gold Proline - it was the envy of the neighborhood. So I jumped on this bike in a heartbeat and never regretted it.

The guy who found this bike decided to keep the seat for himself so I replaced it with an era correct seat. The tires and grips were completely dry-rotted so they were replaced with the same in better condition. Therefore this bike is almost 100% original with only a few parts replaced. I have all the original replaced parts stored except for the seat.

Frame: 1978 Redline Proline, serial number 16800

Fork: 1978 Redline Proline

Bars: Redline Proline

Grips: Oakley II

Stem: Redline Proline Double-Clamp

Headset: Schwinn

Seat: Unicanitor plastic 10-speed racing

Seat Post: Redline Proline nickel-plated cr-mo

Seat clamp: Generic Chrome

Rims: Araya 7C in Gold

Hubs: Shimano 10-Speed

Chain: D.I.D. Chrome

Chain ring: Three Arrows Chrome Steel 44T

Freewheel: Shimano "333" 16T

Cranks: Ashtabula, dated 1978

Pedals: Rat Trap

Front Tire: Mitusbishi CompII 20"x1.75"

Rear Tire: Cycle Pro Snakbelly 20"x2.125"

Brakes: Shimano








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Here is my entry for the Survivor Class. Its a one owner - I bought and built it in 1975. Only failed to 'trophy' once during the year plus that I raced it, victim of a conspiracy of a bunch of older guys that thought it would be fun[ny] to knock the kid down that was sponsored by their Uncle's shop... no, really, its true. And yes, I know, I need to let it go... :wink:


Anyway... This bike is a Survivor. Nothing has been changed since late 1976.

It has 1976 dirt still on it. It has 1976 grease in the bearings that has separated , run out and made a mess. It may still even have some 1976 air in the front tyre...


FRAME - Mongoose from the middle of 1975. Number 13037


Forks - Ashtabula from early 1975


Wheels - Moto Mag from late 74/early 75. These are very early wheels - reportedly from the first batch. They have no patent number cast in the spokes. Sonny Wilson - owner of the 5-10 Speed Shop bicycle store in Tulsa - got them at a trade show in California and gave them to me.


Tyres - Goodyear Eagle MX from 1975


Crank - Ashtabula from 1975


Sprocket and rear hubset/brake - Schwinn from approximately 1973


Pedals - don't know the brand, but they're from 1976 too


Chain - same as pedals


Seat and post - Troxel from 1974


Stem / gooseneck - Mijon triple clamp 1975


Handlebars, grips and numberplate - came with the triple clamp as a set from a display - unsure of the exact brand, but assume they are Mijon also.


Pads - unknown brand from 1975


I would have at least cleaned it up for photos, but the local M.O.T.O.S. guys wouldn't let me...




Edited by malamute john

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This is a 1979 BRC Jaguar.

I purchased this bike at a garage sale in 2008 for 3.00.

It was confirmed by the owner of my LBS that the only thing not original are the grips which i changed out to Hunt Wilde as the originals were destroyed.









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1984/5 Survivor PROFILE 24 inch Cruiser


I got a call from Jayoldmanbmx from the Museum-he's a great guy and without him I wouldn't have some of the best stuff I have. Anyway, he calls me and sends me some pix and asks if the bars are real Profile Cruiser bars and I say-sure looks like them and I want the bike. The bike is closer to me and he tells me what the owner wants-then says let me see if I can get him down a bit. He does-he ends up giving the owner my info. and I pick the bike up as it's a far ride for Jay and I give him a finders fee....SO cool. I call the guy who is the owners son...make an appointment and pick it up. His father built the bike when he was 30 and raced it maybe 8-10 times and rode it a few times around the neighborhood. This scoot is CLEAN-like new and the bars are one of 6 sets that I know of and look like a NOS set when they are off the bike. ....and yes the Browning works great.


Frame and Fork- PROFILE 24 inch cruiser OG chrome and stickers-immaculate

Handlebars- Profile Cruiser bars OG chrome and stickers uncut

Headset- TANGE Beartrap

Stem- MINT Blue Tiger stamp Tuf Neck

Grips- AME Tri's not even sticky

Saddle- near mint UNI Hammerhead Added this as the OG one shattered and the owner added a new school seat on the old UNI seatpost

Seat Clamp- Silver no brand but maybe a Xcalibur w/o the sticker

Cranks- dead mint Profile 3rd Generation Cranks and bottom bracket-never had crank stickers or the spider.

Spider- Browning 2 speed auto trans-works perfect with an upside down polished right Tech 3 lever.

Pedals- Titron


Brakes- Chrome DC MX-1000 w/ Chrome Tech 3 lever

Pads- Skyway Blue Tuf Pads

Tires- Near new Black Blue Green label COMP 3's in 1.75/1.75-very pliable

Hoops- Chrome Araya 7x's-like new-the chrome isn't worn through from the brakes yet

Hubs- Chrome SUNSHINE Gyromasters

Spokes- Double butted chrome

Pads- Blue Cali lites-The owner kept the original embroidered blue Cali Lites and his Crit plate


Pic in front of the garage is when I brought it home.







Sorry for the basement pix-just doing over the man cave...and the site will NOT allow me to upload direct.
















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1981 Schwinn "The Sting"


I found this on Craigslist on Dec 1 of this year. It was missing a front tire,and a chain,so I added a used chain,and a pair of used Comp III`s to make the bike complete. NO other parts have been changed,or even cleaned up


frame/fork- Schwinn The Sting,1981 [cant tell if its an E,or an F in the serial number to give the month]


bars-generic CW knock offs




cranks/pedals/disc- all generic junk


brakes-Chang Star 901 knock offs


grips-Mushroom II`s


rims/hubs- Ukia,Sunshine,Suntoor freewheel


tires NOTE not OG to this bike- blue/green Comp III`s


chain NOTE not OG to this bike [but I can`t stand bikes submitted without chains]- very used Izumi


pads- California Lite


seat-Team Cycle


seat post and clamp- Schwinn










day of the find

photo (7).JPG

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1985 Redline RL 20 Prostyler. I`ve known about this bike for the past 6 years or so. It belonged to my neighbor,who bought it new from the same bike shop that everyone in the Cleveland area would go to, Schneiders Bike Shop. My neighbor Bob was going to let his kids ride this bike,but after he put new school tires and grips on it,his kids just let the poor thing sit out in the rain,and whatever else. I got tired of seeing it sit outside,and after a year or two of asking,he finally agreed to sell it to me. The few parts that were switched out were the tires,grips,brake cables,and I added the fork pegs. When Schneiders closed his shop up 2-3 years ago,I helped him get rid of some inventory he had and I found a few sets of NOS fork pegs,so I felt this bike deserved them[besides it was missing one anyhow]


frame/fork-1985 Redline RL 20 Prostyler


bars- Redline STR series




grips NOTE not og to this bike-Ame bubble fonts


rims- Peregrine Master


tires NOTE not og to the bike- era correct Cheng Shin freestyle tires


cranks,sprocket,chainwheel- Sugino


dust cap - Mushroom


pedals - ??? these seem to be correct for this bike


brakes- Dia Compe FS 880 [i replaced the brake cables due to it did`nt have any]


seat- ? seems to be the correct one for this bike


seat clamp - Sugino


seat post- Dyno drain pipe








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1987 GT Pro Freestyle Tour Team Model. Picked up this beauty this past Sunday 12/16/12 from the original owner. Amazed at how clean it is. Nothing has been changed since the day he bought it in 87. Still has the original grips, tires and brake pads to go along with the correct major parts.


Here is the rundown:


Frame/Fork: 1987 Day Glo Pink GT Pro Freestyle Tour Team Model

Handlebars: GT Pro Performer

Stem: GT Mallet

Headset: GT/Epoch

Grips: A’me Round with non flanged ends

Seat: Gt by Viscount

Brake Levers: Dia-Compe Tech 7’s

Detangler: Odyssey Gyro – 1st Gen

Front Brake: Dia-Compe Nippon

Rear Brake: Dia-Compe 990

Rims : UKAI 20 x 1.75 HE

Hubs: GT Superlace with Hollow Axles

Tire: Shinko 20 x 1.75 with GT logos

Cranks: 175mm GT Power Series – Drive Side dated April 87 and Non-Drive dated May 87

Pedals: SR 474 9/16


On to the pics:

























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1974 WEBCO Hardtail SURVIVOR


Well I have only had this bike for about 6 hours and 33 minutes. I was checking Craigslist last week and I found this add stating that this bike was used in the movie On Any Sunday and that he used to race it back in the day when he was a kid. I emailed him and waited for a reply (bitting my nails) 6 hours later he replies, Where are you at. I replied with all my necessary info and a week later he e-mails me out of the blue. I'll be here meet me there. I jumped in my truck and flew. When I arrived It was waiting for me. I had a long conversation with this fellow Steve. He told me he bought the bike at Peddlepower and that he lived in Irvine at the time and used to race at a track that was across the street from a cement plant and he said If you ever see old pictures at WSA with the numbers 33 & 62 on a paper plate or 352 on a plastic plate, that was me. Included is my helmet and number plate I raced with.


He then said that this bike was used in the movie OAS or OAS 2 and when he was doing a jump scene he broke the frame. The movie company quickly took it to get it fixed and he though it was Cook bros. Webco that fixed it he wasn't sure. He said he used to ride this here Webco from Irvine to San Clemente and then up to Huntington Beach and back every Saturday. We talked and talked and he told me that the only thing that he changed was the rear wheel because it was bent, and added brakes all other pieces to this bike are original. This bike was just pulled out of the garage where it's been stored since the early 80's. Hope you dig it!!!!


Just updated!!! I just received a picture of his helmet and number plate. WOW!!!




Frame - Webco Hardtail

Fork - Ashtabula (re-inforced)

Stem - Ashtabula (stamped)

Bars - Poss. Webco

Grips - Gum Hex

Seat - Matex

Post - Schwinn (13/16)

Clamp - Webco

Cranks - Ashtabula

Pedals - Union Rat traps

Chainwheel - Three Arrows

Freewheel - Schwinn

Chain - D.I.D. nickel

Wheels - Murray front/ ARAYA 7B rear

Hubs - Unknown front/ Normandy rear

Tires - Made in Taiwan

Brakes - Schwinn















Steves helmet and number plate.jpg

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This was a score that I was happy to add to my stable. This is my first REDLINE and I am very happy to be its new custodian. I was stuck by the OG blue finish and the complete originality it had retained since it was new back in 1980. when I got the bike it had new school blue tires and lame grips to match. I have added the survivor comp 2 in red and the blue and red Oakley type grips. The seat post was bent and the seat rails were tweaked and I felt the addition of the survivor blue vdc post and red shotgun would be acceptable. You be the judge and I hope you like it as much as I do.











  • Frame- Redline MX 2 og blue w og decals
  • fork- Redline og blue
  • bars- Redline micro line blue
  • grips- oakley type by fuan in red and blue
  • head set- mx2
  • cranks- 1 shimano 600(drive side) 1Sugino Diamond Back both gold
  • pedals- kkt lightening faded blue
  • stem- Redline brute in gold
  • wheel set- Arraya 7c with shimano hubs in blue
  • tires- comp2 staggered mitsubishi yellow label
  • brake- shimano tourney with og quick release in gold
  • lever- shimano dx gold
  • stem pad- Redline vinyl snap
  • post- vdc fluted blue
  • clamp- tuf neck blue

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