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Female Pioneers of BMX

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Deanna Edwards...like Jon (jbros125) said, she was so good BITD, retired, then came back to kick more ass. Locally, in the early 1980's, we were always racing at the same venues as Deanna. It seemed that she was always winning. :)


She's a great all-around person.

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Lisa Webb, 1st girl sponsored by JMC, 1977


Kim Johnson, She killed it!

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Super early photo, guess who's out front smokin' the boys? Kim Peterson!


My time was very limited, but the gals were there to race when we showed up at Soledad for NBA races. I really wish somebody had the original list of riders.


Weird shit is. I went to Malibu high school I know a Tanya purucker. I wonder if that's her dad......

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BMX research! My daughter and I have spent more than just a few hours on this "unofficial" list of female BMX pioneers. Soon, we will be working to make a presentation for her to do at school regarding the topic (which has been OK's by her 4th grade teacher- lol) The years by the rider are about when they started or became involved with BMX and we tried to find at least one sponsor and major accomplishment for each rider. If anyone can add/ or correct an informational error- please do! 70s girls were especially hard to find info on-



Lynn Torres / Matthews

Jackie Robertson (?)

Kandi Williams (?)

Terese Grenke (?)



Brenda Lee (?)

Liz Torres / Matthews/ Webco



Patti Gamill / Torker/ Blazer



Lisa Webb / JMC

Pam Coble / Charlies Bicycles/ DG /# 1 BMXA Powder Puff '77



Kim Johnson / Vans/ JMC / excelled as one of the first African American

female champions of BMX

Michelle McCourt / S & W Bicycle Shop

Amber Rutherford / Lakeside Bike Shop

Danni Rioux / Anaheim Bike Center/ Gary Turner

Kathy Schachel / Shimano/ First NBL women's champ/ First woman on cover of a

BMX magazine (BMX Plus) First woman inducted into NBL BMX Hall

of fame.



Dorene Payne / Sponsor (?) First woman to ever qualify for a mens main at

AMA Pro national event

Christine Kaufnau / (?)

Missy Burge / (?)

Debbie Kalsow / JAG/ CW / 1981 Powder Puff Grand Champion/ Girls # 1 NBL, 1984

Karen Frierson / (?)



Deanna Edwards / CW/ Davis racing/ GT/ 1982 Grand National Champion

1987 NBL Grand Champion / second female to do a bike eval

for a major magazine (GT Mach One / BMX ACTION Dec. 1985)

Cheri Elliot / JR Racing/ Boss/ Skyway / 1981 Girls Grand National Champion

First girl to ever win two consecutive titles (1983 and 1984)

First girl to ever win three consecutive titles ('83,'84, '85)

First woman inducted into ABA BMX Hall of Fame-1989

First woman ever to be up for NORA Cup rider of the year ('85)


Corine Dorland / Peugeot/ GT/ IBMXF champion 1983-94!

Gaby Bayhi / Ralphs Bicycles (?)/ 1987 NBL Champion

Heidi Mirisola / Hutch/ 1981 NBL Champion



Cindy Ainsworth / (?)

Lisa Terry / JMC/ Diamond Back/ 1982 World Champion



Binky Lavere / CW/ ABA National Ranking (?)

Leigh Donovan / (?)

Melanie Cline / Cyclecraft/ DK/ Revcore / 19 different ABA titles throughout

the 80s. Led the movement to have a seperate girl cruiser

class for the NBL.


Misty Dong / Raleigh/ (?) info on major titles (?) First girl to ever

perform a bicycle evaluation for a major magazine (1984

SuperBMX Magazine...it was a Raleigh R6000)



Others (Please feel free to add info/ correct info/ pics



Cindy Davis / Whitebear/ Over 350 National wins/ Founding member of the ABA

Girl Pro Class




So, this took a lot of time from so many different sources (including this web site) Great time spent with my own girl racer bringing to light some of the names from the past. If you have any info or pics to add, please do. Also, please feel free to correct any errors. Thanks!

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  • Admin

You have to get a photo of Felix.


I think she did a levis add?


Not sure it might have been an ad for a National?

It wasn't an ad....it was the Levi's 'annual report'. I think I still have it in a drawer at my parents house. I'll ask my mom to look around for it.

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Found this pic. Anyone identify these ladies?



This thread may evolve into a neat little elementary school research project for my daughter.

Top second from left I believe is Robin DJ Dejarins(sp) Bottom right is Kelly Merryman one of the fastes young guns, boy or girl. These were all Nat # 1's

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  • Admin

'wicked' wendy edman and what looks like an unidentified rebel racing lady.



total bmx magazine july 81





another pic from the same issue

hutch girls: heidi mirisola, ginger effinger and lori weakley



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Here's the result. Ready for the fourth grade academic fair. Her teacher wants her to present it wearing her race gear and display her current bike along with some old school bikes we have in the garage. Cool teacher :rockout:


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