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did you take the photos with a phone?  I think that's the issue, they show right side up on the phone, but somehow when they are uploaded here, it doesn't auto adjust as it does on the phone.

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A few pics of my 93 SE made Condor I recently finished. All original chrome and decals. The bike is actually built entirely of survivor parts so nothing is NOS or new. Full build is as follows.


Frame: Hoffman Condor made by SE
Fork: Hoffman Condor made by SE
Bars: Hoffman Patriot
Headset: Odyssey Dynatron with Tange lock nut
Stem: TNT inverted
Gyro: Odyssey Gyro
Levers: Dia Compe Tech 77
Front Brake: DC Nippon 886
Rear Brake: AD 990
Girps: ODI Toadstool
Seat Clamp: Built into frame
Seat Post: Hoffman Condor
Seat: Fusion Kashimax FS
Cranks: GT profiles 175..
Sprocket: Power Disk with Sugino 43T
Pedals: Shimano DX
Chain: Izumi
Wheels: Peregrine Super Pro
Tyres: ACS True 100
Pegs: Hoffman
Other: Odyssey Sprocket Pocket bash guard

























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That is so badass and the pictures are top notch as always.  Excellent!  I must ask two things of you (if you want to that is):


1.) Please add this to our database

2.) Give us a parts break down.

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