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My 1997 Gary Fisher Pro Issue frame that I recreated from when I had this bike back in 97. Only 250 frames were made(sold as a frame only deal) everything is as I had it except the Hanebrink forks.



-'97 Gary Fisher Pro issue frame

-Hanebrink Forks

-Answer bars (black)

-chris King headset(Rasta colors)

-Magura brake(hydraulic)

-Gary Fisher grips

-Gary Fisher seat

-Odyssey black widow pedals

-Odyssey black widow cranks(black)

-Odyssey black widow chain ring

-Spin wheels with og red decals

-Bullseye stem lock



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On 8/25/2018 at 6:45 PM, Curt said:

I like that mongoose (a little mountain bike crossover tech) any idea of the weight?

Thanks! It’s not bad but that’s coming from a mid school guy who lived through the overbuilt era! I’ll have to pull it out of the vault and get it on a scale one of these days.

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Some very cool info from the previous owner of the Soul Train above:

"And just a side note on the Soul bike, I rode that bike with Kevin Robinson, Dave Mirra, Ron Wilkerson, Tim & Ryan Nyquist, Leigh Ramsdell , Robbie Morales, Rick Moliterno, and a bunch more. I think I have some pictures, maybe... if so I’ll send them along with the mag if I find it.
Krob Barry"



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