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BLACK LITE suvivor

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picked this up yesterday.complete survivor BLACK LITE micro mini...this has alot of very unusual features including titanium forks and cook bros pressed in bb, no serial #..also, original headtube badge printed on same clear sticker paper with black and yellow ink, just like the frame and fork decals, but it reads WRP racing, san jose,ca.??.... anyone else know anything about this company and/or BLACK LITE??


















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That's a really cool mini.


There are some threads here that mention "blacklite" and Ken Burleson. Out of San Antonio.


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Very cool little bike, I don't remember Ken making an aluminum fork but I could be wrong.

they're titanium.

I know :)


As far as the gussets and differences in his frames, that happened a lot. Ken was always trying different stuff to make them stronger and stiffer. I watched Ken jr. and some of the other little grommets test ride them at the local tracks every weekend.

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Cool little find - bet you could make that sucka even lighter with a few swapped bits (not that it's needed or you should upset its originality, but just for the sake of discussion and fun) - like 28h nisi hoops and some skyway mini pedals or hare, Ti clamp - shit you could probably get that thing down to less then 10lbs complete




Hope alls well to brah, it's been a minute since I seen you about - if all goes well I hope we can all hang a bit at the show later this month :) see ya then (he says with fingers crossed)

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yea i agree, a 28 hole wheelset would be trick and a few other tidbits, but overall i do respect its survivor status so i will probably just leave as is.

keep me posted on whether or not you will be out here, would be cool to catch up :OSThumbsUpPeace[1]:

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9 hours ago, Astrodamus said:

Nice bike! What colors are you going for? 
glad you were able to hang on to it after all these years. 

It was all aluminum and chrome. I'm going to put it back just like my dad had it. I was 9 years old when he built it. Chrome Ukai rims and aluminum Super Maxy cranks and sprocket. The pads were gray with the small black stars I'm dig'n around for those, doubtful I could find any on Ebay.

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