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Nbl 49a

TNT Longfellow XXL 22" inches of Love!

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TNT which is still located in New Jersey today first started by manufacturing some of the best hubs on the market. Yes they ripped off the Son-Lite design but ultimately they turned it into one of my favorite hubs ever. In additition they also made some of the most amazing frame and forks on the market. In the early 90's many people including myself were jumping onto the blue and neon pink bandwagon of TNT's new colors.

The Longfellow is something that came out of early Mid School trend of size matters. Long top tubes and huge wheelbases became what everyone was wanting. It made riding easier for taller guys and worked perfectly for me as I was getting closer to and eventually cresting the six feet mark in the early 90's The Longfellow was based on the PRO XL frame then it was stretched and made beefier tubing. It consisted of-if memory serves me correctly it used a 74 degree head tube angle, a 71 seat tube angle with a 22" top tube with a short rear end. It was one of, and possibly the first 22" top tube production frames ever. It was also said to be sporting the longest wheelbase of 40 long until Reynolds Racing topped that. To this day the TNT Longfellow is still one of the best speed jumping machines ever made. I purchased this frame and fork from Dan's Comp in the early 90's and raced it until I retired. I wanted to use my original parts when possible or replace them with the same or similar parts I ran back then. I did use a few more TNT parts for the build to recreate what the a lot of people were running at the time and do the brand justice.


**All original finishes**


Frame: TNT Longfellow XXL with Pitbull brake modification (90 stamped) (to my knowledge GT made) (original chrome with nos stickers) (To my knowledge this is a first year Longfellow which and the lowest serial number Longfellow to surface)


Fork: TNT (to my knowledge GT made) (original chrome with nos stickers)


Headset: (original to bike) Tange MX-3 (chrome) with (was nos) Silver Dirt Skirt (silver)


Stem: TNT Pro XL stem (silver)


Bars: TNT Pro Bars (original chrome with og decals)


Grips: (was nos) ODI Longneck (neon pink)


Donuts: (was nos) Jive Nuts (neon pink)


Lever: (was nos) Dia-Compe X-1 Short Stop (neon pink & black)


Lever Cover: (was nos) Tioga Lever Tamer (black)


Cable: (was nos) Odyssey Slic cable (black)


Brake: (was nos) Odyssey Pitbull (silver)


Brake pads: (was nos) Scott Mathauser Super Brake Pads (black)


Cranks: GT stamped Profiles 180mm (original chrome)


Crank Bolts: (was nos) Bitchin' Bolts (black)


Bottom Bracket: Profiles (original to cranks) (silver)


Chainwheel: S&S Tiger Tooth First Gen 46 tooth 3/32" (silver)


Chain: (original to bike) Sachs Sedis Sport 3/32" (silver and black)


Pedals: SR Speedtraps MTP-100 (sealed) with Crupi Cages (silver)


Freewheel: (original to bike) Shimano 16 tooth 3/32" (black)


Wheels: Wheels built in a Four cross pattern at Kore bikes by me


Hubs: TNT Revolver 2nd gen (silver with neon pink logos)


Rims: (was nos) Araya 7X (original chrome)


Spokes: (was nos) Asahi Double butted spokes (chrome) with alloy nipples (blue anno')


Front Tire: Tioga/Mitsuboshi Comp 3 blue-grey label 20.2.125" (black)


Rear Tire: Tioga/Mitsuboshi Comp 3 blue-grey label 20x1.75" (black)


Clamp: (was nos) TNT Double Bolt (silver)


Post: (original to bike) SR Laprade Micro Adjust (blue anno') (ran backwards so I can tip the seat up)


Seat: Selle Italia Flite Ti rails black smooth leather Red Logo '93 date code


Pads: TNT (blue & neon pink)


Plate: (was nos) NL-1 Nick Libetore (white/blue silver)


Chain Tensioners: (was nos) Whale Tales (silver)


Valve Caps: Nos Garfield (just like I used to run)


















IMG_2645 - Copy.jpg



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Love it!!!

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That is so BAD ASS! I was about to ask about the seatpost being on the opposite way. Makes total sense, and also answers a question about a bike I acquired that was the same way. Kudos on the project, I expect nothing less from you.

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